Monday, June 7, 2010

Separate Saturday

So this weekend was once again JAM PACKED!! I am sitting here absolutely exhausted--I think I need to start taking off Mondays to recover from my weekends! On Friday, Forrest had an opportunity to play in a charity golf tournament, and his team ended up winning 3rd place! Hooray!!

Forrest's 3rd Place Trophy

This past Friday was also the first Friday of the month, so we attending "First Friday" in downtown Gadsden. It is a great way to see and be seen! The shops all stay open late and vendors sell food and snacks. Our friend Jay and his band, Black Creek Trio even played on the street! We love to wander up and down just taking it all in. Next time we want to bring Sonny and Ruffles to share in the fun! After a bit of people watching we had dinner at the Courtyard with Justin and Farrah who so sweetly treated us! The Courtyard (our favorite restaurant and where we had our rehearsal dinner) was serving up some EXCELLENT specials--Greek style talapia w/ egg plant parmesan and beef medallions topped with parmesan and served with lobster tortellini! YUM is all I really have to say about that!
On Saturday Forrest and I each had full days planned. He met his brother and drove to Atlanta, where they met MY brother and went to watch Alabama and Georgia Tech play in the NCAA regional baseball tournament. My brother grew up a die hard Bama fan but attended GA Tech for college and grad school (which he finishes in August) and so he was having a tough time with the match up. Unfortunately, Bama lost that game but the guys still had a great time. (NOTE: Bama plays GT again tonight for the regional championship!).

Brownie didn't want Forrest to go!

I had a very different day indeed! I went to Birmingham to meet my Aunt Fran, who is an interior designer, to shop for furniture for the "ballroom". At the very first place we went (Greenbrier on 31) I found a couch, rug, mirror, AND dining room table! I can't wait until it is all delivered! Now I need some chairs, accent pillows, and new drapes! I will post pics once everything has come together. After the shopping excitment we met my friend Randi for lunch at Chez LuLu--a cute little place in English Village--and then headed out for some more shopping. That night we attended a stock the bar party for my cousin Chris and his fiance Meredith, who is absolutely adorable. I got them a set of wine glasses and was pretty impressed with my wrapping!

Didn't I do well?

Our calling cards!

I had so much fun hanging out with the adorable couple and my cousins Stevie and Melissa (who got married one week after Forrest and I did). It was weird to be the ones that Chris and Meredith were asking for marriage advice! They are getting married July 10 and I know they will have an amazing day!
Sunday held another huge grocery trip. I am so excited that it is summer and all of the summer fruits are out! I went a little nuts, buying strawberries, blueberries, a pineapple, apples, bananas, and nectarines! Aldi has REALLY great produce for very good bargains--check it out! We also went to my parents for dinner and had some delicious bbq chicken. I'm going to use the left overs tonight and make us a big bbq chicken salad! My mom and my sister had been cleaning out the house all day so they had some goodies for me to take home, as well as a huge box of "rummage" that I can use for the Service Guild rummage sale in November!
I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week planned! We have Laura's bday party AND our anniversary is this weekend! Exciting!

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