Thursday, November 26, 2015


My heart is so full as I write tonight. Holding my sleeping little one, I know I am blessed--blessed beyond what I could even imagine and definitely much more than I deserve. Who knew last thanksgiving that this little one was wiggling around inside of me. We knew she was there and that she was a she, but we didn't know how she would be. We didn't know that she would love sweet potatoes and yogurt. We didn't know she would love the tags on just about anything and turning the pages of books. We didn't know that she would be on the verge of walking before she could talk. We didn't know she would hate riding in the car seat for more than about 15 minutes. We didn't know she would be the most determined, busy, and inquisitive little girl as well as the sweetest and most loving. It doesn't matter that she wakes up every three hours, or wants me to hold her for at least a half hour or more before I can put her in her crib. It doesn't matter that we pay for it if we vary from the schedule she has put herself on. It doesn't matter that we can't travel like we used to or go to as many football games or eat out as many times. None of it matters because we have exactly what we wanted and we are doing exactly what we want to be doing. I know that we are lucky to have this little one as our own, no matter how tiring or difficult it may be at some times. I'm so lucky to have a husband who is totally devoted to his daughter and to me, and who will do just about anything for us. We are beyond blessed to have our parents in town and who love Charlotte and want to see her as much as they can. We have great extended family that we are close to and the best friends anyone could ask for. I know I have said this before, but before I had c we started to pray and the only prayer I could think of was the blessing: bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, amen. Nothing is more fitting today, I believe. Happy thanksgiving! 
Happy thanksgiving!! 

Charlotte loved thanksgiving food!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where Charlotte went

Charlotte was a busy little bee this month. We are trying to take her with us more places and she really enjoys it! She is a party girl and loves to be in the action and is a born people watcher! 
She went to celebrate my dads 33 anniversary of practicing law. She was cuting a tooth so she was fussy but liked dancing with pop as the guitar player played just for her! 

She also went to a shower to celebrate my brothers engagement. She was most definitely the hit of the party in her little red shoes.
Every year Forrest and I go to the Greek food festival in Birmingham as we love the food and we did not want our girl to miss out! She enjoyed the music and sitting outside! We enjoyed the Greek doughnuts! 

My dad always has people over to watch Bama football games and of course C was his most favorite guest this year. She was not thrilled with the screaming but she got over it when we clapped for her after clapping for the team. 

Charlotte dropped a nap this month which made it easier to take her places. She and I have been able to get out in the afternoons some and one day we went shopping! She loved seeing all the colors and trying to grab the clothes! 

We took off to Tuscaloosa for homecoming weekend and went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Kozys. We got to sit outside and C really had fun! She was so good!

We had a great time with our girl on campus! She got to go to the sorority house, the quad, and even meet a little baby friend, Ansley! 
Mommy and daddy had a great month too! Not only did we go with c on her adventures, but we also got to go to the homecoming game. 
Roll tide!! 
We also got to celebrate the engagement of our friends Erin and Wesley with some of our favorites! 
Alpha love!! 

Looking back we had a big month! Looking forward to the next!! 

8 months

So much has happened in the 8 short months that we have had our little one! It's amazing how a baby grows and changes in such a short amount of time! The past month in itself has been a big one for Charlotte. She got a new tooth, bringing her up to a grand total of 2.

 Her teeth are so cute but have totally ruined her good sleep pattern. Since the teeth started at 6 months she has been waking up every 2-3 hours. She's had a few good nights in there but mainly her nights are rough. She only wants mommy at night--she literally screamed a full hour the other night when Forrest got her out of her crib rather than me. Therefore, I'm up when she is up. She nurses and goes right to sleep but sleeping in 2 hour increments went out of style for us when she was maybe 8 weeks old so this has been a hard 2 months for mommy! I know she will get over it with some time. And yes, we have tried everything! :) 
Last month she took off on her crawling. She is into everything and you cannot leave her alone for a second. I walked out of her room to grab her laundry once and when I walked beck in she had crawled into her closet under her dresses and I couldn't find her! 

She loves anything dangly or shiny. She is definitely a girly girl all about the bling! 
Inspecting Pop's watch. 

She worked  on clapping and waving this month and can do it pretty well but not always on command. She does know the word "Sonny" and looks to him when you say his name. He is so good with her and she loves playing with him! 

She also knows "no" and now that she is into everything I have to say it a lot. She doesn't care for No and will cry sometimes when she doesn't get her way!! It's hilarious but also scary how fast she has learned this trick. 

Also our girl is a dancer! She loves to stand and dance at her play table and will even dance when she hears a song on the tv when she is sitting. 

At the very least she will kick her legs. Her favorites are the abc song and "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. 

She still is not a huge fan of her car seat of of getting dressed because she is restrained against her will in both instances! She likes to be on the go and in control! 

She has started to eat "people food" and is great at using her pinched grip  we haven't found a single food she won't eat but that didn't surprise us! 

She also likes to pulls things out of bags and turn over baskets to see what is in them. She is so curious! I love watching her explore and expect every little 
Month 7 was such a big month for her and I know 8 probably will too. I'm blown away by all of her achievements and am anxious to see what she will do next. She never ceases to amaze us! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

7 months

7 months...Charlotte is now closer to her first birthday than she is her actually birth date...a fact I truly do not believe. My scrawny, wrinkly skinny, old man looking new born is now a chubby, smiling, nearly crawling little baby. She is truly the light of our lives..what we look forward to every day and what we see in all of our tomorrow's. In yoga tonight our teacher posed the question: what fills you up?And my answer was most definitely Charlotte.

She has gotten so grown during this past month. She has her first tooth, which has been giving us both fits. Sometimes she is so fussy and it makes me sad that she doesn't understand why and that I can't do much to help. She likes to chew on cold teething rings and even wet cold wash cloths. 

Not sure if it has to do with teething but she also loves to hold and chew on your drink or cup, or bottle or can. We have tried out several sippy cups but right now she just likes to chew on them and hold them. I will be glad when I can hand her a cup of water or juice, especially to occupy her in the car. She is still not a big fan of her car seat even though we upgraded her to the big girl seat (still rear facing) that allows her to sit up instead of lying back. She also has a DVD player and likes to watch Madagascar--only Madagascar. I tried Frozen but she was unimpressed. I can now quote the entire movie--if you are interested. At home she still likes to watch the preschool prep alphabet. 

Our girl is also all about the bling. She wants to grab your necklace, earrings, watches, anything shiny. I have to keep her from trying to chew my ring or pull my hoop earrings out constantly. I'm trying to teach her "no pulling" but I think it's a little early for her to understand yet.

 Pulling off Deborah's sunglasses at the beach. 

We went to the beach to have her 6 month pictures taken and spend some time with my friend Deborah and her family. Charlotte had not spent much time around other children so she was fascinated with Deborah's little girl Kaylee. 

She was not so fascinated by the sand, however. I had plans for her to take some pictures sitting in the sand by the water's edge but whenever we touched her feet to the sand she got upset. Last time she loved the water but this time it was cold so she was not a fan.

 She started to really work on her crawling while we were there-she can push herself all the way up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She also kind of hops her back end forward so she can in fact move herself from place to place.  

Also at the beach she went to restaurants each night and sat in a high chair which she loved. She was very good at the restaurants as she loves to people watch. Now that she is able to eat mum mum crackers we can just hand her one and she stays pretty content. 

Speaking of her dinner, she is eating a jar to jar and a half of baby food daily. Her very favorites are sweet potatoes and peaches although lately she has been enjoying combinations of apples and squash. We can pretty much get her to eat anything though. 

We have started to let her practice eating with her hands in preparation for finger foods with puffs and yogurt melts on her tray each day. She is starting to get the hang of it, little by little, but the dogs are probably getting more puffs in them than she is. I tried to get her to eat a few tiny pieces of real banana but she wasn't sure how to chew and she kind of threw it up. I'm very nervous about her choking so I'm in no hurry to practice this skill--she can eat baby food as long as she wants. Forrest tried to get her to eat out of a baby food pouch on her own but she is not ready for that either--she was a disgusting mess and Forrest did most of the squeezing of the pouch himself. 

Blueberries, bananas, and beets--eeww

She is not saying any words and that is worrying me slightly. I know babies operate at their own pace but I'm ready for her to check off this milestone. She babes and talks up a stop it no real mama or dada yet. She can say the sounds and syllables and has for a while but just isn't putting them together as words yet. 

She has figured out her wrists and loves to inspect what they can do. She likes to hold a toy and twist it and turn it with her test and wave it back and forth. She will sometimes watch this process for a very long time. She is very into things that rattle and jingle and likes to pick things up and shake them to see if they make noise. She will bang her hand on her tray when she wants more food or a toy--she is quite demanding! Her favorite things still include watching lights, playing with Sonny, and watching TV, which we rarely let her do except for football of course (haha). 

When she gets excited or sees someone she likes she will kick her legs and smile the brightest smile. Sometimes she will open her mouth really wide too, which is hilarious. 

I am trying my hardest to hold onto her being a baby because I know in the blink of an eye she is going to be a little toddler. On the flip side it's so exciting to see what she will do next. 8 months here she comes! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm loving it

I have been asked to review a couple of products lately and my posts are shamefully late! Luckily the sweet folks that gifted me the products have been super understanding. 
Amanda was nice enough to send me some jamberries nail wraps a while back. I had heard of them but never tried them before. If you haven't heard about them they are basically strips of nail polish that adhere to your nails with no drying or spilling or mistakes. I am not good at painting my own nails and I definitely don't have the patience to let them dry, and now with Charlotte I really don't have the time to sit around and let them dry so I thought this product would be perfect for me. You can get all of the accessories and the little heater that makes the color adhere when you order the first time so after one initial investment you are good to go for a while, saving time and money on trips to the salon, and who doesn't like that, new mom or not?! There are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from--seriously there is no way you won't find something you need. The only negative to me is that there is a learning curve in applying them. Mine were not picture perfect when I tried them the first time but my sister tried and she of course did great. You may have to practice a time of two to get the hang of it but once you do you will be pleased. They stay on for quite a while, much longer than regular polish with no chipping, and you can remove them fairly easily. Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to try out this fun product!! 

The kit comes with the heater for adhering the polish, the color strips, and a cute cosmetic bag with all of the accessories you need for picture perfect nails. 

I also was asked to try out a pair of firmoo sunglasses. I really liked how they let you customize just about everything about your glasses. You get to choose your frames, tint color and amount, and prescription if you have one. My only complaint is that you can't customize the size. I have a really little head apparently (maybe that's why Charlotte's head is only in the 20th percentile when the rest of her is in the 90th?) and typically can't wear standard adult sunglasses and unfortunately that is still the case with these. I'm really bummed because they are darling! My sister loves them though so she is yet again going to benefit from my blog product reviewing. Even though they were too big I highly recommend them due to the ease of customizing them--so long as you can wear standard size glasses! 
Charlotte and I took a break from her 7 month photo shoot to try the glasses on elephant. See how fun the frames are?! 
They also came with a fun clam shell case, cleaning cloth, and travel bag! 

Thank you guys for choosing me to review your products and especially for giving me the chance to try them out for free!! If you have any questions regarding the products please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charlotte's nursery tour

As soon as I found out I was expecting I started looking for inspiration for the nursery. When I found out I was having a girl I went back and forth about the colors (pink or purple) and actually was kind of late in starting it. I didn't go shopping until the first weekend of January, and she was born February 24! I was very lucky in that my friend kelly had used the exact crib that I wanted and she was willing to let me use it. I also already had a dresser that has been in my dads nursery years ago, but that was about it. Also, Forrest's parents had an extra glider and armoire that they let us have. I added a wicker table that had been at my sisters house in college and bam--a nursery!! I ended up settling on a peachy pink after I couldn't some gorgeous satin for next to nothing at the fabric store and my aunt Fran who is an interior designer took it from there in finding paint colors and coordinating fabrics. 
Wide angle. The rug is super fluffy and clearly ruffles loves it. The light fixture wa an antique salvaged by my aunt and made to fit the room height by our friend chip. 

I absolutely love her crib. I had the bow and skirt made from the fabric I found and we surprisingly found a similar color gauzy fabric to make the canopy. Forrest found the crown on eBay for a steal and i ordered her initials from etsy. I have extra fabric so we can repurpose the skirt into a full size bed skirt or even coverlet when she moves into a big girl bed. 

Aren't these sweet?? I found the prints on etsy and had them framed in town. 

No little girls room is complete without a tea party!! Sweet Beryl, who made the bedding, gave Charlotte her very first tea set. 

  3 month old Charlotte says hi! This is our nursing corner. The sweet day gowns hung on the shelf were hand smocked my Forrest's grandmother for him and the halo was mine from my first communion. I love having special little things in any room. 

This area is still unfinished. I have her new born photos to hang above my dad's old dresser but I haven't found the right frames. I was able to find these darling pink drawer pulls on etsy. 

The inside of the armoire is my changing station. I love the organization and the fact that I can close the doors and hide all this away. 

I don't know why this shower curtain kept photographing weird but I tried several times--must be a glare on the mono or something. Anyway love love her monogrammed shower curtain! 

Don't mind me in my pj pants, but how sweet is her bathroom?? I love the pink bunny drawer pulls , also from etsy and the striped walls. We used the same color as the bedroom walls and then 2 shades darker to create the perfect contrast. 

I have lots of odds and ends to complete still but I really love how it all came together. What a special thing---decorating your sweet little one's space. I also kind of like that it's a work in progress.  I'm always working on it, keeping my eyes open for little things to make it special. It's a fun little mommy hobby that I have really enjoyed undertaking. I'm sure my the time I get it totally finished it will be time to move her to a big girl room, but such is life!

Monday, September 7, 2015

6 months of Charlotte

Half a year...that's how long we have had our girl!! She is the sweetest little lady and watching her grow and develop is a truly amazing experience. It seems like every week she has a new trick! 

One week she discovered how to growl. This week she has started crinkling up her nose and making a "stink face". 

It's funny to see her test what her little body can do! She is super strong and likes when you pull her from a laying to a standing position. She will straighten out her legs while laying down in preparation! She  is very steady when sitting now and is trying very hard to push herself from a laying to seated position but can only get up on one elbow on her side. 

She really likes jumping in the jump jump and driving her "car" because she can stand up. 

In the walker she  can push herself backwards and one day she went forward! 

She has all of the "moves" to crawl but hasn't put them together yet. She also started passing toys between hands this month with is fun to watch especially when she gets fixated on her hands during the process. She also gets distracted by her feet quite often! 

Forrest likes to play like she is a claw in one of those win a prize machines at malls. He will hold her out over several toys and let her down to see if he "wins" when she pils one up.  We love to hear her jabber, especially when she wakes up in the mornings, but no mama or dada 
yet! She slept pretty well this month (as opposed to month 4-5 which was a horrendous nightmare) although she will still fight sleeping sometimes. We put her in the stroller at 11pm a couple of nights and walked around our circle and both times she was out before we got out of the driveway. Poor girl hates to miss a party! She eats baby food a few times a day (around 4-5 ounces). Her very favorite is sweet potatoes but she will eat carrots, apples, and occasionally peas. We stopped all cereal because it messed up her belly, as do bananas! 

Her favorite book is still the alpha prints abc book and she also loves her Jane Austen counting book and we will sometimes let her watch her preschool prep DVD (she likes the dancing letters) and a cute little show on HBO called classical baby, the poetry show. 

Her favorite friend is Sonny and the love playing together. He lets her pet his nose and face and is so gentle with her. We have to watch her because she tries to get out of whatever she is in to get to him. She will laugh and squeal when he plays with her and it is the most precious thing to watch! 

At her check up she was 17 lb and one ounce (75%) and was 27 inches long(90%). She was really brave during her shots and only cried a little bit and was happy as a clam once we got home. 

It's hard to believe that our teeny little newborn has turned into such an independent little baby. Soon she will be moving and talking and getting into everything. I love this sweet baby stage but am so excited to see what her future holds. 

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