Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Disneyland Delight

Day 3 in California took us to Disneyland! In February Forrest and volunteered through the Disney Give a Day program and were rewarded with free tickets to Disneyland! We were so excited because we were already planning on being in CA! I mean, it is the happiest place on earth, who wouldn't want to go??? I must say Disneyland has it all figured out. We were amazed at how everything ran smoothly, from the parking, to the shuttle, to rides, everything! I guess that helps with the patrons' happiness. Anyway, we were giddy riding the shuttle into the park.

We chose to do the Magic Kingdom so that we could see the Sleeping Beauty Castle and ride the rides we all think about when we think of Disney. We got there about 10am and it was pretty empty. The weather was overcast and cool, so I think that kept people away, which actually was great for us! When we got our tickets, they gave us buttons to wear that said VoluntEAR, to indicate our day of service. We saw other people with badges that said "First Visit", "Just Married", "Happy Birthday", and "Just Engaged". I think it is pretty cool that they want to make their patrons feel special! When we steped into the park for the first time, I was so excited! The Sleeping Beauty Castle isn't as big as Cinderella's Castle in Disney World but it is really pretty. Who doesn't love a castle?

We started the day on the Jungle Cruise and then rode Indian Jones. It was so much fun! Forrest got to "drive" it and he really enjoyed that.

Then we rode Pirates of the Carribbean and the Haunted Mansion, both adorable. Forrest then convinced me to ride Splash Mountain. I didn't want to get wet, but I agreed, and somehow ended up being talked into riding in front so I could "see". Well, I'm sure you can guess, but I was SOAKED! Forrest had one tiny drop of water on him and I was literally dripping for hours, which was not good because I was also freezing! It still was a fun ride, based on the Brer Rabbit movie.

After my thorough soaking, we had lunch, and then rode some kind of railroad roller coaster I can't remember the name of, probably because I was freezing. I must mention the fast pass. Every ticket is usable as a fast pass, which you put into a machine that tells you a time to come back and get on the ride. It is like a reservation, and you don't have to pay extra for it! We used this on all the big name rides so we didn't have to wait in line. For instance, we fast passed Splash Mountain and while we were waiting we did the Pirates and Haunted Mansion. It is a great idea! We used it all day and it really made the day go smoother! After lunch we fast-passed Space Mountain and then road Buzz Lightyear. This was so much fun! We sat in a little car that we could turn with a joy stick and had "ray guns" and had to shoot at targets that would light up when you hit them. The car calculated your score! We really enjoyed this one, especially Forrest!

Then we rode Dumbo. I had been wanting to ride Dumbo SO badly because when my family went to Disney World when I was 12 my mom wouldn't let me ride it because the line was really long and I am still sad about it! We had to wait in the longest line that we had seen all day and it isn't a fast pass ride, but finally, we made it onto the ride, in a purple Dumbo, no less! Well, much to my dismay, I got SUPER dizzy and so did Forrest! I usually can't ride fast spinning rides but this seemed fairly tame, I mean babies ride it! Unfortunately, was not the magnificent experience I was hoping for and we also decided to forego the spinning tea cups as a precaution!

Then we rode It's a Small World, which I'm pretty sure Forrest could have done without. We were hungry again so we went to the Pizza Port for a snack. Honestly, Disneyland has amazing food! They have healthy snacks to buy all around the park (trail mix, fruit, etc) and at this restaurant they had amazing salads! Asian Chicken salad in a theme park? Who knew? I was totally surprised, but I guess that is California for you. We then rode the Star Wars interactive ride which I was not a fan of before watching Captain EO, a 3D movie staring Michael Jackson. It was very corny-Michael saved the world by singing to the bad guy and turning all of the henchmen into back up dancers. Still, gotta love MJ!

Before it got dark, we also toured the Innoventions house, full of futuristic things, rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,the Matterhorn Bobsleds and watched the Celebrate parade. We also visited Mickey's Toon Town where we rode the Roger Rabbit Taxis and got to meet Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.

Then, it was finally our time to ride Space Mountain, our most favorite ride of the day! It is a roller coaster in the dark and all you see is stars--you feel like you are flying in space. It isn't a huge coaster, just simple and fun! I wanted to ride again but the line was too long, so we did Buzz Lightyear again! Then, it was time for the fireworks. We tried to see the laser light show but I was too short to see anything so we grabbed a front row seat for the fireworks, after grabbing a snack.

I was seated next to a 3 yr old girl who had never seen fireworks. She kept saying "I can't believe it" and "It's just so beautiful". She was precious! She was dressed like a princess, just like many of the other little girls there. Some had gotten their hair done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and really looked the part! It made me wish I was 3 again! They all seemed to be having a ball! Needless to say, the fireworks were amazing, especially when Tinkerbell and Dumbo flew over the castle. It was just so magical and I felt like a little kid, minus my princess dress!

After the fireworks we scurried out of there-it was after 10 and we had a long ride back to LA ahead of us! It was SUCH a great day, and a great reward for our day of service!


  1. how fun!!!! I love all the pics!! Can't wait to see you guys again soon and hear about it in person!!! What a great trip!

  2. Most definitely! We will plan something soon!


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