Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Fun Week

Forrest and I had a great week last week! I already wrote about hosting book club on Tuesday, which again, was so much fun for me! After lunch on Tuesday, I rode with my mom down to Tuscaloosa. My sister is the rush chair of our sorority right now (she, my mom, me, and 3 of my aunts are all AOII's) and she wanted me to speak to the girls during their workshop.

Me, Mom, and MMM on MMM's Bid Day

I was the rush chair for 2 years while I was in the house (my mom and her sister were the rush chair too-it is in our blood!) and so I got to discuss some words of wisdom with the girls. It was so strange to be in my house and barely know any of the girls! I felt so old! My Aunt Fran came down too, because she has redecorated the entire house! She did the first floor last summer and the upstairs lounge this summer. It looks amazing! I wish I had kept the pictures she emailed me to show to you! Anyway, we had a great time in Tuscaloosa (we even got a little peek at the new part of the stadium--totally awesome) and I know the girls will have a great rush! After we left the house we drove to Birmingham and met Aunt Fran at Home Goods. Mom wanted to look for a few more things for the newly renovated basement and she found some great stuff, including a big silver elephant, red shaggy pillow, and red and black end table! Can you tell we are Bama fans?? While we were shopping we got the great idea to see if my grandparents wanted to go to dinner with us at BRIO. (If you read this blog you know how I LOVE BRIO!) My granddaddy doesn't really like to eat out anywhere, but he will make an exception for Brio! I was able to catch Forrest before he left UAB to go home, so he got to meet us too! We had a great dinner (me, my go-to lasagna, and Forrest had the beef medalions) and it was so nice to spend time with my grandparents. We got home so late but were delightfully stuffed and ready for a good night's sleep!

On Friday, I rode with my mom and dad to Atlanta to see my brother graduate with his masters in electrical engineering (I think) from Georgia Tech. Forrest was unfortunately unable to come because of his school rotations that day. I had to miss my brother's undergraduate graduation because I was in my friend Deborah's wedding, so I felt like I should definitely attend this one! My sister's boyfriend Matt had gone to ATL the night before to watch a Braves game, so he stayed and went to the graduation with us too. They held the ceremony in the school's baseketball coliseum. I liked that the concession stand was open just in case you needed a snack, AND that they gave out free buttons that said "Proud Parent" "Proud Grandparent" and "Proud of our Grad" on them, with a picture of Buzz, the school mascot. After graduation we went to Taco Mac for dinner and got to meet some of Roy's GT buddies. After a yummy plate of nachos, I was ready to get back to my hotel room for a good, long sleep!

Balloons falling on the GT grads

Family pic, minus MMM. Notice we all have on our buttons!

Roy and the Ramblin Wreck! He is unhappy because I forced him to take this pic

On Saturday, while I was riding back from ATL, Forrest was participating in the World's Longest Yardsale! He had a GREAT day and I can't wait to help him with it next year! That night, we went to the annual Tyn Tymes Reunion party. I LOVE this party! We go every year and always have a great time! The Tyn Tymes is a band from Gadsden that plays good time oldies that make you want to dance all night! They play at weddings, band parties at colleges, and just about any type of event or venue! At the party, everyone has a table and you bring in your own food and drinks and decorations. We go every year with my family as well as our other close family friends. I was especially excited about this year because our table was going to be right next to Tom Banks' table (TBLTT), and he had invited our friends the Sollies and the Gladdens! I had a great time snacking, dancing, and chatting with the girls!

Hanging out at the Banks' Tyn Tymes table!

On Sunday, Forrest was invited to play golf with Adam and two other guys that we hung out with at Tyn Tymes, and he had a blast!! While he was out golfing in the hot sun, I cleaned up the basement (something that was LONG over due) and went to the store. Needless to say my afternoon was not near as fun as Forrest's! That night, we went to my parents' for dinner to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary! My brother was home too, so it was great to get to hang out with him! He'll be here with us a few weeks before he goes back to ATL to start his new job with GT Research Institute.

See! We had a great week, full of great family and friends!

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  1. What a great weekend! Your blog doesn't show up very well on my iPad, so when I first checked it, all that showed up were the words "Brio, AOII, Tyn Tymes, and Home Goods," (??) so I just knew you must have written a blog about your favorite things! But when I read it on my laptop, that wasn't what it was - just a great weekend!

    - Alecia


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