Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Frances is 8 months old!

My my my what a big month!!! Frances has been growing up so quickly this month I hope I don’t forget to list what all she can do!!
Finally she has a tooth! I have blamed any negative behavior of hers on teeth for months but finally one has arrived. She honestly didn’t act that awful, just a little fussy, but no more so than usual. No fever, no dirty diapers, maybe a little sleep weirdness but I’m not sure I can blame the tooth. She barely lets us see it but it’s there! I’m praying that since this one didn’t give her many issues the rest will be smooth sailing, but that might be wishful thinking! 
She also learned to crawl! Granted she isn’t great at it and after a few crawls she belly plants but she is getting there. She can crawl and drag and roll herself to just about anything she wants so we have to be extra careful and the baby proofing is underway! She also sat herself up from the floor once but just that one time, but I know that will probably be her next trick, and one she will be thrilled to master. Sometimes she gets so annoyed with laying down! She wants to be able to sit and see everything! She still really likes her jumpy and can really get some air! Charlotte never really jumped much in hers so it has been fun to watch frances really get after it. Because she is so mobile she really likes playing downstairs because it’s so open; plus she has lots of Charlotte’s toys to get after. We can bribe her to crawl with Charlotte’s things or Charlotte’s cup. We have introduced a sippy to frances and she can either take it or leave it. She does really like drinking water out of our open cups too. It’s precious to see her open her mouth wide and lean towards the cup. 
She has also started to say ba ba ba. It doesn’t mean anything that I can tell but it’s her first really consistent syllable. I try to y’all to her all the time and tell her what I am doing so she can learn lots of words. I also have started turning on preschool prep videos in the background while we play downstairs. I know Charlotte picked up a lot just from having these on so I figured we may as well try again. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about how many things she has to learn!
She is typically a good natured baby and will play on her own some while I get things done. She also loves being read to (the lift the flap number book and the alpha prints alphabet books are he current favorites) and sung to. We usually are singing or have Alexa playing some music. Twinkle twinkle is her favorite. 
This past month, well really 6 weeks, has been tough nap wise. She has gone through a nap transition and now she stays awake for 3 hour intervals and 4 hours before bed. This is super nice because we can actually leave the house! Before we didn’t have much time becuzae she ate for most of the awake time but now we can run errands. It took a while to shake out but I think she is finally settling into a new routine. She takes 2 naps and usually sleeps all night. Occasionally she will wake up around 930/10 and want to be awake for a while and that is super frustrating! I have been driving her around the circle to try to get her to go back down and sometimes it works immediately and others not so much. 
She is still a great eater and has tried more and more foods! She loves noodles and wild rice, all kids of fruits and veggies. I think that dairy hurts her stomach so we have stopped giving her cheese for now and she had an allergic reaction to eggs so those are on the no list as well. She currently eats 4 meals a day, just like Charlotte. 
Speaking of Charlotte I haven’t really given an update on what she is up to lately. She is the sweetest happiest little 3 year old. She is so smart and she loves her sister. I can’t get over some of the things she knows and says! She goes to her school 4 days a week. On mondays they have Spanish, and on tuesdays and Wednesday’s she has music. She loves everything about school and always comes home with tales to tell. She tells me the leader, what center she was in and with whom, and all the details of who did what. They do lots of work in her class and I know she is learning so much! Also she has ballet on Tuesday afternoons and she just loves it! She is slowly losing her baby words (we lost “effalent” for elephant this month) and it makes me really sad. There is not much baby left in her and although I miss it I do love getting to know the little girl she is becoming. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

October 2018

October was lots of fun! We had lots of fun at Charlotte’s school falls fest. She was really into the bouncy houses this year and the giant blow up slides. She did them before but was a little timid and this time she couldn’t get enough! Frances got to go too and she enjoyed watching everyone play. She is going to be a great people watcher I believe. 

We had a great big fun weekend in Tuscaloosa for the homecoming game. Charlotte loves watching the parade, especially the sorority girls. She told me she wanted to be a “wild girl” too. It was too cute! She loved that they would give her a high 5 as they passed. I stayed at the house with frances while forrest took her to the game. She had a ball and was so hyper when she got back home. 

On Sunday night I took Charlotte to the amphitheater to see Tarzan. Well that turned out to be a mistake. His parents get killed by a leopard in the beginning and she was having none of it. We left at intermission, which turned out to be ok because Frances was giving daddy fits at home!  She had a tough month of sleep and it was hard to navigate! 

Charlottehas fall break at school and we enjoyed some fun time at home! On one fun day andrew and Ashley came and had lunch with them. Charlotte really loves them and they are precious to take such an interest in both girls. 

These girls were ready for Halloween! Charlotte loves that they matched this day. She is the sweetest sister and I love how their bond is growing. 

We had a great third Saturday in October road tripping to Knoxville with Justin and farrah. It had been ages since we went to a game with them! We had a great lunch at outback, got to shop at total wine, and of course cheered on the tide as they rolled over Tennessee. We were at the top row of the stadium but we didn’t care! 

We spent a Saturday playing at Mimi’s house while daddy did some errands. Frances loves all the attention she got from everyone and of course Charlotte loves playing there. Not everyone has a great grandmother and we are so blessed with our mimi! 

Charlotte had monster mash week at ballet and got to wear a costume. She loved this fun Snow White! Her most favorite part was getting to dance the monster mash with the big girls in their studio. She is still talking about it. I just love how she truly loves ballet! 

That night we took her to candy with the cardinals at gadsden state. She and aunt farrah has marching red shoes! It was a cute event and she loved the one on one time and of course getting candy. 

We kicked off Halloween at Charlotte’s school
Halloween parade! It is always the sweetest event. She loves dressing up and getting candy with her sweet friend. The kids are always darling! 

That night for trick or treating, the girls were Anna and Elsa from frozen, as requested by Charlotte. She loved her dress and I thought her hair looked great! 

Frances looked precious in her princess Anna bubble, wig and boots! It was so fun to dress her up. She didn’t seem to mind the outfit at all and the hair is actually a toboggan she can wear through the winter. 

We love Halloween because we always share it with Hadley and her parents. The girls were darling in their princess outfits. 

I also love Halloween in our neighborhood because we run into every one we know! Everyone drives around on golf carts and chats in the streets. It’s so fun for the littles and parents alike!

I’m already trying to come up with a cute theme for next years halloween of course. But until then I will be occupied with all the upcoming holidays and birthdays! Hooray!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

7 months of Frances

Our sweet girl is 7 months old! She seems so grown yet I love knowing that she is going to stay a sweet snuggly baby for a while longer! 

She loves eating real food! She eats roughly 4 times a day, starting with a 6oz bottle. Then she usually gets about 4 jars of baby food plus real food. She loves bananas and avocados, watermelon, toast, and she will pretty much try anything we give her at this point. Here she was loving broccoli like her big sister. Also notice her hair in this picture—it’s starting to grow! Her eyes are getting darker and her hair is actually getting lighter! 

She loves being read to and sung to. She has just started to turn the pages in the books we read to her. 

This toy in her hands is her “chew toy”. It goes everywhere she does. She chews so hard I have been convinced her teeth are coming but forrest doesn’t feel anything! She seeks content when she has it in her car seat and I like her to have that rather than her paci so she doesn’t fall asleep. 

This kk Th she has gotten her balance to sit up! If you sit her on the floor she will sit continuously without falling over. She has started to walk her hands toward toys but no crawling attempts from this position yet. She does sort of army call and drag herself to toys when on her tummy but not very well. She can scoot her knees under her but can’t get up on her hands yet. 
I’m wanting her to crawl to check off the milestone but really crawling makes life difficult on mommy so I don’t mind her being stationary right now. All in good time. 

Francie had her first trip to tuscaloosa! It was so hot but she was a trooper riding in her stroller. She got to see part of campus and the stadium and the new aopi house. 

A new long horn restaurant opened in town and Frances quite enjoyed the crusty bread and light fixtures in the ceiling. 

I pulled out some of the sitting toys and she was so excited!! She loved this little ball bounce game. Charlotte knows these were her toys but doesn’t seem possessive. She just wants to show Frances the correct way to play with them. 

We pulled this out and moms and she loved being able to stand and play! Her little feet just danced and she would light up so big while playing. 

She got to go to her first birthday party this month! We celebrated our sweet neighbor watts’ 5th birthday at the sport zone. Frances loved watching the other kids play and enjoyed eating a pizza crust. 

Frances has decided to fight her naps for the past week and rather than sit home and fret over it we have gone shopping and she also went to the nail salon for the first time. She was seemingly unimpressed. I don’t know what to do for her when she doesn’t want to nap and I can’t make her so we just roll with it. Since she sleeps well at night I really don’t want to complain! 
I also had to buy her new pajamas this month—9-12 months! She is gettting to tall!! She’s also in a size 3 diaper but I think we will need to move up a size soon. 

I can’t believe I am starting to think about first birthday parties. Time is getting away from me! I at the same time want to bottle up her babyness and keep her that way forever (whenever I talk about her growing up Charlotte gets upset and says she wants her to stay her baby forever) and also I want her to keep growing so I can see what all she can do and who she is! I know what fun things are coming so part of me wants to hurry those things along. Right now I’m trying to just hold on to time for dear life and cherish every second with my sweet peas. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018


What a fun month we had! We were clinging onto summer with all of our might! We started the month off at the beach. Charlotte loves the beach and so we decided we should take our first real trip with just the 4 of us. It was such a fun time together. We also got to see Uncle Tom and aunt paula for dinner one night. Frances got some time on the beach and in the pool and Charlotte got to have some fun time with daddy at the arcade. The only negative was the ride home—traffic was so awful! The girls handled it very well but we will never leave on Labor Day again! 

Charlotte and I got to go to the princess party at the bjcc. It was such a fun time fort he two of us! I was so proud of how Charlotte ha does herself, as there was some time the girls were to be away from their parents. She was so cute—scooting up to the front of the stage, wanting to be atthe front of the action. She danced with the princesses, got pictures, had her hand painted, and got some candy. She was in hog heaven!! 

That afternoon we went to momsies to visit with Roy and ann and watch the alabama game. We also got to go to dinner with them that night. Forrest went to the game but came and met us at the restaurant. 

Frances started eating solid foods this month. She loves banana, avocado, and bread. I can’t believe she is growing so quickly. Time has gone much faster this second time for sure. 

One Saturday we were thrilled to be invited to the lake by our friend Brett Sitz and his wife Kayla and their children. We got to spend time with friends from high school and enjoyed catching up and meeting their families. Charlotte was so brave and went tubing! I was so proud of her! She was smiling so big and kept wanting to go faster!! 

Sadly, we lost our sweet sonny boy this month. He had liver cancer and we are all just so sad. Charlotte wanted to know how he got to heaven, who took him, and if she was going to haveto go. It’s so hard to explain these things to her and I always worry that I am messing it up. 

We celebrated papa b’s birthday! Theo girls just love him and he is always so sweet and attentive to them. I love that he and mama b keep Frances on Tuesday for me while I’m at court. They just love their time together. 

The 4 of us went to tuscaloosa the weekend of the Texas a&m game. We got to stay at dr bucks fabulous house for the weekend which was so nice! It was the first time the 4 of us bunked in one room and I was concerned but the girls did great! It was so hot so forrest went to the game while I stayed with our napping girls. We did get to stroll around campus a little and visit the new aopi house. We also got to watch the elephant stomp, which Charlotte loved, although the rain meant that big al had to miss out. On the way out of town we stopped and introduced the girls to our favorite, the waysider!

Forrest and I rounded out the month at the bengals/falcons game in Atlanta. Dre Kirkpatrick got us tickets and we were thrilled to watch him play and to get a fun parents day out. It was the longest I had left Frances but she and Charlotte were in good hands with mrs jill. The game was awesome and the atmosphere was so fun! I hope we will be able to go to more nfl games in the future!
Now that October is here we are slowing accepting that it’s fall (although it’s still hot). The nights are starting earlier, it’s cooler in the mornings, we are pretty set in our school routine. And speaking of that routine, I want to write it so I don’t forget where we were at this point in our lives. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s  I’m home with the girls, and so Frances and I take Charlotte to school at 9 and pick her up at 1. In between I usually do housework and frances plays and takes a nap. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have court at the city at 8, so forrest takes Charlotte to early care before he starts work at 830. The baileys keep Frances on Tuesday’s and mrs Gail keeps her on Thursday. Frances and I go get her still. On Fridays both girls are home and I love our “lazy stay home” days together, as Charlotte says. On Tuesday’s Charlotte has ballet at 430 so my mom comes and stays with Frances and forrest and o have been trying to have a date night afterwards. On Wednesday’s forrest gets done at 4 and we try to do something fun together, like goingto eat or to the store. Saturday’s are of course dependent on football now and on Sunday’s typically Forrest and Charlotte go to church while I stay with a napping Frances. Then we all meet up at the baileys for lunch. After a nap at home we go to momsies for dinner. This may not super exciting but this is our life right now and I never want to forget the sweet simplicity of it. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Half a year!

We have had our Frances for 6 months! Half of a year! I could not say this when Charlotte was a baby but for some reason Frances’s first her has flown by! She is the happiest sweetest little girl! I love when I go into her room after she wakes up and she is just smiling her big toothless grin. 

I can’t wait until she is big enough to hug and cuddle because I know she will be great at it! This month she has traded in her raspberry blowing for squealing when she is tired or upset. She always wants to be in the action! She loves her jumper and exersaucer and I can’t leaver her in the swing or bouncy seat because she can pull herself over and try to flip out! 

She is getting her balance while sitting and can reach and grab for toys. 

Actually, she is teaching and grabbing for everything! Hair, glasses, food, anything she can get her hands on! Then of course she puts things right in her mouth. I’m waiting on the teeth because she is chewing her hands and gnawing on everything! 

She has been eating 3-4 jars of baby food every day and we are going to try baby led weaning as she is so interested in our food. We have let her gum a few items and she was so happy so we want to take it a step further.

 She also this month has quit nursing. All of a sudden she just wouldn’t do it anymore. I don’t know if it was because she wasn’t getting full or if she didn’t like being still and not being able to see but she simply refuses. Cries and screams actually. I pump twice a day and don’t get very much and so I’m about to have to break into the frozen stored milk. I still want her to get breast milk for as long as possible so I will do what I need to do for as long as I can. She still loves her big sister and Charlotte loves her. She got upset the other day when I said that Frances was growing up and she said “but mommy I want her to stay my baby forever!”! It just broke my heart! 

Frances has also decided she doesn’t need an evening nap. This is sort of a mess because it means she is awake 3-4 hours at night. She gets fussy but we usually go on a golf cart ride and she is just fine. During the day she usually stays up for 2-3 hour increments and sometimes will fight her naps but I have learned to put her in the swing and let her chill when this happens and she does fine. This isn’t always ideal but we are used to it and so is she so I’m not super worried. 

Frances was a brave girl at her check up! She layed still and quiet for the doctor to examine her and he said she is just perfect. She weighs 15 pounds 9 ounces and was 26 inches long, and she is in the 50 percentile for both categories. She is growing up to be such a sweet little critter and we can’t wait to see how she is going to grow and change in the next few month! 

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