Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surprising Wednesday

So you know we are in the process of redecorating (well, it wasn't decorated before so I guess I should say "decorating") our living room. One day my mom said "You know what would look good in front of that window? A baby grand piano!" Haha Mom, yeah right. Well of course I really wanted a piano but didn't think that it was possible. I played the piano in elementary and middle school and was pretty good, and Forrest took lessons for a while too. We looked online at several used pianos but never found one that felt just right. Well, when I got home yesterday there was a shiny black baby grand sitting in my living room window! My mom was right--it looks awesome in the window and is the perfect size! I knew Forrest had seen some for sale online but I didn't really think he was going to get one! What a fun anniversary surprise! I was squealing and ran down to the basement to get my old piano music and started playing away (ok that is a lie-I banged around on it trying to get my fingers used to the keys again, but it almost sounded like music). Forrest even remembered some songs from when he was young! One of the coolest things about this piano is that it has a player on it--it actually plays itself! SO, just in case we never get our skills back, we will still have a house filled with beautiful music! :) Forrest got me two disks of songs from musicals that he knows I love so it can play my favorites! I am SUPER excited and wanted to fake sick today so I could stay home and play with it (although you really can't fake sick when your dad is the boss-he KNOWS).

Isn't it pretty? Brownie loves to lounge under it. (Also you are getting a sneak peak at the new rug)

High on the piano excitement, Forrest made us a great dinner. I mixed up some turkey burgers (recipe below) and Forrest grilled them along with some home grown vegetables my uncle's assistant Myra had brought from her garden. What a fun and healthy meal! For dessert we had sliced peaches with cinnamon--yum! Forrest's mom and dad were out and about so they came to see the piano, which of course they loved. Forrest had also rented me Valentine's Day from Red Box so I got to watch that while he polished the piano and worked on some projects he has started (he is SUPER handy to have around). I am getting too used to all of these fun and exciting events now! I hope I'm not getting spoiled! :)

Italian Hamburger Recipe
(per 1 lb of hamburger or turkey meat)

1 egg
garlic powder
1 cup Parmesan cheese
1 cup Italian bread crumbs

Put the meat in a big bowl (don't chop it up yet). Add the egg on top. Then salt, pepper, and garlic powder the meat. I do this by eye--just cover it until you feel it is enough (then add an extra dash for good measure). Pour in the cheese and bread crumbs. Again, I usually eye ball this, so you can just pour from the can instead of measuring. I usually go heavier on the cheese and lighter on the crumbs--just do what you like! Now chop up the meat and stir it all together. You may decide to add more seasoning as you go!


  1. love love love the piano!! Just beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person!!

  2. My goal is to have the whole room ready by book club in August when I get to host it!


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