Monday, August 30, 2010

Party People

This weekend Forrest and I bounced from event to event....aren't we so cool and fun?? :) Friday night we went to a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Adam. His wife Jenny planned the entire thing behind his back and when he came in, he was SHOCKED! She had it at our friend Kelly's home, which is BEAUTIFUL, by the way! She lives in a historic home downtown and Forrest and I spent the first part of the party checking out all of the cool details around the house! I am sad to say that I took absolutely ZERO pics! The house looked great and Jenny's decorations and food were amazing, so amazing, I guess, that I did not bother to take a single picture! I guess that goes to show how much fun we were having! I did take a pic of the invitation, however. Jenny and I have a mutual love for invitations, so the least I could do is post a pic of it!

I have to give a shout out to The Cupboard, in Attalla, the makers of Adam's delicious cake (which again, I have no picture of). It was a 2 tiered cake, and each layer was a different flavor of cake! I have had cakes from the Cupboard on several occasions and I have always had a wonderful experience with them! Should I ever need to order a cake, I will definitely call them first!
On Saturday, we hunkered down and got some housekeeping and yard work done. Even though I hate cleaning the house (not organizing or straightening, but actually CLEANING), I LOVE the way it looks and smells when it is all polished up! I do wish we had invited people over or something though, because of course we were the only ones to benefit from all of our hard work! To reward ourselves for a job well done, we went to dinner at the Courtyard with Denise, Jonathan, Justin, Farrah, and Jody and Kristen. Have I mentioned that Denise, Jonathan, Jody, Justin, and I are all attorneys? Denise works in Anniston mostly, but I see the "J" guys pretty regularly at the courthouse. It is always nice to hang out with them when we aren't working! Jonathan was playing guitar in the actual courtyard at the Cultural Arts Center that night so we all went in support. He was so good! I didn't really knew he was so musically talented! Jody got up and helped him on a few songs as well, and we had so much fun cheering for our friends! I actually did take a pic of Jonathan playing, although it isn't that great. Other than that, I again was very lax with my picture taking that night!!!

When we finally left Courtyard, we went to our friend Patrick's house to hang out with Laura, Rachel, and several other friends, all whom we haven't seen since Lauren's bday party. They had a cookout, which we of course missed, but we did get to snack on some tasty pretzle treats. Carrie had put Hershey's Hugs on top of regular sized pretzles, baked at 125 for 7 min, and then pushed an M&M into the Hug. Then she stuck them in the freezer to harde and voila! One of the best pick up snacks I have ever had! I probably ate 20 of them (no lie). I will definitely be making these next time I need to take a snack somewhere!

On Sunday we were determined to have an "adventure" whether that meant going some place cool or just taking the dogs on a long walk, which we have not done lately because it has been SO hot! Well, what do we see when we wake up??? RAIN. RAIN RAIN!!! I thought maybe if I went to the store, it would stop once I got home. No such luck. Instead of wasting the day away, we decided to have an "inside adventure" instead. We went to the mall for lunch and then went to see Gamechanger, the Nick Saban documentary. We LOVED it, but of course, any Bama fan would love it. I enjoyed learning about his past coaching jobs and his family. It showed several clips from the past seasons and it really fired us up for football season! We are very dedicated fans and yes we have been counting down the days until kick off since the day we won the national championship in January (which btw, was my bday present from the team). After the movie were were high on Bama spirit as we wandered around the mall, which was probably what led me to purchase a new game day dress and Forrest to buy a new Bama cap (with a simple embroidered elephant on it--very classy). We should be set now! We topped off the night with hamburgers at my mom and dad's and then we (well, I) watched the Emmys until far too late! This week we are looking forward to the Etowah County Alumni Pep Rally at the Cultural Arts Center at 6pm on Tuesday, First Friday, and then the 1st Bama game of the season on Saturday. I hope you have some fun things ahead this week too!

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