Thursday, September 23, 2010

Davis Passed the Bar!!!

Hooray! Today we found out that Davis, Forrest's brother, passed the Alabama Bar Exam and is officially an attorney! Congratulations! I actually had to call and tell him to check the website because they let the cats out of the bag a day early! He was so surprised! He was just hired last week and is now an associate with Jeff Montgomery, and attorney in town, so I will get to see him pretty often for work. Just as an FYI, the Bar is a 3 day test that you have to pass in order to practice law in Alabama. It is NO fun and reviewing for it might even be worse than the test. If you can pass this monster, you can handle anything! Three cheers for Davis!!

Davis and Forrest at our wedding. Davis is actually a year old than me but spent two years teaching in Japan before starting law school at Alabama.

Walk down memory lane: the day I passed the bar, April 30, 2009. My dad already had cards printed for me, and Forrest came from school and took me to lunch!

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