Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Update!

This weekend was actually a working weekend for us. We had so much to do around the house that we had been putting off! We did manage to have some fun mixed in, though! On Thursday night I went to my friend Lauren's house to watch the Season 2 premiere of Jersey Shore. Last season we had a dress up JS Finale, which was a blast, but this time we just got together to see what kind of trashy-ness this season would hold!

Jersey Shore Finale Party, January 10

UAB SOD Jersey Shore Party

On Friday I had lunch with my mom and my sister, who was going back to Tuscaloosa for school the next day. That night we met Justin and Farrah at the Fish Market for dinner. We really like the Fish Market--the food is always fresh and tasty. Afterwards, we went to see Inception. Forrest had given blood that afternoon at the blood drive at the movies so he got a free ticket and a free round of golf! Sweet! I was not that excited to see this movie--it just didn't seem like my style. I honestly can't say whether I liked it or not. I definitely didn't hate it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, my brain scrambling to keep up with the twisty plot. However, I never have to see that movie again----it was far too stressful for me! At one point Forrest looked down and saw me wringing my hands out of nervousness and just laughed and laughed at me! I was sure I wouldn't sleep for days, but it really didn't affect me, although I keep finding myself worrying about ol' Leo!

On Saturday, Forrest was up bright and early to mow the yard. He also mowed our neighbors' yard. They are renting the house next door to us and I guess they haven't had time to fool with the grass. It was such a good deed, and Forrest ended up making friends with them! I folded clothes (which I had been neglecting for days) and then met my friend Molly at Pruett's for lunch. Molly is one of my bff's and was my roomie in college. We are basically like 2 sides of one brain! She works in Ttown at Rise and I don't get to see her very often, so this was a great treat!
After lunch we ran some errands together and caught up while I tried to find flowers for the flower bed. (Pink petunias with white stripes, very Bama-ish)

Me and Molly before bid day last year

Once we said good bye, I went back home to do some more work on the living room before Forrest and I headed off to Mass. After Mass we ran back home to get Ruffles and ended up talking to the neighbors, who were outside enjoying their newly manicured lawn, before driving to the lake to have dinner at the Whitts'. Our family has been in a Supper Club with 5 other families since I was 9 months old, and it has been so special. All of the "kids" are all grown up now but every now and then they will have a "kids" supper club, like they did this weekend. We had a blast catching up on what everyone was doing. The Whitt girls are in dental school too so they had lots to discuss with Forrest!

Me and the Whitt twins, Paige and Susan

Supper Club "Kids", minus Preston, MMM, and Phillip

On Sunday, we were hard at work on the house again, but I think it looks great! Forrest is so great at doing the yard!! I'm really lucky to have his skills to rely on! Also, I think the living and dining rooms are officially finished! We have a few things to put out tonight but other than that, I would say it is complete. It looks MARVELOUS and I will be posting pics asap! Hope you all had a great weekend too and have a lovely week ahead of you!

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  1. I loved our errand running together! All we needed was a late night trip to TCBY and it would've been JUST like old times. Love you!


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