Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baileys Under the Sea

Ok, so under the pool, but who is being picky??? Forrest and I just completed a 2 week "Discover" Scuba class through Scuba Ventures in Vestavia, AL. I actually got the deal off of Groupon. If you don't Groupon (and you should), you are missing out! Once you sign up, they email you the "deal of the day" which can be anything from salon services, photography sessions, restaurant discounts, tickets, you name it they have it (I have seen teeth whitening and laser hair removal!). You have one day to purchase the deal and usually a year to use it. You can also buy them as gifts! So far I have purchased an hour and a half massage at a salon in Birmingham for $40 (I KNOW-super deal) and the discovery class, which I think was either $10 or $20 a person for the 2 week program. On our honeymoon, Forrest and I were interested in taking the resort scuba course, but after I had a little freak out on the boat to snorkel (in my defense, they take you WAY off shore and tell you to jump in and that was not cool with me, even though it was only 13 feet deep. I eventually got over it and had a blast.) we decided not to push our luck. When I saw the Groupon for the scuba class I just knew I had to surprise Forrest with it since it had been me that but the kabosh (sp??) on the last scuba opportunity. Scuba is an expensive hobby but I thought that this might be a fun and inexpensive way to see if we even liked it and to get some experience under our belts. Needless to say he was thrilled and we set up our class for the past 2 Wednesday nights at the Mountain Brook YMCA. I was a little nervous going into it. I mean really, breathing under water is NOT normal! I kept worrying about what would I do if I accidentally spit the mouth piece out under water, or if my mask came off, or if I forgot to turn on the air. (Yes, I know we were in an 8 ft deep pool but still-freak out!) Turns out that they teach you how to deal with all of that stuff up front!! Since it was just us in the class I felt much more comfortable in asking the instructor to slow down and to go at my own pace. Forrest was a natural!! He could do all of the required skills on the first try! Me, not so much . I had trouble breathing in and out my mouth at first, which made my mask mess up because I was breathing out into it. The first thing the instructor wanted us to do was to fill our mask up with water and learn to clear it under water! I was NOT good at this either! I made the executive decision to skip that skill and move on to the next: taking the respirator out of your mouth under water and putting it back in without swallowing any water---the thing that freaked me out the most! I must say that I nailed this one!! After I did that I was able to feel much more at ease under water and by the end of the class I was swimming all over (under) that pool!!
The next week we reviewed the skills we learned and also learned how to take the BCD (the backpack type thing that holds your air tank and other good stuff) off and put it back on under water and how to know if you are out of air (which means the teacher TURNED OFF OUR AIR while we were under water and we had to breathe until we ran out, at which point he turned it back on). We both had the hang of it after these 2 classes! I even turned a flip under water with all of my gear on, which weighed about 40 lbs! I was so glad that I got over myself and tried something new. Forrest is so adventurous and I am usually a creature of my comfort zone, but he always encourages me to try something new and we always have such a great time!! Hopefully in the future we can get certified and start taking Scuba trips!
Getting ready on week 2!So proud of ourselves!


  1. I took Scuba Diving in college and it was awesome! But, it is very weird breathing under water. I would catch myself holding my breath out of instinct...big no no.

  2. I know! When they said the main way to die is by holding your breath I freaked out!! The guy told me that if I caught myself holding my breath, which I did often, to make sure to SCREAM all the way to the surface and that way I wouldn't be holding in any air!!


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