Monday, September 13, 2010

Legendary Weekend

ROLL TIDE!! We are still on a high from the amazing Alabama v. Penn State football game this weekend! I have been anticipating this match-up since it was announced a few years ago. I remember being very little, probably 4, and watching the Bama/Penn State game at my house in the basement with my brother and mom and dad. I think we were having a party. Anyway, we were behind and my dad asked my brother, who was right at 3, who he was for, and he asked who was winning. When my dad said that PS was winning, my brother replied that he was therefore for PS! My dad used that opportunity to instruct us on how to be good fans, no matter how good or bad your team was doing. Whenever I think of Penn State, I think of this moment! Now, over 20 years later, I have my own memories from the amazing game!!

Hanging with Carla in the Stadium Club. We were both so excited about our new gameday dresses, even though we saw several other girls wearing the same ones! What good taste!

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!

Forrest and his new gameday pal, Emily Ann

2nd victory photo of the season! I hope was have many more!

The week leading up to the game was packed with activities every night! On Tuesday we had book club at Villa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant in town. It was so much fun to take a load off with the girls! We also had a new girl come that I am excited to get to know! Our "club" is very inclusive and that is what makes it so much fun! On Wednesday we had a SCUBA lesson, and get ready for a whole post on that amazing experience! Thursday we celebrated our friend Mark's birthday with dinner at the Courtyard. On Friday night, I packed Justin, Farrah, Jonathan, Denise, Forrest and I into my dad's Suburban (yes, I drove that monster) and drove them all to Canyon Grill in GA for dinner. We had the GREATEST time singing and talking and laughing all the way there. We of course had to stop at a gas station right over the GA line for lotto tix! Forrest and I had no luck, sadly, but we all decided that if one of us wins the big one we will get a skybox at Bryant Denny for the group! :) Dinner was absolutely amazing! Everyone had been there except Forrest and I and we were blown away! Forrest got the "Slash and Burn" catfish, their specialty. What a dish! Check out this monster below!

Arrrgggh! Ready to attack the catfish!

Mission accomplished!

Me, Farrah, and Denise

The next morning we picked up mom and dad in their own car and headed down to Tuscaloosa full of excitement. On top of the fact that the game was such a great match up, several of Forrest's fraternity brothers that we never see were going to be in town, AND my grandparents were coming. My granddaddy hasn't been in Bryant Denny Stadium since the late 70's and my Uncle Joey got them tickets in the ZONE! I wanted to be there and experience their excitement!! We had a great time "housegating" at my sister's before the game and then headed over to the quad to the Helton's tent. The Helton's are our friend Wesley's parents and they throw an amazing tailgate for all of the big home games. We are so grateful to be invited and to have them as friends! After hanging with the Heltons we navigated through the tightly packed tents to visit Edward and some more Lambda Chis. I have NEVER seen the quad so packed! We had to walk through other people's tents to get to where we were going, and the walking on the sidewalks felt like driving in stop and go traffic! Craziness! All of this just added to the excitement of the gameday! While at Edward's tent, it started to sprinkle and I high-tailed it to the AOII house to stay dry. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out before I got there so I was a wet mess when I arrived! At the house I caught up with some friends and met my grandparents, who were awestruck at the entire experience! Forrest came and met me (he was dry!) and my parents at the house and we all walked into the Stadium Club together. On our way, we ran into Dr. Thomas and Mr. Earl, two of the men on the mission trip to Costa Rica with us last February. It was great to see them again and I wish we had more time to catch up with them. I will have to do a post on Costa Rica when I get a minute, as it was a life changing experience!
Before the game, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden were honored on the field with Coach Saban. It was so neat to see both of these legends at one time, and on Coach Bryant's birthday, no less! It was also September 11, and honestly, singing the National Anthem at a game has never meant so much to me. I can't believe that it has been 9 years since that day. I was a senior in high school, sitting in Calculus class, for goodness sake, and here I am today. I was glad that even though the game was so legendary, the significance of the date was respected as well.
On Sunday, we were EXHAUSTED! We got up early and left at 8 so we could be home in time to go to 10:30 Mass. Forrest worked on a project all afternoon and I slept for 3 solid hours before dragging myself to the grocery store and forcing my little arms to clean the house! Now we are looking forward to another fun week and I hope you are too! ROLL TIDE!!

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