Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Day

Since our anniversary was last weekend I thought I would write about our wedding day. I will try to refrain from using cliche sayings like "it was the best day of my life" or "it went by so fast", but both of those statements are true! I guess the wedding events really began on Thursday when I went to get my nails and toes done with my mom, sister, and bridesmaid and friend-since-we-were-2-Rachel (who had gotten married 2 weeks before me). After that we got ready for the rehearsal. I had the greatest wedding coordinators who handled the entire thing for me so it went much more smoothly than I had imagined. I LOVE watching wedding shows and I was prepared for a fiasco like I had seen on TV, but luckily everything was fine. Two of my bridesmaids had to miss rehearsal because one was stuck on a plane in Birmingham due to a passenger's medical emergency (although she tried to fake her own to make it in time-thanks DEB!) and the other one, Randi, was picking her up at the airport. It wasn't a big deal at all--I just used two of the groomsmen's girlfriends (thank you Kelley and Brittany) as their stand-ins and we were set. My cousin Ashley was my bride's proxy because I didn't want to walk down the aisle until the actual day. I don't know why that was--I just had it in my head it was a good idea!
After rehearsing we went to the Courtyard Cafe, our favorite restaurant, where Forrest's family hosted the rehearsal dinner.

It all kind of was a blur-I remember feeling so happy to be in one room with all of our family and special friends. Forrest made a toast, thanking Mrs. Murray, who encouraged him to ask me to the Prom while we were in high school. My brother told some funny high school stories too, which really made the group laugh. Also, one of Forrest's fraternity brothers, Frankie, who was an honorary groomsman because he was serving in the Peace Corp in Togo, Africa, at the time, sent us a video online that some of the other groomsmen arranged for us to watch at the dinner. How thoughtful! After dinner we went to a little bar right down the street, and afterwards Forrest took me home to my parents' house for the last time! Surprisingly, I slept great that night and my alarm even had to wake me up on my wedding day!
On the day of the wedding, the ladies in my family's Supper Club threw a bridesmaids breakfast for all of my girls and the ladies in my family and Forrest's family. On the way, I got a call that one of my bridesmaids, Amy, had an allergic reaction and was going to the hospital! Ahh! No worries, she was fine, but it was a little bit scary, as she had brain surgery 2 months before! The breakfast was wonderful---I LOVE breakfast foods! They even had a charm cake with charms for all of the bridesmaids. It was so fun watching them pull the strings and revealing their fortune!

I also gave them their bridesmaids' gifts--full lenth bathrobes with their monogram! I remember Deborah screaming "I freaking love it!!", so I guess they were a hit!
My sister modeling her robe

The ladies had also made a collage of pictures of me and the Supper Club kids from the time we were little. That was the only thing that made me cry the whole day!! It was super sweet and I still have it in my laundry room! :)

After the brunch it was time to get my hair done. Several of the girls went along with me to Katy and Co where the sweet girls there oooo'd and ahhhh'd and helped us look our best for the big day. Then we went to the church to get ready. Right when I arrived my florist, Benny Campbell, caught me and took me into the church for a sneak peak before any guests arrived. He had of course done a marvelous job! The flowers that I wanted for my girls' bouquets came in looking nasty so he improvised with hydrangeas and roses. Nothing wrong with that Benny! I actually liked the finished product better than the ones I had previously requested!

Getting ready was such a blast. One of the girls brought their ipod so we were singing and dancing while we got ready.

My Aunt Fran did my make up and my mom and sister helped me into my dress, veil and shoes.

My dress was actually my grandmother's and then my mother's. I had the lace sleeves removed to make it look a little more modern, but essentially it was the very same. It was so special to be able to be the third bride to walk down the aisle in it. While I was getting dressed one of the groomsmen brought me a present from Forrest. It was a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings to wear that day! I was so surprised!

Next, it was time for pictures. I didn't want to see Forrest until I walked down the aisle, so he had a lot of fun sneaking around the church to get pics without him seeing me. I got married on a Friday, because of scheduling issues due to Forrest's non-existent summer break from dental school (don't get me started--the makers of this schedule are still not off my bad list). It really wasn't a big deal to me, but because it was a week day there was a lot of traffic around my church. Therefore, while I was outside in my gown, lots of people I knew stopped and said hi and several other people honked and waved. I felt like a little celebrity!

The Boys

My girls

After pics, we ate snacks and everyone in the room had to say one funny story about me. It was such a fun time! I am not really sure what the boys were doing while they were getting ready, but I'm sure it was fun too. Before I knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle. I had not been nervous all day, until I was standing alone in the bride's room. I had been with people all day long and the silence was a little scary! My sister ran back for one last hug and then my dad came. Dad was so funny--he said there was nothing to be nervous about because everyone was here to see him, not me! That made me laugh and I was ready! I did freak out a bit about my garter--I got scared it was too tight and my circulation would be cut off and I would faint (see, too many wedding shows)--but I figured it was just nerves and got over it!
When I walked down the aisle I felt like a princess. Everyone was looking at me! The aisle felt so long and I just kept staring at Forrest as he watched me walk. I hadn't seen or talked to him all day and I felt like I had so much to tell him. Once we sat down to begin the Mass, we pretty much talked throughout the whole thing (my mom was upset about this). We started out talking about football, believe it or not! The ceremony was beautiful and it was really amazing to look out into the packed church and see all of our family and friends. It truly meant so much to have everyone there to support us! In a flash (well, as fast as a Catholic ceremony can go) we were married!
We took group pics afterwards and then we had our own couples session with just us and our photographer, Catherine Cousins and our videographer, Brian Pitts, both of whom I HIGHLY recommend.

We left the church in a 1950's Packard lite which Forrest drove to the Country Club for the reception. So many people honked and waved at us on the road. I'm sure we were a sight to be seen!

The reception was a blast!! I had wanted it to be a huge party for all of our guests and I think we accomplished that! Our band was 2nd Coming, from Montgomery, and they played so many fun songs that kept the whole group dancing all night!
Jerome of 2nd Coming

Diane Brown at the Club and Benny made the room look amazing (although I honestly didn't see it--it was packed when I arrived).

Our food was awesome too (or so I've heard-I didn't eat a thing because I was talking so much!) We had sushi, crab salad martinis, fruit and cheese tables, carved tenderloin, and a huge Greek spread with gyros, roasted veggies, and spanikopita, since we were engaged in Greece. After we arrived we did our first dance to "You are the Sunshine of My Life" and then I danced with my dad and Forrest danced with his mom to "Isn't She Lovely". Then we cut our cakes (done by our friend Mrs. Logan) and toasted each other before we danced the night away!

At the end of the night, I threw my bouquet (caught by Melissa, who was marrying my cousin the next weekend) and Forrest took my garter off WITH HIS TEETH before throwing it to our friend Phillip. I was SO shocked by this move--I didn't see it coming!

We left the reception showered (and pelted) by flower petals before getting back into the Packard to leave.

The whole day was so magical and it is actually pretty nice to be able to sit and remember it. I can't believe that was a whole year ago!


  1. Such a great recap! Everything was so beautiful!

    I've enjoyed catching up on your blog! Hopefully we'll get to catch up at some of Sarah's wedding festivities!

    Jennifer Gray Elwell

  2. Hey Jennifer! Great to hear from you!! I can't wait to start reading your blog and catch up with you! Any scoop you have on Sarah would be great--I'm so out of the loop!


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