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As promised, I am going to do some "background" posts to get everyone up to speed on us! I could start SEVERAL years ago, as we started dating when I was a senior and Forrest was a junior in high school (he was my sr prom date!), but I will spare you all of that and just jump to our engagement, which is fitting because our anniversary is in just a few weeks! I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy, with my friend Laney. We were there for almost 6 weeks and used our weekends to explore Italy and other parts of Europe.
At the Vatican

On a gondola ride in Venice, Italy

I was most excited about going to Greece for our 3rd weekend. We arrived in Athens, Greece and checked into our hotel. The hotel phone rang and it was Forrest! He had all of my travel info so this didn't surprise me. I hadn't been able to talk to him the day before and I was so glad to hear from him but he hung up mid-conversation. We were starving so we got the bell hop to give us directions to an authentic Greek restaurant. We tried to follow the map but we got lost so we just stopped at a place on the way. We ate outside at a beautiful cafe with strings of lights all around. After a long dinner (Europeans know how to savor a meal!) we got up to go back to the hotel and I heard someone calling my name! I instantly ignored it because we were used to ignoring European men trying to talk to us. I stopped when they called my name again. It was Forrest! I looked at him and kept saying "Why are you here" over and over-I just didn't get it. He got down on one knee and I still didn't know what was going on until the ring was on my finger and I was nodding "yes", as it took me a minute to regain my ability to talk and actually SAY "yes". Not only had he picked a perfect ring, but he had my new initials monogrammed on the silver ring box! Laney was quick on the draw and started taking pictures, even though she was blind sided too, and onlookers started to clap-it was so romantic!! Apparently Forrest was IN the hotel when he called the room and was trying to get Laney to talk to him so she could be in on it. Then he persuaded the bell hop to convince us to go to that restaurant that we couldn't find--good thing he followed us and sat outside a neighboring restaurant waiting on us! He had booked himself on all of the tours we were going to take while in Greece as well! He even went back to Rome with us to spend the week and got to accompany us on our next weekend trip to Florence! It was so thoughtful and romantic! He proposed on June 12, 2008 and as luck would have it we were married on June 12, 2009!

After I said YES!

Checking out the ring!

In Santorini, Greece

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