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July 2019

July was a hot but fun month! 

We kicked off the month and celebrated the 4th of July in Asheville with Forrest’s cousins Aaron and karina. It was a fun trip but frances was very difficult. She did not sleep well and was grouchy the whole time and made things very hard. We werent sure why she was unhappy but it definitely was not fun and we decided not to go to the beach afterwards lest she act the same way. Being a baby is hard and so we try to roll with her needs. We still had fun on our trip and did so many fun things! Here is a look: 

On the way, to give the girls a break from the car, we stopped at chunky cheese in Knoxville. They of course loved it!! C loved the games and frances loved the little rides. 

We went to the nature center and enjoyed watching the animals. Frances lost paci and I spent 45 frantic sweltering minutes searching for it and thank goodness found it. 

Charlotte participated in the neighborhood parade and threw rose petals. It was just her and another little boy but it was sweet. Afterwards we played at the castle playground before going back and cooking burgers. 

That night we watched fireworks and Charlotte got to do her first sparklers. 

The next day we stayed in and relaxed but went to the grove park inn for dinner and exploring. 

The next day we took a super fun bus kids comedy bus tour. We were proud of Charlotte for telling a joke she made up on the microphone (why did a cow cross the road? To climb a tree). The. We had lunch at wicked weed brewing and really enjoyed ourselves. 

That evening we enjoyed exploring the biltmore grounds. 

We were very happy to get back home and have frances back in her regular routine, although we stayed pretty busy. 

Charlotte and I went to the fancy Nancy tea party at the library. She loved getting to dress up!! 

Forrest and I wnjoyed rafting with friends in Tennessee. We stayed the night and really had fun! I was nervous but we never fell out. 

Charlotte enjoyed camilles unicorn party and is declaring she also wants one. 

Mama and papa b got some new sod and the girls loved playing in the sprinklers on sundays after lunch. 

Frances learned to “smile” on command this month. This was the last day of summer school. The girls seemed to enjoy going and it gave me one morning to myself to get things done! I cleaned out the Christmas closet and several other necessities. Charlotte enjoyed   with the 4K kids but they must have talked about going to kindergarten because she has been talking about how nervous she is to go next year. We are trying hard to talk about it often and to do what we can to make her feel comfortable. 

I was worried that 4 weeks off would be hard on us but we so enjoyed the time together. I loved being home with them all day! Some days we were busy and run errands and others we played all day in our pajamas. 

Frances decided she was interested in the potty and will tell us now when she needs a new diaper. She hasn’t used the potty yet but likes to sit on it and follows Charlotte when she goes. Maybe she will potty train sooner rather than later?! 

We celebrated cousin macey at her pool party for her first birthday. It was the cutest thing. None of the babies would cooperate for a family picture so here is the best we could do! 

One Friday we went to las brisas with Rachel and Isaac (as is their usual) and had such a great time. We carried the party home with us and the girls played in the water and had a ball!! 

That Sunday we celebrated Margaret welches 1st bday. I love that they will grow up and be friends. 

That night we had dinner at moms as usual and akiko and chony came! We always have fun when they come. They brought the girls gifts which were of course a hit! Our cousin Stephanie also came as she stayed with mom while she was doing her pa rotations. 

Charlotte continues with tennis every Tuesday this summer and really got the hang of it! We were both so proud of her. She went from zero idea what she was doing to being quite confident! 

One fun thing about Charlotte is that she thinks he can make toys by magic in a cabinet. Every now and then we sneak something in there so when she decided to do a spell she will find a prize. One day she “made” this scooter and was beside herself! I k ow it won’t be long before this imagination of hers starts getting more grown up but right now it’s one of the things I love about her the most. Her heart is just so sweet. 

We had another fun play date with Becca and Harper and the girls spent most of the time dressing up. They put on just about all the costumes when they are here together! 

Frances has started to “ask” to get dressed up now and isn’t she just the cutest thing!!?? 

The girls had fun playing with papa Harold kittens one Sunday before lunch. We love getting to spend time with him and uncle tommy who is living with him right now. 
Frances turned 16 months old and is seeming more and more grown up. However she still wants her bottle, really is clingy to mama, and loves her paci. I’m in no hurry to have her grow up, but I am trying to teach her when she will be still to learn. She knows heart and star and green, yellow, red and blue. She has no interest in letters it seems but knows a few. She also knows number 1. I love when she does her animal sounds and “sings” her songs. She loves to read the hop hop book and her favorite songs are the wheels on the bus and head and shoulders. She still loves shoes and climbing and now likes to throw clothes in the washer and trash in the trash can. She blows raspberries to say no which is sort of rude but also hilarious. She thinks Charlotte is the best and wants everything she has and sometimes pulls her hair. This month she started saying “‘more more” and “pool”. She also loves to play outside but it has been so hot we really don’t u less we ride the golf cart or go to the pool. Charlotte has all of a sudden started to pick her up which she usually loves. They also like to push each other (yes each other) in the doll stroller. They typically play really well together and I am getting to wear I can leave them to play for a few minutes on their own. 
Charlotte had a really great summer. Aside from school and tennis she did pony camp and a day of gymnastics camp and swim lessons one week. She also was tutored twice a week by mrs Billie and is learning to read! I am so proud of my big girl!! Mrs Amy also came once a week to give her a Spanish lesson. She was a busy girl but she loves learning and trying new things. During her break from school she started sleeping until 10 and I just let her. She wouldn’t take naps those days so while Frances napped she and I would usually rest and watch tv together. It was a special time for the two of us that I really enjoyed. 
We are looking forward to August and the start of school even though I will miss them so much. 

Monday, June 24, 2019


Wow was June a fun month! The most exciting thing that happened was that frances started school! Charlotte was thrilled to have her finally be at school with her and was much more excited about her first day than frances was. Mrs Jill has to take the girls and she said they did great! 

The very next day mommy and daddy flew to south Caicos for a fabulous anniversary get away!! We had the greatest time just being together. We ate amazing food, swam in the gorgeous water, learned to sail the Hoby cat, went on an incredible snorkeling trip, and made some nice friends. We missed our girls terribly but really enjoyed the grown ups only get away! Momsie stayed at our house with the girls and they had a sweet time too. 

Charlotte went to her schools bible school for the first time and she loved it!! We were lucky to have lots of help getting her there from friends! 

One afternoon we took a walk and had a little play date with our friends and neighbors! Love these kiddos so much! 

Forrest and I went to test drive cars in Birmingham one Saturday (because we needed one with a bench seat rather than captains chairs because frances requires full time back seat attention) and the girls stayed at Mimi’s and swam. 

That night we went to Lanesha’s wedding. It was Frances’s first and she liked the music and food of course!! 

And if the day wasn’t busy enough, we went to serendipity after the wedding. It is always such a fun party with lots of friends. 

The next day was Father’s Day and we spent it at uncle mike and aunt debbies swimming and eating with family. 

Here are some pictures Charlotte drew. We recentlyrealized  she was drawing people. The top one is a picture of daddy she drew on his Father’s Day card. The bottom one is mommy on the beach at “church and Caicos”.  

Mom and took both girls for their check ups this month. Charlotte has grown so y’all this past year! She was 43 inches! She had her ears and eyes checked this time and they were perfect.  Frances is also growing quite nicely. She is in the 75 percentile for height and 50 for weight which surprised me because she is a little chunk. They disliked the shots very much so I was glad mom was able to come with me. 

The girls came with me to Rebecca’s bridesmaids luncheon. The supper club ladies loved seeing them! They are such a special group. 

Charlotte attended the wedding with us and she had a blast! She loves everything about weddings and is just so precious at them. 

She loved dancing with the glow sticks and always wanted to be right with the bride or bridesmaids. 

Frances—looking so angelic at church. I can assure you this is not the case. We have to sit in the cry room because she is so busy and loud and even in there she gets upset and she has to be taken out. I know it’s a phase but it is quite a difficult one!! 

We got a new dinosaur pool and were so glad the welches came by to try it out with us. Both girls love it and it’s great to have to beat the heat! 

Charlotte went to open gym night at Greys place gymnastics and loved it! She started out scared and by the end was flipping in the bar and jumping off the beam! I was so proud of her!! 

Papa Harold and uncle tommy have been coming to lunch some Sunday’s with us and the girls just love seeing them!! 

This month was definitely different with frances going to school. She also started taking one nap consistently so that changed up our schedule. I assume we will be on this schedule for a while so it’s sort of a nice breather. She has been getting in lots of teeth and has been a little unhappy lately so we are ready for her to get through all of this rough stuff. She is still so loving and snuggly! She loves to have books read to her and likes to sing songs. She wants everything that sister has and loves to climb up on just about anything. We are working with her on colors, shapes, letters, and numbers but she isn’t as easy to teach because she won’t sit still! Charlotte also is such a big girl. Aside from school, mrs Billie has been coming to help her learn to read. She has learned all of her sight words as well number and color words and loves to try to read things to us. Ms Amy also comes once a week to practice Spanish with her and she is coming a long way, especially with her colors and shapes! I just can’t get over all the things these kids learn so quickly!! Charlotte is still a little princess and loves dressing up, swimming at the pool, and always wants to have friends over. She likes playing tea party and watching Marsha and bear on tv. We just love these girls so much and are so proud of them. 

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