Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I love long weekends---don't you? Although, I think I could have used an extra day to recover from the weekend. Wouldn't that be nice?? Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather on Friday night so we didn't get to go to First Friday as planned. We did, however, rent Diary of a Wimpy kid (yes, the 2nd time we've seen it) and watch it at the Bailey's. It was Nana Frith's birthday and she had come up from Selma to celebrate with the fam and to see Rick Bragg at First Friday. I enjoyed being lazy and watching the movie in celebration of her big day!!
On Saturday, I was DETERMINED to be well because it was the first Bama game of the season and there was no way I was going to miss it! Forrest, Ruffles, and I met my mom and dad at 9 am to get on the road to Ttown (Sonny stayed with the Baileys). We got fired up listening to ESPN radio all the way down the interestate. Ruffles was super excited about her first Bama experience, can't you tell?

I had purchased her some "game day finery" back in August to get her ready for football season (that, and she needed an new collar and I wanted her to have a harness because she is bad to pull her head out of her collar on walks). Here she is not too pleased with her pink and white houndstooth harness, as it smashes her curls!

On gamedays, we hang out at my sister's house (which used to be my house). Everyone that comes to park there brings food and we have a big tailgate (well, housegate, as Justin Hayes says) before and after the game. I LOVE gamedays because you never know who you will see! This particular weekend, we were lucky enough to see TONS of friends! My roomie Molly came to eat lunch with us before going to babysit for Kirby Smart's (yes, that Kirby Smart) kids during the game.

We also got to hang out with the Pucketts. Lauren and Joseph went to high school with Forrest and I and Joseph and Forrest were fraternity brothers. They, like us, were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married! We love getting to see them, and since they are in Birmingham now, it is more special when we do get to see them! They came and met us at MMM's and then we walked together to the Lambda Chi house, where unfortunately, we were too old to know anyone that was there.

Outside of Lambda Chi

We were able to meet up with some other Lambda Chi's on the quad though! Not only did we get to see Bradley and Laurie at their tailgate (Forrest will be in their wedding in May!) but we ran into Jess and Brittany (Forrest will be in their wedding in June) and Zach and Kelley! What a nice day full of reunions!

Forrest, Jess, Zach, and Joseph

What a lovely day for a football game!

Next we made a stop at the AOII house to see my Aunt Fran who is the interim house mother right now. She has done a GREAT job at the house! Look at these cute letters that she had put up in the back yard! They were the Bid Day letters that matched the new girls' jerseys! So cute! The AOII back yard backs up to the stadium so it is imperative that it looks cute! :)

After making the rounds, we went to the Stadium Club, a new party room in the newly renovated end zone of the stadium. My dad got Forrest and I passes to it for every game and we could not be more grateful! The stadium club has tvs playing lots of football games and comfy chairs for watching them, and TONS of food! They had fresh hamburgers and hot dogs, wings, fries, a ceasar salad bar, regular salad bar with fruit and cheese, dessert bar, and much more! You could also get soft drinks and they have a "pouring" room where you can bring in "adult" drinks. We had a great time in the Club before the game AND during half time!

Ice sculpture in the Stadium Club

It was SO exciting to be back in the stadium after the big National Championship win! The new expansion makes the stadium look fabulous! I got so pumped up watching the opening videos and it was so fun to be able to scream and cheer again! I also really enjoyed being able to watch the game and not be stressed out for once!


After the big win, we went back to the house and watched the UNC v. LSU game with everyone before I crashed!

Me and Farrah taking our victory picture! She brought some delicious triple decker Heath Bar brownies and Justin brought some tasty meatballs. They are such fun game day friends!

On Sunday morning we went to Mass at St. Francis, the on campus church, where Coach Saban attends (and where he was on Sunday morning!). After chuch we had our ritual Taco Casa lunch before heading home to Gadsden! As you can tell, we were all so tired from such a jam-packed weekend!

Ruffles snoozing all the way home!

If this doesn't sound like enough fun, yesterday for Labor Day my friend Rachel and I went up to our lake house for a little rest and relaxation, not to mention sun! The weather was PERFECT and we had a great time chatting and catching up and just having some girl time. When I got back to town I picked up Forrest (he had to stay behind from the lake to work on a project--he is so disciplined!) and we went to my parents' for Labor Day dinner-ribs, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, and brownies. We had a plan to go to bed early but that was shot to pieces because we ended up getting hooked to the Boise St. VT game and watched it until it was over. I would like to say that we will get caught up on some sleep this week, but again, we have so many fun things going on that we won't be worried about missing a few zzzzz's!

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