Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Weekend

We spent this past weekend at one of my grandparents' condos in Orange Beach. It was so nice to get away, even for just a few days! I had a hearing on Friday afternoon and we headed out of town right after it was over. We stopped by my grandparents' house in Birmingham to thank them and were on our way.....or so we thought. TRAFFIC!! It took us an hour to get from 459 to 65. NOT COOL! What was cool, however, was that Michael Jackson was on the radio just about the whole time (it was the anniversary of his untimely death) so we had something to sing to while we inched along. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. When we were almost there I got a text from my friend Jennifer saying that she was engaged!! I was screaming like a lunatic in the car I was so excited! I had no idea!! I am so happy for her and Phillip, her fiance. The ring was beautiful and I know they will be so happy! Jennifer is one of my very best friends (and was one of my bridesmaids) that I met in law school. I sat by her in every class and she always knew what page we were on (me, not so much). She got her JD/MBA and so it took her an extra year to graduate. Now while she is studying for the Bar exam she can plan her wedding too! Can you tell I am still a little high on excitement for her????

When we finally made it to the beach (about 10, even though we left at 3!) and were tired and worn pretty ragged from the unnecessarily long drive. My sister and her bf Matt had left earlier and were already down there. They got us to go out on the balcony and look---well what did we see but tons of boats! It actually looked like we were at the lake looking across at the other shore because it was night and all the boats had their lights on, looking like little houses. The boats were there, of course, because of the oil spill. We really couldn't get a good idea of what was going on until we got up the next morning. The boats were still there, as well as a big orange boom stretching in front of the condo. There really were hardly any people there, which was so sad, but understandable, because you couldn't get in the water. Other than the boats and booms and such, you never would have known anything was wrong. We never saw any oil in the water or on the sand, and only occasionally did we smell anything weird. I think we were smelling gas from the boats, though, because it increased when there were more boats. Forrest said it looked to him like he imagined Soviet Russia would look (and smell) because there were rows and rows of empty high rises, no people, boats and helicopters every where, and people patroling the beach.

Booms and Boats

Not your usual attraction at the beach

Posing with the lovely crane

Luckily this bird was not harmed by the oil!

The fact that we couldn't get in the water made it unbearably hot. I usually park myself in one of those low chairs right at the edge of the water with a book and a bottle of water for pretty much the entire day. Not this time. I made it for about 45 minutes on the beach and had to give up and go to the pool. I haven't been to that pool but maybe 3 times over the past 10 years my grandparents have had that condo. Why drive to the beach just to swim in the pool??? Luckily byt the end of the day it cooled off and I was able to read on the beach just like I wanted to. Also we were lucky enough to run into my friend Scott from law school--small world! He and his adorable wife Beth are expecting a baby girl this August and I haven't gotten to see them since the good news, so this was a really exciting surprise! They were also with Beth's brother Lee who is starting UAB dental school this fall (and to dental school that means next week!), so he and Forrest chatted for a while about that.
Finally, about 6:30, I said bye bye to the beach and got ready for dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant, Cafe Grazzie. Italian, at the beach, you might say? Well, of course! First of all, my mother's side of my family is Italian (so I'm %50, actually, though you would never know it to look at me), and so we are big on the Italian food. Second, it is Italian AND seafood, so it qualifies as a perfectly acceptable beach restaurant (I only like to eat beach food at the beach-again, why go if you are going to eat burgers the whole time??). Anyway we had a FAB dinner (me--lobster ravioli; Forrest-Grazzie pizza, yes this breaks the beach food rule) with my sister and Matt. The restaurant has this amazingly soft bread for you to dip in a plate of not just olive oil, but parmesan cheese AND freshly squeezed garlic. It is to DIE FOR and I swear I could probably eat only that! After dinner we seriously crashed we were so full and content!!

On Sunday we went to Mass at 8am so we could have some time on the beach before we had to leave. Forrest and I took a long walk down to the jetties to inspect the contraption that they built to keep the oil out of the bay. Then we had to hit up the pool again before packing and heading home. Once we got home, there was no rest for the weary. Forrest unpacked and repacked to go camping with Jay and Ross and I jumped in the car to have dinner with my parents AND to retrieve our dogs. I went to Duck Springs to get Sonny, who had been staying with the Baileys. He has developed a new interest for their chickens and apparently chased them the whole time. He wasn't trying to hurt them, though, he was trying to LICK them! Silly dog! Ruffles was with my mom and dad and so I got her when I went for dinner--yummy shrimp creole! I took the brood home and unpacked, cleaned, and got settled before throwing myself into bed. I was exhausted (and still am exhausted-long day of court)!!! We are gearing up for a fun week, starting off with dinner at the Sollie's tonight and dinner for my Aunt Sue's birthday tomorrow night! Hope your week is full of excitement too!

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  1. I made the blog! Yes! Thanks for the shout-out Catherine - I'm excited that you're excited.

    Also, ditto on Cafe Grazie. Amazing!


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