Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Falling for Fall

Can you believe that it is so cool outside?? Literally over night it has become Fall in Alabama and I am loving it!! Here are some of the reasons the Baileys love fall!

1. Football: ROLL TIDE!! We count down the days all spring and summer until the start of football season comes! Football means long weekends with our "football friends"--those friends that we only get to see in the fall at games. It means pigging out on tailgate food. It means getting to scream and jump up and down and not have people look at you like you are crazy. It means new game day dresses--the more houndstooth, the better. It means road trips to away games with best friends. It means camaraderie.

2. Cool weather: While I absolutely HATE to be cold (and Forrest HATES to be hot), I am glad for a little break from the scorching heat we've been experiencing. When it gets cool enough outside, we get to turn off the air and open the windows to let in the crisp cool air (thereby saving us money and making the cats happy, as they love to sit in the opened window sill). It makes walks with the dogs SO much more enjoyable (although, we didn't have them last fall, my walk/run/being dragged by Sonny last night was much more pleasant than it was a few weeks ago). We even like to eat dinner outside on the deck when the weather is nice. We also get to put the comforter back on the bed (we take it off when it gets too hot), AND I'm excited because we have a new fluffy duvet that I"m going to put under the comforter when it gets really cold outside, but that will be another post! Cool weather also means I get to start wearing cardigans again and my cute jackets AND my boots, which I haven't thought about since probably February!

3. Fall TV: Hooray for television!! Last week was premiere week and I'm glad to be back in the groove of keeping up with my shows! Currently set on the Bailey's DVR:

Nick Saban Show (post game review by the coach himself, and he is usually angry about something)
Keeping up with the Kardashians (yes, muy embarrassing)
Desperate Housewives

Dancing with the Stars!!

Dancing with the Stars, the results
GLEE!! (I'm a Gleek and proud of it!)

Modern Family-last years best comedy!

30 Rock (mainly just Forrest watches this one
The Office (again, this is Forrest's)
Parks and Recreation
Grey's Anatomy
Jersey Shore (again, embarrassing, but I can't get enough)


Alabama game (whether we attend or not, we record it so we can watch the good parts again on Sunday)

4. School (REALLY?): Actually school starts back for Forrest in JULY (sinful, I know) but he really enjoys it! Not only does he have great teachers and classmates, but this semester he is in the clinic and doing rotations every week. He has his own patients and is learning and practicing so much! Anyone want to become a patient at UAB School of Dentistry?? If so, give us a shout and he'll sign you up!

5. Fall foods: Chili, soup, oh my!! The fall opens up a whole new realm of foods for us, because let's face it, who wants to eat a bowl of hot soup in the summer? Also, we usually start having pumpkin and banana bread in the fall, and it is the perfect time to start drinking hot chocolate and apple cider!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! While many of our favorite summer frozen treats get put on the back burner, we always have something warm to replace them with! The start of Fall also means that THANKSGIVING is right around the corner, and who can resist Thanksgiving foods?? NOT US! :)

6. Getting ready for CHRISTMAS!! The Bailey's LOVE Christmas! I had a blast decorating for Christmas at our house last year and can't wait to do it again with all of my newly acquired decorations, purchased for 1/2 price or less in January. (Gotta love a great deal!) I love figuring out what gifts we are going to get for our family, AND I love making our Christmast card! (I have a super cute idea for this year!) I'm sure I'll have another post about our family's Christmas traditions!


 I can think of no other phrase word to describe this past weekend. It was a pretty exciting week, with Sardis Court on Tuesday night (where I am the assistant Judge) and dinner for my mom's birthday (which is today) and Davis passing the Bar, a political fundraiser, and watching the new Grey's Anatomy with Molly on Thursday. The OMIGOSH-ness came on Friday, when we went to Birmingham for the Greek Food Fest at the Greek Orthodox church downtown. Forrest and I had gone to it 2 years ago and had a GREAT time, as we ADORE Greek food! We had to miss last year but were pumped about getting to go this year. To make it even more fun, we invited our friends the Pucketts, who just found out they are expecting their first baby, Katie and Gusty Gulas, and Jay and Claire. I rode down with Jay since Forrest was already in Bham for school. The Fest was PACKED but everyone was having a wonderful time! I was so excited to see Lauren Puckett, the new mommy to be! OMIGOSH! It is so weird to me that one of "us" is going to have a baby!! I was so happy for them that I brought them a little "Happy Baby" present. I just couldn't resist all the cute baby things at the store---who knew baby toys, clothes and shoes were so adorable???
Our present for baby Puckett! Roll Tide!!

We managed to find an empty table and we sat for hours eating, drinking, and catching up with each other! I had the Pasticcho, kind of like a Greek lasagna, and Forrest had a lamb gyro. We also got some baklava and loukoumathes, which are kind of like little doughnut holes covered in honey and cinnamon. Forrest has been waiting 2 years for those little doughnuts, and I think they were worth the wait!!

Pigging out at the Greek fest!

Joseph got cut out of the group picture, so we took one of just him!
There were also several vendor stations set up, and we enjoyed looking and the Greek arts and crafts before we finally had to call it a night.

Forrest and Jay showing off their Greek pride

Saturday was the first Saturday in 3 weeks that we have not gone to the Alabama football game, and it was actually kind of nice to be able to sleep late and not have to worry about being somewhere early. We were able to finally get some work done around the house and Forrest even took Sonny on a hike. We watched the game at my parent's with a bunch of friends and OMIGOSH it was too stressful!! I got so frustrated I had to leave the party and watch it upstairs. However, once I got upstairs, we started doing MUCH better and so I had to stay there to ensure a win! :) Everyone in the house was screaming and yelling like crazy people, as Alabama waited until the very end to beat Arkansas! Whew---I felt like I had played in that game by the time it was all said and done! After the game we hung around and had hot dogs and chili (yes, even though it was 90 degrees outside) AND birthday cake for my mom!

Mom's birthday cake! I got the stadium shaped cake pan for Christmas and Kacie at our office was kind enough to decorate it for me! Isn't is adorable ?! (The lines on the field shifted when I was driving it up the mountain to her house--oops!)

This shows a little bit of the side of the cake. Kacie was SO detailed!

Before Forrest and I went home we stopped at Tom and Frances' to watch the end of the Auburn game. We hadn't been to the Banks' to hang out in so long so it was nice to catch up!

On Sunday I got up and drove to Birmingham to go to my grandparents' church before picking up Katie to go see Legally Blonde, the musical. The Mass times at OLS were much better considering the time of the show and allowed me to sleep an extra hour! :) Katie and I were in the 2nd to back row in the theater but we LOVED the play!! (They even had a real dog as Bruiser--I figured it would be fake!)

The main song, OMIGOD, has been stuck in my head ever since (if you couldn't tell by reading this post)! It was also super nice to get to hang out with Katie! Katie and I went to high school together (she actually graduated with Forrest) and was one of my little sisters in AOII. She married one of Forrest's fraternity brothers, Gusty Gulas, and I was in their wedding 2 years ago! They live in Birmingham so we don't see each other as often as I would like, so it really was special to get to see her 2 days this weekend! While I was gone, Forrest and Sonny had lunch at the Bailey's in celebration of Davis passing the Bar and getting a job! Once I got home, we went to Mom and Dad's and had steaks for dinner--yes, another birthday dinner for Mom! Now we are looking forward to another full week, but with much cooler weather! Hooray---it is about time!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Davis Passed the Bar!!!

Hooray! Today we found out that Davis, Forrest's brother, passed the Alabama Bar Exam and is officially an attorney! Congratulations! I actually had to call and tell him to check the website because they let the cats out of the bag a day early! He was so surprised! He was just hired last week and is now an associate with Jeff Montgomery, and attorney in town, so I will get to see him pretty often for work. Just as an FYI, the Bar is a 3 day test that you have to pass in order to practice law in Alabama. It is NO fun and reviewing for it might even be worse than the test. If you can pass this monster, you can handle anything! Three cheers for Davis!!

Davis and Forrest at our wedding. Davis is actually a year old than me but spent two years teaching in Japan before starting law school at Alabama.

Walk down memory lane: the day I passed the bar, April 30, 2009. My dad already had cards printed for me, and Forrest came from school and took me to lunch!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baileys Under the Sea

Ok, so under the pool, but who is being picky??? Forrest and I just completed a 2 week "Discover" Scuba class through Scuba Ventures in Vestavia, AL. I actually got the deal off of Groupon. If you don't Groupon (and you should), you are missing out! Once you sign up, they email you the "deal of the day" which can be anything from salon services, photography sessions, restaurant discounts, tickets, you name it they have it (I have seen teeth whitening and laser hair removal!). You have one day to purchase the deal and usually a year to use it. You can also buy them as gifts! So far I have purchased an hour and a half massage at a salon in Birmingham for $40 (I KNOW-super deal) and the discovery class, which I think was either $10 or $20 a person for the 2 week program. On our honeymoon, Forrest and I were interested in taking the resort scuba course, but after I had a little freak out on the boat to snorkel (in my defense, they take you WAY off shore and tell you to jump in and that was not cool with me, even though it was only 13 feet deep. I eventually got over it and had a blast.) we decided not to push our luck. When I saw the Groupon for the scuba class I just knew I had to surprise Forrest with it since it had been me that but the kabosh (sp??) on the last scuba opportunity. Scuba is an expensive hobby but I thought that this might be a fun and inexpensive way to see if we even liked it and to get some experience under our belts. Needless to say he was thrilled and we set up our class for the past 2 Wednesday nights at the Mountain Brook YMCA. I was a little nervous going into it. I mean really, breathing under water is NOT normal! I kept worrying about what would I do if I accidentally spit the mouth piece out under water, or if my mask came off, or if I forgot to turn on the air. (Yes, I know we were in an 8 ft deep pool but still-freak out!) Turns out that they teach you how to deal with all of that stuff up front!! Since it was just us in the class I felt much more comfortable in asking the instructor to slow down and to go at my own pace. Forrest was a natural!! He could do all of the required skills on the first try! Me, not so much . I had trouble breathing in and out my mouth at first, which made my mask mess up because I was breathing out into it. The first thing the instructor wanted us to do was to fill our mask up with water and learn to clear it under water! I was NOT good at this either! I made the executive decision to skip that skill and move on to the next: taking the respirator out of your mouth under water and putting it back in without swallowing any water---the thing that freaked me out the most! I must say that I nailed this one!! After I did that I was able to feel much more at ease under water and by the end of the class I was swimming all over (under) that pool!!
The next week we reviewed the skills we learned and also learned how to take the BCD (the backpack type thing that holds your air tank and other good stuff) off and put it back on under water and how to know if you are out of air (which means the teacher TURNED OFF OUR AIR while we were under water and we had to breathe until we ran out, at which point he turned it back on). We both had the hang of it after these 2 classes! I even turned a flip under water with all of my gear on, which weighed about 40 lbs! I was so glad that I got over myself and tried something new. Forrest is so adventurous and I am usually a creature of my comfort zone, but he always encourages me to try something new and we always have such a great time!! Hopefully in the future we can get certified and start taking Scuba trips!
Getting ready on week 2!So proud of ourselves!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Duke Road Trip

This past weekend we decided to take a road trip to the Alabama v. Duke game with Justin and Farrah. We were lucky to get some tickets CHEAP on ebay (although, we could have gotten them for free if we waited until we got to the game) and Justin was able to snag us a great hotel deal. On Friday we loaded up Farrah's car and set out on the 8+ hour trip. We were well stocked with snacks (all very healthy--gummi worms, M&M's, party mix, etc) for the road and had 3 ipods to entertain us. Farrah and I slept until we got to Atlanta and then we literally sung our way through Georgia and South Carolina! She had the Glee soundtrack on her ipod and we had to get ourselves ready for tonight's premiere by making sure we knew all of the words! We stopped in Greenville, SC at an Outback for dinner. Random, I know, but I kept seeing signs for it, so I guess the people who paid for those billboards can rest easy knowing they work! Farrah introduced me to their yummy sangria AND we each got the scratch off cards (like a lotto ticket) and were both able to win free stuff for our next visit to Outback (which of course now the advertisers can be even happier that they will successfully get me into an Outback twice)!

Even though it was night it was cool to pass so many colleges on the way-GA Tech, UGA, Clemson, and eventually UNC Chapel Hill and finally Duke! We got their SUPER late but we had a great time along the way! We stayed in the Cambria Suites and we all agree that their beds are the most comfortable hotel beds we have ever been privileged to sleep on!
On Saturday we got up ready to face the Blue Devils, except that I had left my game day shirt AND game day purse at home! How this was even possible, I don't know, because I usually don't unpack any game day stuff from my suitcase so the purse at least should have been in there already! Silly, I know. Anyway, we headed over to campus for lunch and a look around. Campus was beautiful! I felt like I was in England, or at least in a Harry Potter movie! The buildings were beautiful and there was lots of wide open, green spaces and trees. We saw the beautiful "chapel", which is the largest "chapel" in the world, although, I think they could get away with calling it a church. It is a non-denominational church open for students and the public. We couldn't go in because they were having 3 weddings there that day! I couldn't fathom this---3 weddings on a game day?? When Alabama is on your campus?? I guess Duke really IS a basketball school!

We ate some lunch outside and we started to notice lots and lots of students walking around in crazy outfits. I assumed this was for some fraternity party, as there was one blasting right across the street with oddly dresses party goers. I finally just asked someone what they were doing and they said "tailgating". Really? Tailgating? Apparently, the Duke students dress up in weird outfits and go party in a students only parking lot before, during, and after the game. I didn't really see these crazies in the stadium, though. When I say crazy, I mean wild and a little bit scandalous! We saw lots of girls in tutus or short petticoats with only panties on underneath! We also saw 2 girls dressed like Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard, complete with inappropriately short shorts! It was definitely an experience!

In the midst of all of the craziness, I was trying to sell some tix for a friend. I totally would have made a sell had Justin not been so cheap!

 Ahhh---now that is a girl who knows how to dress for a football game! I was so excited to run into Ellen, one of my bffs that I never see because she is in law school at UVA

We did get to go into Cameron Indoor, where the Duke basketball team plays! Mason, on of the players, was in the lobby. He was SO tall! The outside of the arena looks like the rest of the campus. My sister described it as "the castle". Inside, the seats are all above the court and you look down onto it. Apparently, we just missed Coach K walking across the court before we got there! It was very cool to be able to see it AND it was very nice to sit in the air conditioning for a while!
After we cooled off, we went into Wallace Wade Stadium to see the Tide play! Wallace Wade, of course, coached Alabama to a National Championship before coaching at Duke, so it really was a historic game. Their stadium was tiny compared to Bryant Denny, but it was a very neat place. You come in at the top of the seating sections and walk down to your seats. Forrest and I were sitting right in the sun and got sunburned! It was cool, though, because you could get a stamp on your hand and leave the stadium and come back in. Forrest, Justin, and my dad took this opportunity to "revive" themselves while Farrah and I cooled off in the shade (where their seats were happily located).

After the game went back to the hotel to shower and change before heading to Nana's for dinner. Our friends Mrs. Joy and Don Rhea met us for dinner and we couldn't have been a merrier group! Don and Joy told us all kinds of fun stories that kept us laughing all night! Also, Forrest and I found out at dinner that our friends Joseph and Lauren Puckett are expecting their first baby! I am BEYOND excited for them and can't wait to see baby Puckett in April!! The food at Nana's was DELICIOUS! Forrest and I had veal meatballs and gnochi for an appetizer, duck (me) and tuna (Forrest) for our entres and homemade ginger ice cream for dessert! Everything was amazing--I highly recommend!! When we were about to leave were heard screams and groans from the bar area, so we rushed in just in time to see the end of the Auburn v. Clemson game. While watching, Justin got to meet the chef, who had ties to Gadsden, believe it or not! It was a perfect way to cap off a great day!!
On Sunday, all 4 of us got up and went to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church for Mass before heading out. (Coach K may or may not attend this church--one of the buildings was named after Emily K, so who knows!) Justin and Farrah were so kind to go with us! They were actually kind all weekend--finding us the hotel, driving us the entire way, finding the great restaurant! We had an awesome time with them and can't wait for more trips together in the future! They also introduced me to Five Guys burgers and fries on the way home! Heaven!! Everything was so tasty and fresh! The other highlight of the trip back was driving through Kannapolis, home of Dale Earnhardt. We saw his statue and everything! After another lovely ride back, we arrived home delightfully exhausted and ready to face the week! We will NOT be goint to the Arkansas game this weekend, and it might actually be nice to stay home and get some things done for a change! (although, you just can't beat a Bama football weekend!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Legendary Weekend

ROLL TIDE!! We are still on a high from the amazing Alabama v. Penn State football game this weekend! I have been anticipating this match-up since it was announced a few years ago. I remember being very little, probably 4, and watching the Bama/Penn State game at my house in the basement with my brother and mom and dad. I think we were having a party. Anyway, we were behind and my dad asked my brother, who was right at 3, who he was for, and he asked who was winning. When my dad said that PS was winning, my brother replied that he was therefore for PS! My dad used that opportunity to instruct us on how to be good fans, no matter how good or bad your team was doing. Whenever I think of Penn State, I think of this moment! Now, over 20 years later, I have my own memories from the amazing game!!

Hanging with Carla in the Stadium Club. We were both so excited about our new gameday dresses, even though we saw several other girls wearing the same ones! What good taste!

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!

Forrest and his new gameday pal, Emily Ann

2nd victory photo of the season! I hope was have many more!

The week leading up to the game was packed with activities every night! On Tuesday we had book club at Villa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant in town. It was so much fun to take a load off with the girls! We also had a new girl come that I am excited to get to know! Our "club" is very inclusive and that is what makes it so much fun! On Wednesday we had a SCUBA lesson, and get ready for a whole post on that amazing experience! Thursday we celebrated our friend Mark's birthday with dinner at the Courtyard. On Friday night, I packed Justin, Farrah, Jonathan, Denise, Forrest and I into my dad's Suburban (yes, I drove that monster) and drove them all to Canyon Grill in GA for dinner. We had the GREATEST time singing and talking and laughing all the way there. We of course had to stop at a gas station right over the GA line for lotto tix! Forrest and I had no luck, sadly, but we all decided that if one of us wins the big one we will get a skybox at Bryant Denny for the group! :) Dinner was absolutely amazing! Everyone had been there except Forrest and I and we were blown away! Forrest got the "Slash and Burn" catfish, their specialty. What a dish! Check out this monster below!

Arrrgggh! Ready to attack the catfish!

Mission accomplished!

Me, Farrah, and Denise

The next morning we picked up mom and dad in their own car and headed down to Tuscaloosa full of excitement. On top of the fact that the game was such a great match up, several of Forrest's fraternity brothers that we never see were going to be in town, AND my grandparents were coming. My granddaddy hasn't been in Bryant Denny Stadium since the late 70's and my Uncle Joey got them tickets in the ZONE! I wanted to be there and experience their excitement!! We had a great time "housegating" at my sister's before the game and then headed over to the quad to the Helton's tent. The Helton's are our friend Wesley's parents and they throw an amazing tailgate for all of the big home games. We are so grateful to be invited and to have them as friends! After hanging with the Heltons we navigated through the tightly packed tents to visit Edward and some more Lambda Chis. I have NEVER seen the quad so packed! We had to walk through other people's tents to get to where we were going, and the walking on the sidewalks felt like driving in stop and go traffic! Craziness! All of this just added to the excitement of the gameday! While at Edward's tent, it started to sprinkle and I high-tailed it to the AOII house to stay dry. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out before I got there so I was a wet mess when I arrived! At the house I caught up with some friends and met my grandparents, who were awestruck at the entire experience! Forrest came and met me (he was dry!) and my parents at the house and we all walked into the Stadium Club together. On our way, we ran into Dr. Thomas and Mr. Earl, two of the men on the mission trip to Costa Rica with us last February. It was great to see them again and I wish we had more time to catch up with them. I will have to do a post on Costa Rica when I get a minute, as it was a life changing experience!
Before the game, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden were honored on the field with Coach Saban. It was so neat to see both of these legends at one time, and on Coach Bryant's birthday, no less! It was also September 11, and honestly, singing the National Anthem at a game has never meant so much to me. I can't believe that it has been 9 years since that day. I was a senior in high school, sitting in Calculus class, for goodness sake, and here I am today. I was glad that even though the game was so legendary, the significance of the date was respected as well.
On Sunday, we were EXHAUSTED! We got up early and left at 8 so we could be home in time to go to 10:30 Mass. Forrest worked on a project all afternoon and I slept for 3 solid hours before dragging myself to the grocery store and forcing my little arms to clean the house! Now we are looking forward to another fun week and I hope you are too! ROLL TIDE!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I love long weekends---don't you? Although, I think I could have used an extra day to recover from the weekend. Wouldn't that be nice?? Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather on Friday night so we didn't get to go to First Friday as planned. We did, however, rent Diary of a Wimpy kid (yes, the 2nd time we've seen it) and watch it at the Bailey's. It was Nana Frith's birthday and she had come up from Selma to celebrate with the fam and to see Rick Bragg at First Friday. I enjoyed being lazy and watching the movie in celebration of her big day!!
On Saturday, I was DETERMINED to be well because it was the first Bama game of the season and there was no way I was going to miss it! Forrest, Ruffles, and I met my mom and dad at 9 am to get on the road to Ttown (Sonny stayed with the Baileys). We got fired up listening to ESPN radio all the way down the interestate. Ruffles was super excited about her first Bama experience, can't you tell?

I had purchased her some "game day finery" back in August to get her ready for football season (that, and she needed an new collar and I wanted her to have a harness because she is bad to pull her head out of her collar on walks). Here she is not too pleased with her pink and white houndstooth harness, as it smashes her curls!

On gamedays, we hang out at my sister's house (which used to be my house). Everyone that comes to park there brings food and we have a big tailgate (well, housegate, as Justin Hayes says) before and after the game. I LOVE gamedays because you never know who you will see! This particular weekend, we were lucky enough to see TONS of friends! My roomie Molly came to eat lunch with us before going to babysit for Kirby Smart's (yes, that Kirby Smart) kids during the game.

We also got to hang out with the Pucketts. Lauren and Joseph went to high school with Forrest and I and Joseph and Forrest were fraternity brothers. They, like us, were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married! We love getting to see them, and since they are in Birmingham now, it is more special when we do get to see them! They came and met us at MMM's and then we walked together to the Lambda Chi house, where unfortunately, we were too old to know anyone that was there.

Outside of Lambda Chi

We were able to meet up with some other Lambda Chi's on the quad though! Not only did we get to see Bradley and Laurie at their tailgate (Forrest will be in their wedding in May!) but we ran into Jess and Brittany (Forrest will be in their wedding in June) and Zach and Kelley! What a nice day full of reunions!

Forrest, Jess, Zach, and Joseph

What a lovely day for a football game!

Next we made a stop at the AOII house to see my Aunt Fran who is the interim house mother right now. She has done a GREAT job at the house! Look at these cute letters that she had put up in the back yard! They were the Bid Day letters that matched the new girls' jerseys! So cute! The AOII back yard backs up to the stadium so it is imperative that it looks cute! :)

After making the rounds, we went to the Stadium Club, a new party room in the newly renovated end zone of the stadium. My dad got Forrest and I passes to it for every game and we could not be more grateful! The stadium club has tvs playing lots of football games and comfy chairs for watching them, and TONS of food! They had fresh hamburgers and hot dogs, wings, fries, a ceasar salad bar, regular salad bar with fruit and cheese, dessert bar, and much more! You could also get soft drinks and they have a "pouring" room where you can bring in "adult" drinks. We had a great time in the Club before the game AND during half time!

Ice sculpture in the Stadium Club

It was SO exciting to be back in the stadium after the big National Championship win! The new expansion makes the stadium look fabulous! I got so pumped up watching the opening videos and it was so fun to be able to scream and cheer again! I also really enjoyed being able to watch the game and not be stressed out for once!


After the big win, we went back to the house and watched the UNC v. LSU game with everyone before I crashed!

Me and Farrah taking our victory picture! She brought some delicious triple decker Heath Bar brownies and Justin brought some tasty meatballs. They are such fun game day friends!

On Sunday morning we went to Mass at St. Francis, the on campus church, where Coach Saban attends (and where he was on Sunday morning!). After chuch we had our ritual Taco Casa lunch before heading home to Gadsden! As you can tell, we were all so tired from such a jam-packed weekend!

Ruffles snoozing all the way home!

If this doesn't sound like enough fun, yesterday for Labor Day my friend Rachel and I went up to our lake house for a little rest and relaxation, not to mention sun! The weather was PERFECT and we had a great time chatting and catching up and just having some girl time. When I got back to town I picked up Forrest (he had to stay behind from the lake to work on a project--he is so disciplined!) and we went to my parents' for Labor Day dinner-ribs, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, and brownies. We had a plan to go to bed early but that was shot to pieces because we ended up getting hooked to the Boise St. VT game and watched it until it was over. I would like to say that we will get caught up on some sleep this week, but again, we have so many fun things going on that we won't be worried about missing a few zzzzz's!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get Fired Up

On Tuesday night Forrest and I went to the Etowah County Alabama Alumni Association Pep Rally. I used to go to this event as a kid and it was always so much fun! I was asked to be on the board of the association this year so now I get to have a hand in planning fun Alabama events. I really do love planning parties--I think I got that from planning rush for 2 years. If you can do that, you can do anything! I didn't really have anything to do with the preparation of this pep rally because I just got on the board, but I'm really excited to get involved! The pep rally this year was at the Cultural Arts Center. There was a raffle for Bama items AND tickets, as well as a live auction for more tickets, passes, etc. They had items for purchase, as well as gameday dogs! The kids LOVED that the Chick-Fil-A cow was there (dressed in a Bama shirt!) and that BIG AL made an appearance! Check out some pics below! I was in charge of taking pics to put on our facebook page, so I got a lot of shots of different people having a great time cheering on the team (despite the fact that I felt like a creeper). If you are an Alabama alum OR you are just a Bama fan in Etowah County, you can contact me about joining the association. Membership fees are $15 for a single and $25 for a joint membership. All of the money we make goes to fund scholarships for Etowah County students go attend UA! ROLL TIDE!!

Me and Big Al

Table Decorations

Gina, Emily Ann, and Big Al

Baby Avah at her first Bama event

Cows love Bama

Ella, the future tailgater

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