Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Half a year!

We have had our Frances for 6 months! Half of a year! I could not say this when Charlotte was a baby but for some reason Frances’s first her has flown by! She is the happiest sweetest little girl! I love when I go into her room after she wakes up and she is just smiling her big toothless grin. 

I can’t wait until she is big enough to hug and cuddle because I know she will be great at it! This month she has traded in her raspberry blowing for squealing when she is tired or upset. She always wants to be in the action! She loves her jumper and exersaucer and I can’t leaver her in the swing or bouncy seat because she can pull herself over and try to flip out! 

She is getting her balance while sitting and can reach and grab for toys. 

Actually, she is teaching and grabbing for everything! Hair, glasses, food, anything she can get her hands on! Then of course she puts things right in her mouth. I’m waiting on the teeth because she is chewing her hands and gnawing on everything! 

She has been eating 3-4 jars of baby food every day and we are going to try baby led weaning as she is so interested in our food. We have let her gum a few items and she was so happy so we want to take it a step further.

 She also this month has quit nursing. All of a sudden she just wouldn’t do it anymore. I don’t know if it was because she wasn’t getting full or if she didn’t like being still and not being able to see but she simply refuses. Cries and screams actually. I pump twice a day and don’t get very much and so I’m about to have to break into the frozen stored milk. I still want her to get breast milk for as long as possible so I will do what I need to do for as long as I can. She still loves her big sister and Charlotte loves her. She got upset the other day when I said that Frances was growing up and she said “but mommy I want her to stay my baby forever!”! It just broke my heart! 

Frances has also decided she doesn’t need an evening nap. This is sort of a mess because it means she is awake 3-4 hours at night. She gets fussy but we usually go on a golf cart ride and she is just fine. During the day she usually stays up for 2-3 hour increments and sometimes will fight her naps but I have learned to put her in the swing and let her chill when this happens and she does fine. This isn’t always ideal but we are used to it and so is she so I’m not super worried. 

Frances was a brave girl at her check up! She layed still and quiet for the doctor to examine her and he said she is just perfect. She weighs 15 pounds 9 ounces and was 26 inches long, and she is in the 50 percentile for both categories. She is growing up to be such a sweet little critter and we can’t wait to see how she is going to grow and change in the next few month! 

Monday, September 10, 2018


Summer is over and we are so sad! We have squeezed every last drop of fun out of this 2018 summer and I think we did it quite well! 

All 4 of us went to the August first Friday. It was nice to stroll and be out of the house for a bit. Charlotte of course loved the popsicles. 

That same weekend we went to a wedding for one of Forrest’s assistants. Charlotte had a big time although was sad she didn’t catch the bouquet. The bride brought her a special rose and that made her feel much better about the situation. 

We had a girls day at Mimi’s! Charlotte got to swim with Mary rose and we all got to meet our newest cousin Macey! It was a hectic day but a sweet one. I even managed an emergency potty stop for Charlotte all by myself! 

Charlotte had her 3k open house and meet the teacher day. She had been worried about going to 3k all summer but you wouldn’t have known it from her behavior that day! She went right on in and played excitedly with her friends. Her teachers are mrs Abbie and mrs Billie, who was my teachers aid in kindergarten! 

That evening we hosted a pool party for Charlotte’s classmates. They had a blast! I hope we will can continue to do this each year! 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Frances is 5 months

Well this month flew by just like the others and like they say, babies don’t keep! Miss Frances has changed so much in the past couple of weeks! She is reaching and grabbing for things and putting them in her mouth.

 She is also started to reach for books when we are reading to “turn” the pages. I have noticed her turning to us when we call her name but I am not sure if she recognizes it or if she just turns because she hears our voices. She has been rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy but she is working on rolling from back to tummy towards her right—before she was only rolling left. She can also scoot around on her belly (sort of like a watch hand) to get something she wants. She also loves to blow raspberries and it is pretty adorable except when she is eating. Speaking of eating, she loves it! Other than green beans she has liked all the foods she has tried (apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots). 

(Her feelings on green beans) 

When she wakes up (which lates has been around 9:30), she nurses and then eats some baby food. After her morning nap she will nurse (although this month she has sometimes gone on a nursing strike) and then I will top her off with formula. Usually she just has a “liquid lunch” for that feeding because most of her nutrients should come from the milk. Then after nap 2 she has more milk and a little food. Then after nap 3 she will have milk, food mixed with cereal, and then I top her up with some formula before bed. This has been pretty much her schedule for a while, although at 19 weeks she went off the rails for a while and only wanted to take 2 naps and to stay awake longer. After about a week she settled back down and so we will be working on a new schedule since Charlotte starts back to school. She still sleeps in her dock a tot with paci but during her crazy week she decided she no longer wantd to be swaddled, which was great since she needed to drop it anyway. She just sleeps in feetie pajamas and that seems to work for her. 

She still absolutely loves when you sing to her and enjoys baths and watching Charlotte play. Her face lights up when Charlotte talks and plays with her—it’s the sweetest! 

Frances does not like to be out of the loop and prefers to be upright so she really likes the jumpy and the exersaucer. 

We are sad that Charlotte is starting back to school. I have so enjoyed my days with these sweet girls and I know Frances will be wondering where big sister is! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


What a sweet month this was! Lazy days and lots of fun! Here is a look at the month in pictures! (C clearly loves her new karaoke machine) 

Frances started using the big girl tub! 

Forrest and Charlotte stayed at the pool until nearly 10pm on July 3 playing with friends and watching the fireworks! 

4th of July milk shake!! Yum!

Why hi g the fireworks as a family! Charlotte exclaimed “I love this day!” It was so sweet. 

Mom and M came and had lunch with us at the pool on the 5th! 

And on the 6th we packed up at 8pm and went to my grandmothers for a few days. Charlotte got lots of fun things when we arrived...

And Frances got to love on mimi while Charlotte played in the pool. 

We had a super fun play date with Harper! 

Frances ate her first cereal and Charlotte got to help feed her. They were both delighted. 

Frances was so good at eating cereal we moved quickly to bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes. 

We also tried her out in the jumpy...she wasn’t quite sure about it yet. 

Charlotte went to her last day of 2k! I was a little sad—3k makes it seem like she is so grown up.  

The 4 or us went to dinner and ice cream on Saturday night. We don’t often venture out with the 4 of us but the time worked out and we really had fun and Frances was so calm and interested in her surrounds. I’m anxious to start taking her more and more places! 

I got a new car!! It’s big but it’s so comfy!! 

We spent a fun Saturday at momsies. I am going to miss having her home when she starts back to school! I know the girls will miss seeing her so often. Charlotte is very attached to her and will cry for her often. It’s such a sweet relationship. 
Next month brings school and football and the downhill slide towards fall so you can bet we will be soaking up the last drops of summer as best we can. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Frances’s birth story

Better late than never right?! Here we go! When my pregnancy was confirmed with Frances and they told me her due date, I immediately began planning her induction date. She was due to be born at the end of spring break and well that just wasn’t going to work for me—my mom is a teacher and I knew I would need her help, so I was hoping I could have Frances the week before the break so I would benefit from moms whole week off. Finally it was time to schedule the induction and since everything was progressing well I scheduled it for the Thursday before spring break, which was 39 weeks. I was super excited about this induction because I had to be induced with Charlotte and the process was so easy! No pain, no rush to throw things in a bag to get to the hospital, no wondering if it was real labor or not (granted Charlotte’s induction was slightly an emergency but that is a different tale) just an easy scheduled delivery. I was making zero progress in the delivery department anyway so I never thought I wouldn’t make it to the appointed time. No sir! This delivery was going to go according to plan! Also, to throw a little added drama in the mix, my cousin was getting married on the 17th and my induction was the Thursday after. Was I worried? Not really. Aside from being huge I had no reason to think I would go into labor early. I was so excited to spend the wedding weekend with the family and to se Charlotte’s debut as a flower girl. I was going to getthe all clear from my doctor at my check up on Wednesday, pack us up on Thursday (Charlotte’s gorgeous wedding weekend wardrobe and my gigantic one that I had ordered specifically for the occasion), and head down to Birmingham to kick the weekend off at the bridesmaidsluncheon Friday morning. Alas, as they so often do, the baby had a different plan. 
On Wednesday the 14th I dropped Charlotte off at school and then went and packed up some things from my office. We had decided to close my office and for metotake a long leave so I could adjust to life with two little girls. I packed up some boxes and got some lamps in the car and did a few errands. I went to see the doctor at 1:30, and after checking me she said I hadn’t really made any progress since the week before so I should be good to go for the wedding. I text this to the bride and my aunt and went home and took a nap with Charlotte (whom mrs Jill had bright Home from school). Afterwards I got dinner ready and started to unpack our bathroom. (We started a bathroom reno in January and it still wasn’t finished but the drawers and cabinets finally had doors so I wanted up put everything back in them). When forrest got home and we sat down to dinner my lower back was hurting. I attributed this to the loading I did at my office and the bathroom organizing I had done that day. I remember messaging with a friend saying I hadn’t had any contrafions, unless of course this pain in my back was contrafions hahaha! I took two Tylenol and went on my merry way with the nighttime routine. 
Flash forward to 1:30 am—I wake up as I so often did in the night to use the bathroom. I was annoyed that my back was still hurting but Tylenol rarely worked for me so I wasn’t surprised. I rolled around trying to get comfortable, adjusting my legs and belly with pillows and piles of sheets and settled back down. And then I felt a sharp pain that made me jump. What the heck was that?! Am I in labor? Hahaha no silly you haven’t had any practice contractions haha. (The key to remember is that I was induced with Charlotte and never had to “go into labor”). By now I was awake so I got up and walked around so as to not wake up forrest and I was still hurting. At 2:30 I text the doctor, more for peace of mind rather than anything, and she surprisingly text back (as she was up with a teething baby). I told her I thought I might be having contractions but my tummy wasn’t hurting, just my back. She said lay down and drink some water and eat something. So I had some chocolate and peanut butter Cheerios. Then I text to say I was having this weird pain now that went around my back and squeezed in the front. She said the front squeeze was a contraction. I was like oh great a practice contraction. I have court at 8am and have to pack for this wedding I do not have time to be up all night with this nonsense. She said I needed to time them. So I started to type the time I felt the “front squeeze” into my phone. Lord have mercy they were every 5 minutes. I could predict them before they even came. Then they started to really hurt. I got out a puppy pad to sit on in case my water broke. I ever put one in the bed and tried to lay down thinking they would go away, but no. I would roll off the couch into a ball on the floor until they passed and then sit back up and tell myself they would stop. I wasn’t in labor. I had too much to do and I hadn’t even had any Braxton Hicks yet so these were not real. When they reached the 3 minute mark, I gave up. I text the doctor again and she said to go in. This was around 330 or so. I finished packing my bag and then packed Forrest’s. In between contractions I made a list for my mom about what she would need to pack for Charlotte for the wedding. I was so sad because I knew I was missing it. At 430 I woke forrest up. He immediately said “is it time?!” Mind you he had been dead asleep and we had never prepared for this moment so for all he knew the House was on fire, but he knew. I immediately started to cry—I wasn’t ready, I didn’t want to miss seeing Charlotte as a flower girl, and I was hurting. He called my mom and she came over and we started out the door about 5:20 to my car—that was loaded down with lamps and boxes from the office. By now I was really in pain. I couldnt y’all during the contractions and was squeezing the door handles. It was so hard to check in and fill out the forms because I was in such pain, but when the contraction stopped I was totally fine. Finally I got to a room and was begging for an epidural which they wouldn’t give me until the did my lab work. I refused any other medicine for about and hour until I was thrashing around the bed so badly I couldn’t take it. So they gave me some sort of medicine that help exactly 2 contractions and wore off in an hour. I was sobbing in her bed and saying “I want to go home” over and over. Finally blood was drawn and the crna arrived. I was hurting and moving so much I was afraid of the epidural because you have to be so still but they got it in. And it didn’t work. I ended up getting stuck 3 times before it worked and I was a hot mess. So they gave me a “narcotic block” and I was immediately drunk and I started to lose feeling in my hands and then my tongue. Once they adjusted me I was better. I couldn’t open my eyes much but I sat and listened to forrest and my sister talk—I have no idea when she got there to be honest. I progressed really quickly and when I was feeling like I wasn’t dying it was nice to sit and talk while we waited. I’m pretty sure my brother in law Davis who handled court for me came and brought forrest lunch  is that I’m thinking about it. I also told the nurse that I pushed for two hours with Charlotte and didn’t want to do that again and she said she would make sure Frances was ready to come out before the pushing started. Well not long after it was time to push! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

4 months with Frances

Our little critter is growing so quickly! She is the happiest, smiliest Little thing and just warms all of our hearts. She loves to babble and talk and will go on for a longtime just talking to us or even to herself. She has really nice conversations with the ceiling fan! She is always watching Charlotte and smiles so big when she sees her. I hope this means she will always look up to her big sister. Charlotte is still in love with her and always wants to hold her.

 In the past month Frances has hit some pretty big milestones! She learned to roll from tummy to back and the next day she went from back to front. She can even roll a complete 360 barrel roll but I think those are usually accidental. 

She has found her toes and likes to raise and lower her feet and stare at them. She is just about always chewing her hands which worries me that teeth are in our immediate future.

 She still loves standing up and now prefers her bumbo seat to the bouncer as she is more upright and can see better. When prooped on her back with pillows (like on the bed or couch) she can pull herself up to sitting position and of course promptly topples over. I have noticed her attempting to reach for things a time or two (or at least I think she was trying) but she really isn’t holding or grabbing things yet. We have transitioned her to the baby tub from a bath on the counter because she was rolling so much and boy does she like being in the water the whole time! She kicks her little feet and just grins the whole time! 

She is still on 3 naps a day and will be for the next few months I would imagine. She currently sleeps in a dock a tot in her crib for naps and we move it to the bassinet next to my side of the bed for light time. She still needs her paci and swaddle although hoping to break the swaddle habit soon since she can roll, although she hasn’t rolled in her sleep. 

At her check up she was 13 pounds 13 ounces and 26 inches long, which is lighter yet longer than Charlotte was atthat age. The doctor thinks her birth mark onthe back of her thigh is really a hemangioma so we are watching it but it shouldn’t cause any issues and will go away on its own. Otherwise she is just perfect. 

She also started cereal and baby food this month! I think Charlotte was more excited. When I called for her to come help me feed her she ran up screaming “cereal time it’s cereal time!” Frances loved food right away and was really great and eating so she moved to baby food after just a few days. 

First cereal 

First baby food-bananas! 

Happy baby, full tummy. 

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