Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Weekend

We spent this past weekend at one of my grandparents' condos in Orange Beach. It was so nice to get away, even for just a few days! I had a hearing on Friday afternoon and we headed out of town right after it was over. We stopped by my grandparents' house in Birmingham to thank them and were on our way.....or so we thought. TRAFFIC!! It took us an hour to get from 459 to 65. NOT COOL! What was cool, however, was that Michael Jackson was on the radio just about the whole time (it was the anniversary of his untimely death) so we had something to sing to while we inched along. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. When we were almost there I got a text from my friend Jennifer saying that she was engaged!! I was screaming like a lunatic in the car I was so excited! I had no idea!! I am so happy for her and Phillip, her fiance. The ring was beautiful and I know they will be so happy! Jennifer is one of my very best friends (and was one of my bridesmaids) that I met in law school. I sat by her in every class and she always knew what page we were on (me, not so much). She got her JD/MBA and so it took her an extra year to graduate. Now while she is studying for the Bar exam she can plan her wedding too! Can you tell I am still a little high on excitement for her????

When we finally made it to the beach (about 10, even though we left at 3!) and were tired and worn pretty ragged from the unnecessarily long drive. My sister and her bf Matt had left earlier and were already down there. They got us to go out on the balcony and look---well what did we see but tons of boats! It actually looked like we were at the lake looking across at the other shore because it was night and all the boats had their lights on, looking like little houses. The boats were there, of course, because of the oil spill. We really couldn't get a good idea of what was going on until we got up the next morning. The boats were still there, as well as a big orange boom stretching in front of the condo. There really were hardly any people there, which was so sad, but understandable, because you couldn't get in the water. Other than the boats and booms and such, you never would have known anything was wrong. We never saw any oil in the water or on the sand, and only occasionally did we smell anything weird. I think we were smelling gas from the boats, though, because it increased when there were more boats. Forrest said it looked to him like he imagined Soviet Russia would look (and smell) because there were rows and rows of empty high rises, no people, boats and helicopters every where, and people patroling the beach.

Booms and Boats

Not your usual attraction at the beach

Posing with the lovely crane

Luckily this bird was not harmed by the oil!

The fact that we couldn't get in the water made it unbearably hot. I usually park myself in one of those low chairs right at the edge of the water with a book and a bottle of water for pretty much the entire day. Not this time. I made it for about 45 minutes on the beach and had to give up and go to the pool. I haven't been to that pool but maybe 3 times over the past 10 years my grandparents have had that condo. Why drive to the beach just to swim in the pool??? Luckily byt the end of the day it cooled off and I was able to read on the beach just like I wanted to. Also we were lucky enough to run into my friend Scott from law school--small world! He and his adorable wife Beth are expecting a baby girl this August and I haven't gotten to see them since the good news, so this was a really exciting surprise! They were also with Beth's brother Lee who is starting UAB dental school this fall (and to dental school that means next week!), so he and Forrest chatted for a while about that.
Finally, about 6:30, I said bye bye to the beach and got ready for dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant, Cafe Grazzie. Italian, at the beach, you might say? Well, of course! First of all, my mother's side of my family is Italian (so I'm %50, actually, though you would never know it to look at me), and so we are big on the Italian food. Second, it is Italian AND seafood, so it qualifies as a perfectly acceptable beach restaurant (I only like to eat beach food at the beach-again, why go if you are going to eat burgers the whole time??). Anyway we had a FAB dinner (me--lobster ravioli; Forrest-Grazzie pizza, yes this breaks the beach food rule) with my sister and Matt. The restaurant has this amazingly soft bread for you to dip in a plate of not just olive oil, but parmesan cheese AND freshly squeezed garlic. It is to DIE FOR and I swear I could probably eat only that! After dinner we seriously crashed we were so full and content!!

On Sunday we went to Mass at 8am so we could have some time on the beach before we had to leave. Forrest and I took a long walk down to the jetties to inspect the contraption that they built to keep the oil out of the bay. Then we had to hit up the pool again before packing and heading home. Once we got home, there was no rest for the weary. Forrest unpacked and repacked to go camping with Jay and Ross and I jumped in the car to have dinner with my parents AND to retrieve our dogs. I went to Duck Springs to get Sonny, who had been staying with the Baileys. He has developed a new interest for their chickens and apparently chased them the whole time. He wasn't trying to hurt them, though, he was trying to LICK them! Silly dog! Ruffles was with my mom and dad and so I got her when I went for dinner--yummy shrimp creole! I took the brood home and unpacked, cleaned, and got settled before throwing myself into bed. I was exhausted (and still am exhausted-long day of court)!!! We are gearing up for a fun week, starting off with dinner at the Sollie's tonight and dinner for my Aunt Sue's birthday tomorrow night! Hope your week is full of excitement too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Toys

We have all gotten some new toys in the past few weeks and I wanted to share them with you!

First is Forrest's new canoe. It is a white water canoe so it sort of moves like a kayak. He bought it with his friend Jay and they have both been using it pretty regularly. I can't wait to see them up at the lake with it. I'm sure Sonny will LOVE getting to ride (which is why I MUST find him a life jacket).

(notice my pretty hydrangeas!)
NEXT is Sonny's house. Forrest built this house with his dad, using cedar shingles left over from my parents' roof and paint left over from my office (it looks red in the office, purple on the house-go figure). It is even insulated! I must say it is a fine piece of craftmanship, which I have been calling the "Dogma Hall".

Sonny being silly while I was trying to take pics

Also, we bought Sonny a swimming pool! He doesn't use it as much as I thought he would but it is a nice way for him to get wet, which he LOVES to do! Forrest bought it for him when we went to ATL for the weekend, since he had to stay outside the whole time (he usually sleeps inside). He kept putting his head under the water with his eyes opened to try to bite the fish at the bottom--how silly! Ruffles doesn't like getting wet so I figured that she wouldn't like it, but when I let her in yesterday her head was soaked, so I guess she was trying to catch fish too!

The cats got a new "crackle chute". We had been buying Pounce treats for them and there was a code that you entered online in order to get "purrizes". We had enough points when the promotion ended to order them this tunnel. It came in the mail and was addressed to "Stella and Brownie Bailey"---their first mail! Brownie was instantly interested. She liked to poke her head out of the middle and liked to make it roll. Stella is still trying to decide what he thinks about it. It makes a crackle sound when they walk through it, and Stella is terrified of that sound. He freaks when we pull out a plastic bag. He will go in it if we throw treats into it, so it is probably just a matter of time until he is as comfortable as Brownie in it.

MY new toys (aside from the piano) were built for me by my awesome husband--pull out drawers for my cabinets! I have been complaining that I can't find or reach anything in the cabinets because they are so deep, which is a good thing, but I have short arms! Things get pushed to the back and I forget about them. Forrest solved the problem my building me these drawers that pull out so I can find everything easily! We tried the main cabinets and we like them so much we are going to do the rest. I really had fun organizing the drawers and it inspired me to organize the rest of the cabinets as well. This was super fun for me!



I'm sure you have noticed that Ruffles didn't get anything new. Oh well--I am sure she will soon, because we have decided to adopt her officially! She really fits in well with our family and is just so precious! She loves to play with Sonny and eat treats with Stella and Brownie even likes her (Brownie is the queen bee, so this is a plus!). She is comfortable sleeping at my feet every night and she loves going on walks. She really won us over with her sweet dispostion and her easy going nature. Now we are a family of 6! Oh goodness!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Let me apologize in advance for the lack of pictures in this post. My camera died and I kept forgetting to charge it! Anyway, back to the post. We have has some pretty busy (but fun--no complaints here!) weekends lately so this weekend it was actually nice to stay at home and relax! I guess I should begin by discussing our very interesting Thursday. When I got home the piano tech guy was at the house working on the piano. It needed to be tuned and the player needed some updating. He was such an interesting guy and definitely knew his stuff! He has autism and while it makes him a little socially nervous, it has allowed him to become a master musician! He plays the piano and the oboe (which he brought to our house to demonstrate) beautifully--I've never heard anyone play that well! He also showed Forrest how we can download player piano music off of iTunes and send it to our computer rather than buying discs. The piano has speakers that can play accompaniment as well as voice, so we can download Billy Joel, for instance, and have his voice and accompaniment come through the speakers and then the keys will play the piano part, just like Billy himself is in the room (even though I have been referring to the piano as Elton John). I was SUPER excited to learn about this--I had no idea that pianos could do that! Needless to say, I had the piano cranked up all weekend!
On Friday, Forrest went with his friends Chris and Jeff from high school to the Hiwassee to go canoeing. Have I mentioned that Forrest and Jay went in together to purchase a white water canoe off of Craig's list? I don't know much about it except that they flipped it the first day, ruining their phones, and causing Forrest to come home soaking wet! They have really been having fun with it and putting it to good use! After the Hiwassee, the guys hadn't gotten enough, so they went to the Ocoee and rafted that. To their surprise, another high school friend, Kyle, ended up being their guide, so they really had a full day of reuniting!
On Saturday, I got up and put on my swimsuit and headed to mom and dad's to pick up my sister to go to the lake to lay out. The bottom dropped out while we were eating a quick sandwhich, thereby ruining our day! I really should bother to check the weather more often! I went home and took another nap while Forrest went to play golf with my brother and Chris and Chris's dad, despite the drizzle. I was bummed about the lake but was able to go to Mass and get some shopping for Father's Day completed, so it probably worked out for the best. That night we drove up to our friends the Condras' lake house and had dinner with Barbara, Mark, Claire, and Jay. We had planned to stay just a few hours but ended up getting home at almost midnight! We sat out on their deck looking through Mark's telescope and talking for hours!
On Sunday, I got up at 4 am to put on my Father's Day roast, as we were hosting Forrest's parents for lunch. (I went right back to sleep--no worries!) Along with my roast I had green bean casserole with fresh green beans, black eyed peas, corn, and rolls. I was super impressed with my cooking skills! I don't think I've ever cooked that much for a meal before so I was feeling like a little chef. Mrs. Bailey brought some delicious rice krispie treats that she made with cocoa krispies, peanut butter, and roasted peanuts! After the Bailey's left I practiced actually playing the piano with my own fingers for a while before another epic grocery store trip. Then, after my 3rd nap of the weekend, Forrest and I went to my parents' house to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Daddy likes to cook so that is what he wanted to do for his day and we weren't about to stop him! He did cornish hens--which I like to call "squab". I was in charge of making my mom's famous baked rice because she had to go to Auburn (boo) for an AP conference yesterday. We all LOVE this rice and it is pretty easy to do, however, I decided to use my new healthy brown rice---NOT a good plan. It never got soft so we had soupy hard rice! I am including the recipe below, but be sure to only use Uncle Ben's white rice, as that is the only kind I have ever used before and I know for sure that it works! Despite the disappointing rice incident, we had a great time with Dad and Roy and Mary Margaret. We even brought Sonny and Ruffles to play with Buddy, although Buddy doesn't care for Sonny too much! We had gotten Dad's present several weeks ago when Roy Upchurch and Mt. Cody (both UA players) were signing autographs at Flowers by Rita. Roy Upchurch signed "The Drive", a picture of him catching the winning touchdown to beat Auburn, for Dad, signing "To Roy, From Roy". I mean, how could we not get that for him? We thought that was awesome, and so did Dad! It will look great in his newly redesigned basement! After dinner Forrest went with Roy and some guys to play baseball and I took the dogs home and went to bed early, despite my previous nap! Now we are both looking forward to a fun week ahead!

Carol's Famous Baked Rice
1 cup Uncle Ben's White Rice (brown does not work!)
1/2 stick butter
1 can Campbell's French Onion Soup
1 can Campbell's beef consumme (I like the kind with gelatin added-it makes it cook faster)
1 small can pieces and stems mushrooms (optional, but delicious)
slivered almonds (optional, but also delicious)

Pour rice, soups, and all other ingredients into 9x9 pyrex. Put the butter on top in the middle--it will melt in the oven! Bake at 350 for 30 min to an hour. You will need to stir it a few times while it is cooking to make sure it blends, and will have to check it periodically to see if it is ready. It will be ready when most of the liquid is absorbed by the rice.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Day

Since our anniversary was last weekend I thought I would write about our wedding day. I will try to refrain from using cliche sayings like "it was the best day of my life" or "it went by so fast", but both of those statements are true! I guess the wedding events really began on Thursday when I went to get my nails and toes done with my mom, sister, and bridesmaid and friend-since-we-were-2-Rachel (who had gotten married 2 weeks before me). After that we got ready for the rehearsal. I had the greatest wedding coordinators who handled the entire thing for me so it went much more smoothly than I had imagined. I LOVE watching wedding shows and I was prepared for a fiasco like I had seen on TV, but luckily everything was fine. Two of my bridesmaids had to miss rehearsal because one was stuck on a plane in Birmingham due to a passenger's medical emergency (although she tried to fake her own to make it in time-thanks DEB!) and the other one, Randi, was picking her up at the airport. It wasn't a big deal at all--I just used two of the groomsmen's girlfriends (thank you Kelley and Brittany) as their stand-ins and we were set. My cousin Ashley was my bride's proxy because I didn't want to walk down the aisle until the actual day. I don't know why that was--I just had it in my head it was a good idea!
After rehearsing we went to the Courtyard Cafe, our favorite restaurant, where Forrest's family hosted the rehearsal dinner.

It all kind of was a blur-I remember feeling so happy to be in one room with all of our family and special friends. Forrest made a toast, thanking Mrs. Murray, who encouraged him to ask me to the Prom while we were in high school. My brother told some funny high school stories too, which really made the group laugh. Also, one of Forrest's fraternity brothers, Frankie, who was an honorary groomsman because he was serving in the Peace Corp in Togo, Africa, at the time, sent us a video online that some of the other groomsmen arranged for us to watch at the dinner. How thoughtful! After dinner we went to a little bar right down the street, and afterwards Forrest took me home to my parents' house for the last time! Surprisingly, I slept great that night and my alarm even had to wake me up on my wedding day!
On the day of the wedding, the ladies in my family's Supper Club threw a bridesmaids breakfast for all of my girls and the ladies in my family and Forrest's family. On the way, I got a call that one of my bridesmaids, Amy, had an allergic reaction and was going to the hospital! Ahh! No worries, she was fine, but it was a little bit scary, as she had brain surgery 2 months before! The breakfast was wonderful---I LOVE breakfast foods! They even had a charm cake with charms for all of the bridesmaids. It was so fun watching them pull the strings and revealing their fortune!

I also gave them their bridesmaids' gifts--full lenth bathrobes with their monogram! I remember Deborah screaming "I freaking love it!!", so I guess they were a hit!
My sister modeling her robe

The ladies had also made a collage of pictures of me and the Supper Club kids from the time we were little. That was the only thing that made me cry the whole day!! It was super sweet and I still have it in my laundry room! :)

After the brunch it was time to get my hair done. Several of the girls went along with me to Katy and Co where the sweet girls there oooo'd and ahhhh'd and helped us look our best for the big day. Then we went to the church to get ready. Right when I arrived my florist, Benny Campbell, caught me and took me into the church for a sneak peak before any guests arrived. He had of course done a marvelous job! The flowers that I wanted for my girls' bouquets came in looking nasty so he improvised with hydrangeas and roses. Nothing wrong with that Benny! I actually liked the finished product better than the ones I had previously requested!

Getting ready was such a blast. One of the girls brought their ipod so we were singing and dancing while we got ready.

My Aunt Fran did my make up and my mom and sister helped me into my dress, veil and shoes.

My dress was actually my grandmother's and then my mother's. I had the lace sleeves removed to make it look a little more modern, but essentially it was the very same. It was so special to be able to be the third bride to walk down the aisle in it. While I was getting dressed one of the groomsmen brought me a present from Forrest. It was a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings to wear that day! I was so surprised!

Next, it was time for pictures. I didn't want to see Forrest until I walked down the aisle, so he had a lot of fun sneaking around the church to get pics without him seeing me. I got married on a Friday, because of scheduling issues due to Forrest's non-existent summer break from dental school (don't get me started--the makers of this schedule are still not off my bad list). It really wasn't a big deal to me, but because it was a week day there was a lot of traffic around my church. Therefore, while I was outside in my gown, lots of people I knew stopped and said hi and several other people honked and waved. I felt like a little celebrity!

The Boys

My girls

After pics, we ate snacks and everyone in the room had to say one funny story about me. It was such a fun time! I am not really sure what the boys were doing while they were getting ready, but I'm sure it was fun too. Before I knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle. I had not been nervous all day, until I was standing alone in the bride's room. I had been with people all day long and the silence was a little scary! My sister ran back for one last hug and then my dad came. Dad was so funny--he said there was nothing to be nervous about because everyone was here to see him, not me! That made me laugh and I was ready! I did freak out a bit about my garter--I got scared it was too tight and my circulation would be cut off and I would faint (see, too many wedding shows)--but I figured it was just nerves and got over it!
When I walked down the aisle I felt like a princess. Everyone was looking at me! The aisle felt so long and I just kept staring at Forrest as he watched me walk. I hadn't seen or talked to him all day and I felt like I had so much to tell him. Once we sat down to begin the Mass, we pretty much talked throughout the whole thing (my mom was upset about this). We started out talking about football, believe it or not! The ceremony was beautiful and it was really amazing to look out into the packed church and see all of our family and friends. It truly meant so much to have everyone there to support us! In a flash (well, as fast as a Catholic ceremony can go) we were married!
We took group pics afterwards and then we had our own couples session with just us and our photographer, Catherine Cousins and our videographer, Brian Pitts, both of whom I HIGHLY recommend.

We left the church in a 1950's Packard lite which Forrest drove to the Country Club for the reception. So many people honked and waved at us on the road. I'm sure we were a sight to be seen!

The reception was a blast!! I had wanted it to be a huge party for all of our guests and I think we accomplished that! Our band was 2nd Coming, from Montgomery, and they played so many fun songs that kept the whole group dancing all night!
Jerome of 2nd Coming

Diane Brown at the Club and Benny made the room look amazing (although I honestly didn't see it--it was packed when I arrived).

Our food was awesome too (or so I've heard-I didn't eat a thing because I was talking so much!) We had sushi, crab salad martinis, fruit and cheese tables, carved tenderloin, and a huge Greek spread with gyros, roasted veggies, and spanikopita, since we were engaged in Greece. After we arrived we did our first dance to "You are the Sunshine of My Life" and then I danced with my dad and Forrest danced with his mom to "Isn't She Lovely". Then we cut our cakes (done by our friend Mrs. Logan) and toasted each other before we danced the night away!

At the end of the night, I threw my bouquet (caught by Melissa, who was marrying my cousin the next weekend) and Forrest took my garter off WITH HIS TEETH before throwing it to our friend Phillip. I was SO shocked by this move--I didn't see it coming!

We left the reception showered (and pelted) by flower petals before getting back into the Packard to leave.

The whole day was so magical and it is actually pretty nice to be able to sit and remember it. I can't believe that was a whole year ago!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surprising Wednesday

So you know we are in the process of redecorating (well, it wasn't decorated before so I guess I should say "decorating") our living room. One day my mom said "You know what would look good in front of that window? A baby grand piano!" Haha Mom, yeah right. Well of course I really wanted a piano but didn't think that it was possible. I played the piano in elementary and middle school and was pretty good, and Forrest took lessons for a while too. We looked online at several used pianos but never found one that felt just right. Well, when I got home yesterday there was a shiny black baby grand sitting in my living room window! My mom was right--it looks awesome in the window and is the perfect size! I knew Forrest had seen some for sale online but I didn't really think he was going to get one! What a fun anniversary surprise! I was squealing and ran down to the basement to get my old piano music and started playing away (ok that is a lie-I banged around on it trying to get my fingers used to the keys again, but it almost sounded like music). Forrest even remembered some songs from when he was young! One of the coolest things about this piano is that it has a player on it--it actually plays itself! SO, just in case we never get our skills back, we will still have a house filled with beautiful music! :) Forrest got me two disks of songs from musicals that he knows I love so it can play my favorites! I am SUPER excited and wanted to fake sick today so I could stay home and play with it (although you really can't fake sick when your dad is the boss-he KNOWS).

Isn't it pretty? Brownie loves to lounge under it. (Also you are getting a sneak peak at the new rug)

High on the piano excitement, Forrest made us a great dinner. I mixed up some turkey burgers (recipe below) and Forrest grilled them along with some home grown vegetables my uncle's assistant Myra had brought from her garden. What a fun and healthy meal! For dessert we had sliced peaches with cinnamon--yum! Forrest's mom and dad were out and about so they came to see the piano, which of course they loved. Forrest had also rented me Valentine's Day from Red Box so I got to watch that while he polished the piano and worked on some projects he has started (he is SUPER handy to have around). I am getting too used to all of these fun and exciting events now! I hope I'm not getting spoiled! :)

Italian Hamburger Recipe
(per 1 lb of hamburger or turkey meat)

1 egg
garlic powder
1 cup Parmesan cheese
1 cup Italian bread crumbs

Put the meat in a big bowl (don't chop it up yet). Add the egg on top. Then salt, pepper, and garlic powder the meat. I do this by eye--just cover it until you feel it is enough (then add an extra dash for good measure). Pour in the cheese and bread crumbs. Again, I usually eye ball this, so you can just pour from the can instead of measuring. I usually go heavier on the cheese and lighter on the crumbs--just do what you like! Now chop up the meat and stir it all together. You may decide to add more seasoning as you go!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

I honestly can't believe that we have been married for an entire year! It seems that the time has flown by, although, so much has changed in the past year. We have 2 new family members (Ruffles is now officially a Bailey!), we've decorated our house, been a part of the National Championship Season (ROLL TIDE), gone to Costa Rica, need I go on?? Regardless, the year was wonderful. I'm not sure why they say that the first year is the hardest, to be quite honest! To celebrate our anniversary we have a trip planned for next month, but we wanted to make sure that we did something special that day, so we decided to go to Atlanta for a fun weekend. Thanks to our friend Justin, Forrest was able to get us a GREAT rate at the Palomar hotel in Midtown. We LOVED this hotel--very trendy and right in the heart of everything fun to do in ATL!

Our room-notice the houndstooth carpet!

What a view!

It is also pet friendly and I am just kicking myself that we didn't bring the dogs. The hotel would have given them a fancy tag for their collar (which they could keep!) and would have put beds in the room and food bowls, among other things. They don't have a weight limit and you don't have to pay extra to bring them--how cool is that?? They even have a vet service, a doggie spa, and pet sitters! Next time we are definitely going to bring along our furry friends! When we arrived at the hotel I was SO excited to be away for a while--work had been a nightmare that week and I needed a break (although we did get to celebrate our friend Laura's bday that Wednesday, which was a very good distraction).

My present for Laura's bday--not sure what it is but it looked cute!

When we checked in I told the clerk that it was our anniversary and she excitedly upgraded our room for free! Hooray! Then I told her that I had found the "secret password" on the hotel's facebook page (this is what hours of internet surfing will do for you!) and she upgraded us again! We ended up on the 19th floor in a huge corner room! They also sent us a bottle of wine to the room-how thoughtful!

After getting ready and sharing our wine, we went to dinner at Repast, voted ATL's best restaurant in 2009. I was a little skeptical about going because the menu looked so fancy that I was afraid we wouldn't like it. I was TOTALLY wrong. It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten! I had the filet and Forrest had the pork chop. For dessert we ordered the sampler of 4 desserts of our choosing. What an smart idea! To top it all off, Forrest had gotten a $25 off coupon from for $3, so we had a huge discount! After our delicious meal, we went to get our car from the valet. All of a sudden, we heard that unmistakable plastic on plastic crack--the valet had wrecked our car! He turned to sharp and scraped it across the front of another car! Despite Forrest's effort to help the poor guy, he ended up scraping the ENTIRE passenger side and denting in the passenger door.

Really? Seriously? Did that just happen?

We ended up having to wait an hour in the parking deck for the police to come. Luckily we have our car insurance with our dear friend, Joseph Puckett, and he was able to walk us through the process and definitely made us feel more at ease about the whole situation. Normally I would have turned on my lawyer mode but since we were in GA, I wasn't sure what their laws were, so I kept quite. Once it was all said and done we laughed about it all the way home. To make it even more hilarious, the valets at our hotel were SHOCKED and kept asking which service it was. Needless to say we were their favorites for the whole weekend! To cool down, we went to the rooftop terrace for a look around. It was awesome! They had huge gas fire pits and lounge chairs and cabanas. It reminded me of something you might see in Miami or LA. It was definitely a great way to unwind after such a crazy night!

The morning of our anniversary, we got some breakfast and drove to Scott's Antique Market. It totally blew me away-it is 2 huge expo centers full of any and all antiques. There is even an outdoor flea market! We were there for HOURS looking at gorgeous furniture, some old and some new. While we didn't buy anything, we got several cards from the vendors and got some great ideas for our living room.

Forrest eating some "anniversary cake" on the bus to the 2nd warehouse. We ate our actual cake a few months ago when the freezer broke!

Do you think this would look good in the living room?

After a quick trip to Crate and Barrel, we were ready for a shower and a nap!! We got to stop by the hotel's wine reception before heading up for some R&R. Before we went to dinner, we opened a bottle of champagne that we got for our wedding and toasted to many more wonderful years.

Then we were off to Brio for dinner. We LOVE Brio. I'm not really sure how to describe how intense this love actually is. Some friends of ours gave us a BRIO gift card for our wedding and we thought it was a perfect time to use it. (Thanks Strud and Allison!)

The waiter did drop melted cheese into my purse (ewww) but luckily no major mishaps like the night before! The Brio valet even parked our car "up front" which means the poor beat up thing spent the evening next to a Range Rover! When we got back to the hotel, the 2009 SEC Championship Game was on, so of course we had to watch that all over again. Now we can hardly wait for football season to get under way!!

On Sunday morning we went to Mass at Georgia Tech (it was coffee and donut day-score!) before going to IKEA. Now, Forrest had been to IKEA the weekend before to get cinnamon rolls with Roy (really?) and he told me that I would really like it. Well he was wrong-I LOVED it! If you have never been, you need to go. They sell home furnishings and organizational items. As a huge organizer, it was like the mothership calling me home. You could buy literally everything in the store! We were looking for furniture but we ended up buying several organizational items for the kitchen as well as some new utensils. Now, if you are wanting to run in a store and grab something, don't go to IKEA. You follow the arrows through the whole store-you can't skip from place to place. However, at the end they have a bistro where you can get hotdogs, snacks, and the apparently the most delicious cinnamon rolls! I am thinking that we need to make an IKEA run every time we go to ATL from now on!

When we got home that night we went to Forrest's cousin Leslie's wedding. It was in Duck Springs where they grew up at his grandfather's house and it was absolutely lovely! The bride and groom looked so happy and we are SO excited for them, especially since we can take anniversary trips with them in the future! They met the day after our wedding, and got married a year to the day later! It was a beautful night full of family and friends, and I really could not think of a better way to end our anniversary celebration! Best of luck Leslie and Kevin!!

Our present for the couple!

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Third!

Before bed that night we watched our wedding video trailer, which you can see here . It was so fun to remember what a special day that was!
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