Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Toys

We have all gotten some new toys in the past few weeks and I wanted to share them with you!

First is Forrest's new canoe. It is a white water canoe so it sort of moves like a kayak. He bought it with his friend Jay and they have both been using it pretty regularly. I can't wait to see them up at the lake with it. I'm sure Sonny will LOVE getting to ride (which is why I MUST find him a life jacket).

(notice my pretty hydrangeas!)
NEXT is Sonny's house. Forrest built this house with his dad, using cedar shingles left over from my parents' roof and paint left over from my office (it looks red in the office, purple on the house-go figure). It is even insulated! I must say it is a fine piece of craftmanship, which I have been calling the "Dogma Hall".

Sonny being silly while I was trying to take pics

Also, we bought Sonny a swimming pool! He doesn't use it as much as I thought he would but it is a nice way for him to get wet, which he LOVES to do! Forrest bought it for him when we went to ATL for the weekend, since he had to stay outside the whole time (he usually sleeps inside). He kept putting his head under the water with his eyes opened to try to bite the fish at the bottom--how silly! Ruffles doesn't like getting wet so I figured that she wouldn't like it, but when I let her in yesterday her head was soaked, so I guess she was trying to catch fish too!

The cats got a new "crackle chute". We had been buying Pounce treats for them and there was a code that you entered online in order to get "purrizes". We had enough points when the promotion ended to order them this tunnel. It came in the mail and was addressed to "Stella and Brownie Bailey"---their first mail! Brownie was instantly interested. She liked to poke her head out of the middle and liked to make it roll. Stella is still trying to decide what he thinks about it. It makes a crackle sound when they walk through it, and Stella is terrified of that sound. He freaks when we pull out a plastic bag. He will go in it if we throw treats into it, so it is probably just a matter of time until he is as comfortable as Brownie in it.

MY new toys (aside from the piano) were built for me by my awesome husband--pull out drawers for my cabinets! I have been complaining that I can't find or reach anything in the cabinets because they are so deep, which is a good thing, but I have short arms! Things get pushed to the back and I forget about them. Forrest solved the problem my building me these drawers that pull out so I can find everything easily! We tried the main cabinets and we like them so much we are going to do the rest. I really had fun organizing the drawers and it inspired me to organize the rest of the cabinets as well. This was super fun for me!



I'm sure you have noticed that Ruffles didn't get anything new. Oh well--I am sure she will soon, because we have decided to adopt her officially! She really fits in well with our family and is just so precious! She loves to play with Sonny and eat treats with Stella and Brownie even likes her (Brownie is the queen bee, so this is a plus!). She is comfortable sleeping at my feet every night and she loves going on walks. She really won us over with her sweet dispostion and her easy going nature. Now we are a family of 6! Oh goodness!

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