Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Living Room Reveal!

I have been talking for months now about how we are in the process of decorating our living room, formerly the "ballroom". It is officially finished! Huge shout out to my awesome interior designer, Fran Ross Robertson (who just so happens to be my aunt) of DRW Designs. (205-822-3337)She has a great eye and can do any size room on any size budget! Her office is in Birmingham but she does homes just about anywhere in the state and even works in GA and MS! Check out our room below!

The finished product!

Notice the chair on the left. It used to look like this....

but after seeing one similar at Scott's Antique Market, Forrest and I worked on it, and now it looks liks this...

Ta da! Aren't we crafty??

These pics are from before the new chair and I had the lamps on different tables, but you get the idea.

The piano! Still working on finding a bench.

Forrest built the bases of these end tables and then we had the skirts and toppers made! (I switched the lamps since this pic)

LOVE this new chair!

View into the dining room from living room
Dining room

Little Bar table in dining room

We recovered these chairs ourselves

Entry way table. I got the paintings in Italy 2 summers ago.


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