Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 2018

I’m so sad that June is over because it means one month of summer is already gone! Everything g in summer is so much sweeter. This June was a blast! The girls and I were at the beach for two solid weeks and forrest was able to come back and forth on weekends. It was a fabulous way to relax and unwind. Charlotte absolutely adores the beach. Now that we are home she will say she misses it and cry. It’s adorable. 

Happy beach face!!! 

The first weekend we were there, forrest did an over night fishing trip and had such success! We will be eating fish for months and I’m so happy about it. 

While he was on the boat, my sister spent the weekend with us as did the urbinas.  Charlotte was so sad when they all left. She said “we have no friends! Who is going to play with us?!” (I guess I am not as fun?!) 

When we are at the beach with my mom we are lazy and slow. It’s nice! We stay in and eat in the condo, don’t stress about being on the beach every second, and just decompress. Since Frances with with us this year his was such a nice pace to adopt! 
Forrest came back on Tuesday evening so he could attend the gulf coast dental conference. Charlotte and I attended the events with him and Mom stayed in with Frances. We got to see lots of friends and have lots of fun! 

Pool party at the conference hotel

Dinner at the gulf afterwards. I want to remember that while we were there, a mom handed Charlotte a shovel that her baby had been playing with. The baby started to cry and Charlotte handed it back but the mom said that they were leaving. The baby continued to cry as they left and it upset Charlotte so badly. She cried too and said she wanted the baby to have the shovel. She has the sweetest little heart. I hope she is always this caring. 

The next night all of us went to the wharf for dinner. Yummy yummy! Frances was such a good girl and loved taking in the sights. Forrest and Charlotte were also successful at getting me on the Ferris wheel! 

A quick pause to see if you noticed that Charlotte and Frances matched that night. Matching them has been such fun for me as silly as it sounds. It’s just a sweet little thing I get to do for them while they are little so I’m going to cherish it while it lasts. 

The next night we went to the young dentists reception and got to visit with Paige and Susan (or Paige-n and Susan as Charlotte called them). Charlotte also got to meet the interim dean of the dental school. 

Before the party, aunt Paula and Uncle Tom and Uncle toms brother and sister in law came by for dinner. They brought Charlotte a snow cone maker which pretty much delighted her socks off. I think she ate one every day, sometimes two! They are always so sweet to make the effort and take the time to see us whenever we are nearby. 

The next night we went to the presidents banquet. There was a band so naturally Charlotte thought it was a wedding and wanted to dance!!

The next day daddy had to leave so we had a little fun before he hit the road. We tried out playa, a new restaurant and also the yard milkshake shop. 

The shake was fabulous but the place was kind of grungy. I don’t think we will be going back. 

Don’t think we forgot about baby sister on this trip! She learned to laugh and almost mastered rolling back to front! It was a big time for her too! 

There was a tidal pool in front of our condo which was perfect for Charlotte. She could play without worrying about waves (ok she doesn’t worry about them, I do). She loved playing and hunting for shells in an ocean that was just her size. I thought her floating was pretty hilarious. 

Frances’ first time on the beach! She didn’t seemed keyed up about it one way or the other. I hope she will be a beach loving gal like her mom and sister by next year!

While sister was napping, Charlotte got to go on lots of adventures with daddy! Here they are at OWA amusement park (or music park to charlotte) and the arcade! 

My brother and sister in law came the second weekend and all of us went to dinner at salt, a restaurant that replaced our favorite cafe grazie. Afterwards we went to the flora bama for a little dancing and grown up fun! 

The next day we headed home and none of us were thrilled, although we were looking forward to our own beds and the familiarity of our routine. Plus, the next day we got to celebrate daddy and papa b on Father’s Day!

Other fun things this month included:
Charlotte going back to school and Frances first visit to daddy’s office...

Play date with rachel and baby becca 

Dinner at highlands with friends and a trip in a limo for mommy and daddy!

Burger night at the club with the girls 

Smith and bailey 5 year celebration luau

Play date with Harper! 

And a mommy and Charlotte date to see Peter Pan with lily and her mommy. Charlotte had a ball! She danced in the aisle nearly the whole show and was thrilled to meet the characters afterwards. Peter Pan gave her some pixie dust and he had to make sure it wasn’t real—she didn’t want to fly! Precious! 

See what fun?! Here’s hoping July is just as exciting! We only get 18 summers with these sweet babies and I hope they are all jam packed with fun and adventure! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

3 months of Frances

Tha has been a big month for our sweet girl!! She is smiling and talking up a storm. She squeals and coos and it’s just an amazing sound! She loves to smile and does so with her whole face—you can’t help but smile right back. 

She loves watching Charlotte and will just stare and smile at her. 

I try to get Charlotte to sing for her or dance and she loves to loves on her as well. She actually changed her diaper “all by herself” one day and was so excited and proud of herself. We are definitely blessed to have such a sweet big sister and helper and she makes it so easy to juggle the 2 of them. She never acts jealous or mean to Frances. She is so in love with her. It does hurt my heart when I have to tell her I can’t lay with her or do something with her because I have to attend the baby’s needs first but she handles it so so well. 
Frances had her first over night trip this month to Mimi’s house. She was such a good and easy going girl and was sweet to all the family who came to see her. She also had her first swim in the pool! It was cold so she didn’t stay long nor was she a big fan but it was fun to see her and Charlotte In their matching suits and Charlotte loved having her in the pool with her. 

She also had her first trip to the beach! I was dreading the ride down because Charlotte screamed the entire way her first time. Frances didn’t make a peep. She slept or looked out the window the entire time and was just as content as she could be thankfully! 

While at the beach she also laughed for the first time! She did it for Forrest and it was the sweetest sound! Next she laughed for momsie of course. For me, however, she rolled over!! She has been trying for a while and she was on the couch and mastered it! That may have made it slightly easier but I’m going to count it. She is getting really strong and is lifting her chest off the floor. 

I have started letting her sit in the bumbo and she loves it! 

She tries to pull up to sit (she can’t of course) and so we will help her pull up and then she pushes her legs to try to stand. I remember Charlotte doing this too. She wants to see everything so you better not lay her down!! She has to be in the mix!! 
She is taking 3 naps pretty solidly right now and is awake for an hour after she first wakes up and then an hour and a half the other times. This makes it pretty hard to do anything because we don’t have that much awake time and I like for her to take her naps at home in her bed so she gets good sleep. I know this will change in a few months so I’m trying to enjoy it even though it’s inconvenient for a lot of things. Luckily I have lots of help!! 
I love how she is growing and changing. It makes me excited for her to hurry and do all the other fun things I know are coming! At the same time I want to savor this baby stage because it goes so so fast. Yes it is so hard but it’s precious and fleeting and it feels like a blessing that I get to do it all over again and savor it. The tiredness is hard and I’m sort of tied to her and stuck at home a lot and miss out on things but I am not missing out on these sweet times that I will never get back so that makes it all worth it. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Whew May! I’m tired just thinking about it. Well truth be told I am always tired so that doesn’t mean too much, but May was a busy month for sure! 
We celebrated Frances baptism on May 6. Her godparents are Forrest’s Uncle Tommy and my aunt fran, her name sake. After the ceremony at church we had the family back to our house to eat a light lunch. 

Frances wore the christening gown that Charlotte and I wore and her cap, blanket and shoes were made by momsie! 

Frances also started sleeping in her crib consistently for naps and by the end of the month was doing her long sleep stretch in the crib as well. We do dock a tot, swaddle, sound machine and projector. 

Charlotte also had a major milestone this month—she gave up her paci!! This was hard and bless Forrest because he had to deal with it. She would wake up in the night wanting it and would cry before nap and bed but it was time. She was receptive one night so he jumped atthe chance and once we started we couldn’t go back. Also at some point his spring, I think  in March, she stopped sitting in her booster seat and sits in a regular chair for meals. Charlotte also got to watch Henry baseball game. Shehad such fun cheering him on—their relationship is precious. 

I am really enjoying my days at home with the girls. I was nervous that I would feel cooped up but we have such a fun time together. I do enjoy my court days but nothing beats smiles and snuggles with these little ones! 

Frances turned 2 months old!! The time is passing much quicker with her than it did with Charlotte! 

Charlotte finished her year of 2k!! She has grown by leaps and bounds this year and is just so smart. She really loved having mrs Jill and mrs Cindy as teachers and we are grateful for all of their love!! She also really liked music with mrs katie and would come home singing her songs daily. 

We got to watch her sing in the end of the year program—so precious! 

The party moms and I put together a bubble and popsicle party for the kids end of the year celebration. It was super easy and the kids loved it!!! We were quite proud of ourselves. 

The biggest thing we dealt with this month was Charlotte’s ballet recital. I have been leery of this weekend since I signed her up for dance because the recital was in the middle of nap and Charlotte doesn’t miss her nap. Never in her life has she not taken one!! She typically sleeps from around 1:30-4:30 and the recital was at 2 each day, plus dress rehearsal at 3 in Friday. On Friday I just put her down early and woke her up early but Saturday was a different story. She slept in but was so tired by the end of the recital. She was crying and saying “mommy I want to take a nap now!!!”’ She ended up falling asleep on me right before the curtain call and I had to wake her to go back with her class. The next day we decided to leave right after she danced and miss the curtain call because she was just too sleepy. 
Despite the tiredness, she did great in the recital! She had no fear of the stage or the audience. She didn’t mind leaving me to go backstage with her class. She was so cute doing her dance and really loved watching the big girls too. She asked me why they were “dancing by themselves”—she thought it was sad! Sweet thing. She loved having family and friends come to watch her (other than mommy and daddy, mrs Jill, aunt Fran, rachel, Julie, trey, m, momsie)  We were really pleased with her year at ballet and can’t wait for next year to start! 

From the stage to the pool, she started swim lessons right after ballet ended. This was our second year with mr patrick and she did great. There were tears but by the end of the week she was so proud to show me what she had learned. 

We took our first trip as a family of four over Memorial Day weekend to my grandmothers house in Birmingham. It was so much fun to hang out with family and do some of our favorite activities while we were there. All four of us went to the zoo! I was quite proud of myself for taking Frances and was proud of her for sleeping g the whole time! Charlotte was so excited to feed the lorikeets again, even though she doesn’t look like it. She just wanted them to land on her arms so badly. 

Afterwards we went to lunch at olexas—yummy—before taking naps. Everyone approved! Frances was great at her first restaurant! 

That afternoon Andrew and Ashley cake and swam with the girls. Charlotte was thrilled and she showed off some of her new swimming moves. Frances wasn’t too sure about the pool—I think it was too cold for her. 

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home. We were all a little worn out from the weekends activities. We did manage a great lunch at mama and papa Bs house and we took some nice golf cart rides in the evenings. Looking ahead to June, we hope to do a lot of vacationing, pooling, and sunning!! 

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