Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

The past few days have been so busy for the Baileys! We don't mind busy, so long as it is fun busy! On Friday night we had dinner with our friends the Isbells at the Gadsden Country Club. Dr. Isbell (Gordon) is a dentist in town and he wanted to catch up with Forrest on school. Gordon's son Ross is a first year dental student. Actually, there are several Gadsden "kids" in the dental school right now, some in every class! After dinner, we went to the ballroom for a big band party they were having. Tom and Frances had actually invited us to the party so it worked our perfectly with our dinner plans. We had so much fun! There were so many people there that we knew and we had a blast dancing and singing all night long to the Blackstone Band, a local Gadsden band. Once the party was over we went to Tom and Fraces' for the "after party", but not before Forrest and Tom got the CC people to let them take the huge bowl of popcorn with us! Good thinking guys!

Tom has the most fun house--he has one room that is dedicated as a bar, complete with wooden bar, 2 tv's and of course, Alabama decor! We always have a great time at the Banks'! After we left, we apparently missed a fight--the first real fight at "Club TBLTT". Some people just don't know how to handle after parties, I guess!

Me, Frances, and Tom (haha)

Not sure what we are doing here but it looks fun!

Baileys at the Banks'

On Saturday we were TOTALLY lazy, like this.

We pretty much laid around all day until church, although on the way we stopped at the Banks' to check out the fallout from the fight. After church we went home to get ready for dinner at Jonathan and Denise's with Justin and Farrah. I was in charge of a veggie, so I made bacon and chive roasted potatoes. This simply involves purchasing the packet of seasoning at the grocery store, cutting the potatoes into wedges, drizzling them with olive oil, and sprinkling them with the seasoning. My kind of cooking! Jonathan made chicken with a homemade poblano sauce (although I think he modified it and it was exactly poblano), Farrah brought an Asian slaw, and Denise made HOMEMADE lava cakes! DELISH! We always have a great time with this group! We brought Ruffles that night so she could meet their dog Pacino, who is just her size. At first she was a little wary, but once she found out he liked rawhide chews (meaning she took all of his) she decided she liked him!

On Sunday I actually woke up early and went grocery shopping. I don't think I will plan on that again, as I don't do mornings, but there were literally no people in the stores and I managed to go to 3 stores and get back home in an hour and a half! We were lucky enough to be invited to the Bailey's for Sunday lunch. Davis loves to cook and so we are the beneficiaries of this love! He grilled some delicious lemony chicken that he paired with fresh fried okra, smashed potatoes, and a salad. Mrs. Bailey also made a blueberry crumble for dessert! MMMM!! We hung around watching Sonny play with the roosters for a while before heading home. I was in need of a nap after such a busy day of shopping and eating! :) That night we had dinner at my parents--so that makes 2 delicious meals on Sunday, if you are keeping track! We are truly blest to have such great family (who are such great cooks!) close to us!

On Monday, we had a "Mother/Daughter night" with some of our close family friends. We have been getting together like this for a few years now, and all the moms and daughters get together for dinner and a movie! This time we met at Applebees and then went to see Eat Pray Love. I read this book 2 years ago when I got home from Italy and I absolutely loved it. It was so emotional and intense! The movie was good but it lacked the same emotional intensity that the book did. The scenes of Italy were awesome though! I just can't get enough Italy!!


Last night (Tuesday) we went to a "Fun-Raiser" for Ann Green, who is running for County Commission. Jonathan is her campaign manager. Ann is such a lively lady! She used to own a cake shop (and she did my mom's 50th bday cake, which was awesome) and now she owns a formal wear store, The Veranda (where I got my gold Bal d' Or dress).
Mom's bday cake

Me in my gorgeous dress! Thanks Ann!
On top of being a savvy business woman, she is a great person who will be a great voice for us! Everyone vote for her! :)

We had a great time and the "green" themed party in the Court Street Courtyard, a venue I did not know was there but I am now in love with.
See? We HAVE had some busy nights lately, thank goodness! Tonight we are staying in for a change, and I am trying a new recipe! I have really been enjoying trying new things lately. Who knew I would actually enjoy cooking?? Definitely not me!


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