Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I just love long weekends--don't you?? This one was particularly wonderful and relaxing! On Friday I got to leave work early (it is definitely a plus to work for your daddy and uncle!) so I could get ready for all the fun! That evening we went to a graduation party for my friend Emily Smith, and then went to see her and my cousin, John Rollins McCord, graduate from Gadsden City High School. Congrats Seniors!! After that we threw our stuff and the dogs in the car and headed up to the lake for 3 full days of fun in the sun (well, sun and some rain). Our family shares a lake house with my Aunt Sue and Uncle John and their 2 kids. In total, we had 11 people and 4 dogs all in one house-so much fun! We got up bright and early on Saturday morning to take our annual Memorial Day Weekend Trade Day Adventure. If you have never been to Trade Day in Collinsville, you are definitely missing out! The bargains and people watching opportunities are endless! Our journey was successful, as we came back with a new mascara ($1), 6 pairs of dental school approved socks for Forrest ($4), and huge bag of kitty treats for the cats ($1), along with some peaches and tomatoes to enjoy over the weekend. Here are some other amazing finds that we decided against:

Pretty but spikey fruit

Actual Traffic Light



After Trade Day we headed back to the lake house for some sun. I got my suit on and was covered in sun screen when the bottom dropped out. Sad day! Luckily, our friends Justin and Farrah came to ease the boredom! I hadn't seen them in a while so it was great to catch up on their wedding plans, PLUS Farrah brought me a sack full of books to read my way through this summer! That night, the whole gang went over to our friends the Condras house for dinner. My contribution was the slaw, even though I don't eat slaw. Despite an hour of internet researching for the perfect slaw recipe, I ended up just mixing up the bagged slaw with Hidden Valley Ranch Cole Slaw dressing. The bowl was empty so I'm assuming it was good!

Apparently delicious slaw

On Sunday morning we came back to town for Mass and after lunch got a little bit of sun in before the rain came again. It coincided perfectly with the SEC Baseball Championship, however, so we got to watch Alabama's narrow loss to LSU. Such a shame!! We had a little bit of a scare when Sonny fell off of the pier and into the water backwards. He was disoriented and didn't know where to go--poor thing! We had to throw him a tennis ball so he would calm down and figure out where the shore was! We are DEFINITELY getting him a life jacket! Other than that he had a GREAT time jumping off of the pier to fetch the ball and even convinced his cousin Chipper to do the same! That night we had a big family dinner and watched UP, which is precious, if you haven't seen it!

Roy and Matt kayaking before the rain

Monday was bright and sunny, so despite the fact that all the men were anxious to leave (and in fact did leave us), Mom, MMM, Aunt Sue, Sara, and I stayed out in the sun until 5pm when we had to force ourselves to leave! It was a great weekend with family and I can't wait to go back!

Sonny was EXHAUSTED when we got home!

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