Saturday, July 17, 2010

San Fran, Day 2

On Friday morning we packed up to change hotels. Our friends Ben and Julianne, who live in Turlock, CA, were coming to SF to hang out with us for the weekend and they had gotten us adjoining rooms at the Hyatt, which was conveniently located behind the Sir Francis Drake! We wheeled our stuff into our new room and then off we went! That day we had planned to visit Muir Woods, home of the Redwood forest! To get there, we rented another car, this time a Kia Soul (the gerbils drive it in the commercial). We loved this car too! It was so cute and peppy! The cool part about driving there ourselves was being able to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge! That thing is massive!

We stopped right on the other side of it to take pics before heading to the woods.

It was a gorgeous drive through the state park. When we got there, we had to park pretty far away from the entrance. This time I was armed with 5 shirts, so I was much warmer! While we were walking towards the entrance, someone called Forrest's name. We couldn't believe it! Our friends Caleb and Brittany, who were on our dental mission trip to Costa Rica (Brittany is a year above Forrest in school) were there in the woods! What a small world!

Upon entering the forest, we stood in AWE of these trees!

I knew they would be big, but I really had no concept of what BIG was!!

They were beautiful and seemed to stretch for days into the sky.

What was really neat was that at the entrance there was a baby Redwood, so we were able to see where it all began.

Some of these trees have been there for hundreds, even thousands of years! There are very well marked trails through the woods and a map that has all the highlights on it that is very easy to follow (maps are NOT my thing). We took several of the trails and took our time just enjoying being in nature. We saw Kent tree, the largest tree in the forest that had fallen not too long ago. The root structure of that bad boy was amazing! It was sad that it fell but it was cool to see what was underneath it! We walked through Cathedral Grove, and even down a bridge that had to be made over a fallen tree. We were there for several hours, just taking it all in. I probably took 100 pics of the trees!

Forrest and John Muir

When we finally left, we followed highway one through the state park. We were starving, so we hit up the In and Out Burger in Sausilito for one last taste! OOOO it was so good!

Next we drove back across the bridge and went shopping! We first went to a cute, trendy area around Chestnut Street. There were some good sale, but nothing there for me! Next, we went back to the Haight for some more shopping, and I got two REALLY cute dresses for just $14 each at a store called X Generation. Lucky me! Ben and Julianne called us while we were checking out so we went back to the hotel to meet them. After catching up a bit, we went to an Italian restaurant for pizza. Between the 4 of us, we downed 3 delicious pizzas! They chef at the store won a pizza making contest in Naples, Italy, so his stuff was bound to be good! After dinner, we went back to the hotel and changed to go out. First, we used our drink tickets at the Starlight room about our first hotel, the Sir Francis Drake. It was so cool and "night cluby"! They had velvet seats and low lighting and everyone was dressed up! Julianne introduced me to a drink called the Scooby Snack-delicious!

At Starlight room in my new dress!

Next, we went to Alembic, a bar in the Haight, and ordered a cheese plate to share. I was so excited because I had seen several signs for cheese tastings while we were in CA and hadn't got to do one yet. We had some wonderful cheese that they paired with different things like chocolate and almonds to taste. I totally could have put that whole plate away on my own! After Alembic we went to a "speak easy" downtown.

Julianne had to email them earlier in the day to find out the "password" that we had to tell the hostess at the door. The place was so cool inside! The walls were lined with books and they had carved ceilings. I really liked the idea of that place! We had another big day ahead of us, so after the speak easy, it was off to be to get ready for Napa the next day!

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