Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Week and Weekend

After our trip to CA, we figured we'd be a little bored last week, since we had been so busy during the trip! That was luckily not the case! Our fun started on Wednesday night. Forrest's grandmother Frith from Selma was in town so we went to the Bailey's for dinner. We had some delicious baked chicken and veggies straight out of their garden. Mr. Bailey made Betty Crocker Turtle Cookie Bars topped with ice cream. I thought these were homemade, they were so delicious! I was shocked when he said it was a mix! I am definitely going to bake these next time I need to take a dessert somewhere! We brought Ruffles with us, and she was curious to meet the Bailey's roosters. I assume Sonny had been telling her about his stay with them. Ruffles, however, was NOT a fan of the rooster! He clucked and flapped his wings at my little girl! She was shaking all the way home! Needless to say, she will not be visiting any roosters any time soon! On the way home, we stopped by to feed Chipper, my aunt and uncle's golden. He is VERY particular and doesn't like to be boarded when they go on vacation, so we get to take care of him. He stays in the house the whole time, so we have to let him out during the day as well as feed him. He is so silly--we actually have to sit and watch him eat or else he won't! Plus, he only drinks water from the hose pipe! He is definitely a fun handful! It was actually because of a weekend of looking after Chipper that Forrest decided to look into Golden's for us! Luckily Sonny is not as picky as Chipper!

Thursday was such a quite day at the office. My dad had court and my uncle was still on vacation, so it was just me wandering around the office. I scheduled several interviews with potential secretaries for myself to pass the time. I had never interviewed anyone so I was looking forward to it! I am NOT looking forward to losing my current secretary, Felicia. She is the BEST and if I could keep her I would. She is in paralegal school so when school starts, she has to leave me! I met several nice ladies and I hope that one can live up to the job that Felicia has been doing for me! While I was in with my last interview of the day, I heard a weird crash outside, but dismissed it. Next thing I knew, a client was running in the office screaming that we call 911 because someone had been hit in our parking lot! I do NOT handle medical emergencies well at all, mind you. Apparently, one of our clients had somehow fallen out of her car, hit the car next to her (which belonged to the nice lady I was interviewing), and been drug by her own car until it hit the wall in our lot! Luckily she was only scratched up. We had several fire trucks, paramedics, and police officers in our parking lot for over an hour, and many of the other law firms up and down the street called us to make sure everyone was ok! It really could have been a much worse situation, but thank goodness the Lord was looking out for everyone!

Totally shaken up, I went home and flew into hostess mode, for we were hosting some of our favorite couples for dinner--Jonathan and Denise and Justin and Farrah! Forrest was handling the grill and everyone else was bringing sides so all I had to do was get the house and myself ready. We had so much fun catching up and hanging out! They are really fun, casual, and laid back so we always enjoy spending time with this group! Forrest had made homemade salsa with tomatoes from my dad's Topsy Turvys (yes, as seen on tv) and he grilled some delicious pork tenderloins! Denise brought a fresh salad and a baguette and Farrah brought roasted potatoes, peas, and a blueberry cobbler. We were all stuffed after such a great meal and I really hated for everyone to go since we were having such a wonderful time!

On Friday my dad closed the office at 12 and took us all to lunch at Applebee's! I love it when he takes us all to eat--it is a fun way to unwind together! After lunch I met Denise at Nail Palace for a MUCH needed pedicure. My poor feet were mad at me for walking them all over the state of California. Even the pedicure guy noticed! He said that I must have been mean to my feet! Thankfully now they are smooth and polished and I promised them that I would treat them with more kindness (even though this is hard, considering I wear heels at least 5 days a week). When I got home, Forrest had been hard at work around the house AND he bathed both dogs, something that desperately needed to be done! I also found a present on the table-pearl earrings surrounded by a circle of pave diamonds! I was so surprised! They matched a pearl ring that Forrest had gotten me while we were in college. He had also gotten me a matching necklace a few years later. I was so excited! I was tired after my long day of luxury and excitement so I laid down for a little nap, which lasted until 6:30! Oooops! We were supposed to be at a cookout at 6, but Forrest (and Ruffles) thought I would feel better if I got a little rest. I quickly got ready and headed to our friend Matt's for dinner. The burgers had just come off the grill--perfect timing! We also had some pretty tasty "double doozies" that Lauren made (two chocolate chip cookies with a mixture of peanut butter and marshmallow cream in between them). There were so many of our friends there that we hadn't seen in a while so it was a great time! I was really excited to see Jay and Claire, who had just started dating this past month (thanks to us!).

On Saturday, I folded PILES of laundry and laid around the house while Forrest went to Duck Springs to build some tables for our living room. When he got back he was watering the hydrangeas and got stunk by 5 yellow jackets, 3 times on his feet and twice on his hand! I had NO idea what to do so we just iced him up. (I will add here that we were sorely let down by google. We found zero tips on what to do!) His feet hurt so bad he couldn't walk! We set him up with all of the necessities (water, snack, phone, remote) on the couch and I got ready and went to church. After Mass I went to Belk to take advantage of their completion sale. When you register at Belk, you get invited to 2 completion sales a year, where you get 20% of ANY item in the home store, even if it is on clearance! We totally stocked up last year and since I still had some wedding credit left over (woohoo) I was prepared to do it again! I ended up getting some great buys, including a brownie pan that matches our every day china (Lenox Butler's Pantry), 6 Alabama Tervis Tumblers, a cool red bowl shaped like a flower, a set of our flatware (on clearance for 19.95!) among other goodies! When I got back home, Forrest was feeling a little better so we made our way to our friend Lauren's bday party! We always have fun at Lauren's. She is a great hostess and always has the greatest food and drinks! She makes this delicious hot bacon dip that is to die for! She makes it especially for us, and even though I don't like bacon, I LOVE this dip! Rachel also made 7 layer dip, so Forrest and I were pretty set for the night! I brought the birthday girl a super cute bottle opener shaped like a flip flop! I wish I had taken a pic of it because it was really cute! I did get a great shot of her bday cake from Laura, though! It was also a special night because our friend Casey got to come. Casey was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her knee a few months ago. After surgery, she is currently cancer free! This was the first time most of us had seen her so it really was a treat! Check out Casey's blog here!

On Sunday we were supposed to go out on our friend Patrick's boat with Laura, Lauren, Rachel, and some other "party people" but the weather did not cooperate. This was probably a good thing because I got so much work done! I even went back to Belk to get a couple more tumblers and while I was there I found a GREAT deal on a white duvet. Forrest and I always talk about how comfy hotel beds are simply because they usually have a big fluffy duvet on top. Well, now our bed is just as fluffy! I put it on the bed right away to surprise Forrest when he got home. The irony is that we basically burn up in our room so we won't be able to use it until winter, but we still slept with it anyway last night, just because it felt so nice! (Ruffles really liked snuggling in it). After some grocery shopping, we went to my mom and dad's for dinner. I hadn't seen my mom or sister in 2 weeks because we were in CA and then they left for the beach right before we returned. We also got to check out dad's new basement! My dad's basement is his own personal floor at our house. He has his bathroom and clothes down there as well as his tv and other man toys. It has always leaked and my mom had finally had enough! B-Dry came and dug a TRENCH in the floor which channels water to a pump that sends it outside. It is guaranteed for the life of the house! Since they had to tear up the room for that procedure, they totally renovated it. Dad has all new furniture, plush carpet, and an awesome 3D tv, complete with Internet hook up! We hadn't seen the finished product until last night, and we were truly amazed! Forrest played with the tv most of the time we were there. My dad is so happy to have his space back and I am so happy to be able to share in all the awesome-ness of the basement! We will definitely be watching the games at their house this fall!

Today is Forrest's first day back to school, so we will be in a new schedule. This semester he really doesn't have any real classes or tests, he just sees patients, so it is like working without getting paid. Hopefully he won't have any homework anymore! Hope you all have a great week!

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