Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Manic Monday

Usually Mondays at work are wild and rushed--turns out my Monday at home was a whirlwind too! After work I went home and made Forrest and I each a big BBQ chicken salad with the left overs from dinner at my parents' house on Sunday. I LOVE having leftovers on Monday, generally because I come home all frazzled from work and am not in the mood to cook (even though cooking sometimes helps me calm down from a crazy day!). We had a nice, healthy dinner and then decided to take the dogs on a walk. Ever since we moved into our house we have enjoyed taking long walks after dinner. It is a great way to unwind, get some exercise, and talk about our day with no interruptions! Now that we have the dogs, we bring them along too! Yesterday we went on a particular route that has a lot of dogs living along it. Sonny always greets these dogs and tries to play with them. Ruffles, however, is not a fan. They are much bigger than her and she doesn't like them sniffing her, as she is a lady! Needless to say, I was a little freaked out and wound up carrying her past the big dogs' houses, and Forrest had to carry her on the way back. Isn't she spoiled!! While walking, we decided that we needed to hurry home so we could catch the NCAA regional championship game between Bama and GT. Unfortunately, we don't get the channel it was on, AND ESPN 360 blacked it out online, so we were stranded with no game (you other Bama fans understand the severity of this situation!)!! I frantically called my mom and she said they got it (on Cable, no less) and invited us to come watch with her and my dad (ok, I invited us to go, but same difference). We were pretty nasty from our walk and so we each took a fast shower (like 5 min fast) and were ready to run out the door (yes, my hair was soaking wet). We threw the dogs in the car so we didn't have to worry about putting them in their fence and we were off! Once we got there, it became obvious that the dogs should have stayed at home! Buddy, my parents' dog, is not a fan of Sonny because he is older and doesn't like to play like Sonny does. Ruffles is more of his size, so he doesn't mind her.

Anyway, every time we cheered Sonny thought we were cheering at him so he would get up and run around and lick everyone, causing Buddy to growl at him. Ruffles kept climbing on the furniture, which she can do at our house but not mom and dad's! On top of the dogs acting wild, the game was pretty intense and so we were all shouting and I seriously was a nervous wreck for out little pitcher who pitched only 2 days before. Luckily, Bama WON! Now we are on to the Super Regionals! ROLL TIDE! (On a side note, we saw my brother, the GT fan, on tv several times!)

By the time the game was over it was late and time to go home. I was still up-tight from the game and just wanted to get home and relax! However, we had a fun little detour to the Kangaroo at the bottom of the mountain because Forrest had a flat tire! How crazy! There he was at 10 pm changing a tire at a gas station--thank goodness he knows how to do that! To make matters worse, I still had wet hair and was sitting in the car with too hyped up dogs! What a sight we were! I thought about taking pictures but I decided that it would be neither safe nor helpful, considering all I did was sit while Forrest did the dirty work. Forrest managed to get the spare on and we were good to go! It is really a blessing to have a husband who can do things like that! Thankfully everything turned out ok and we made it home safely. I know that the day could have been a lot worse, and it really wasn't bad, just crazy! Hope everyone's Tuesday is much calmer (mine, not so much, but I can't exactly blog about work!).

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