Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 I can think of no other phrase word to describe this past weekend. It was a pretty exciting week, with Sardis Court on Tuesday night (where I am the assistant Judge) and dinner for my mom's birthday (which is today) and Davis passing the Bar, a political fundraiser, and watching the new Grey's Anatomy with Molly on Thursday. The OMIGOSH-ness came on Friday, when we went to Birmingham for the Greek Food Fest at the Greek Orthodox church downtown. Forrest and I had gone to it 2 years ago and had a GREAT time, as we ADORE Greek food! We had to miss last year but were pumped about getting to go this year. To make it even more fun, we invited our friends the Pucketts, who just found out they are expecting their first baby, Katie and Gusty Gulas, and Jay and Claire. I rode down with Jay since Forrest was already in Bham for school. The Fest was PACKED but everyone was having a wonderful time! I was so excited to see Lauren Puckett, the new mommy to be! OMIGOSH! It is so weird to me that one of "us" is going to have a baby!! I was so happy for them that I brought them a little "Happy Baby" present. I just couldn't resist all the cute baby things at the store---who knew baby toys, clothes and shoes were so adorable???
Our present for baby Puckett! Roll Tide!!

We managed to find an empty table and we sat for hours eating, drinking, and catching up with each other! I had the Pasticcho, kind of like a Greek lasagna, and Forrest had a lamb gyro. We also got some baklava and loukoumathes, which are kind of like little doughnut holes covered in honey and cinnamon. Forrest has been waiting 2 years for those little doughnuts, and I think they were worth the wait!!

Pigging out at the Greek fest!

Joseph got cut out of the group picture, so we took one of just him!
There were also several vendor stations set up, and we enjoyed looking and the Greek arts and crafts before we finally had to call it a night.

Forrest and Jay showing off their Greek pride

Saturday was the first Saturday in 3 weeks that we have not gone to the Alabama football game, and it was actually kind of nice to be able to sleep late and not have to worry about being somewhere early. We were able to finally get some work done around the house and Forrest even took Sonny on a hike. We watched the game at my parent's with a bunch of friends and OMIGOSH it was too stressful!! I got so frustrated I had to leave the party and watch it upstairs. However, once I got upstairs, we started doing MUCH better and so I had to stay there to ensure a win! :) Everyone in the house was screaming and yelling like crazy people, as Alabama waited until the very end to beat Arkansas! Whew---I felt like I had played in that game by the time it was all said and done! After the game we hung around and had hot dogs and chili (yes, even though it was 90 degrees outside) AND birthday cake for my mom!

Mom's birthday cake! I got the stadium shaped cake pan for Christmas and Kacie at our office was kind enough to decorate it for me! Isn't is adorable ?! (The lines on the field shifted when I was driving it up the mountain to her house--oops!)

This shows a little bit of the side of the cake. Kacie was SO detailed!

Before Forrest and I went home we stopped at Tom and Frances' to watch the end of the Auburn game. We hadn't been to the Banks' to hang out in so long so it was nice to catch up!

On Sunday I got up and drove to Birmingham to go to my grandparents' church before picking up Katie to go see Legally Blonde, the musical. The Mass times at OLS were much better considering the time of the show and allowed me to sleep an extra hour! :) Katie and I were in the 2nd to back row in the theater but we LOVED the play!! (They even had a real dog as Bruiser--I figured it would be fake!)

The main song, OMIGOD, has been stuck in my head ever since (if you couldn't tell by reading this post)! It was also super nice to get to hang out with Katie! Katie and I went to high school together (she actually graduated with Forrest) and was one of my little sisters in AOII. She married one of Forrest's fraternity brothers, Gusty Gulas, and I was in their wedding 2 years ago! They live in Birmingham so we don't see each other as often as I would like, so it really was special to get to see her 2 days this weekend! While I was gone, Forrest and Sonny had lunch at the Bailey's in celebration of Davis passing the Bar and getting a job! Once I got home, we went to Mom and Dad's and had steaks for dinner--yes, another birthday dinner for Mom! Now we are looking forward to another full week, but with much cooler weather! Hooray---it is about time!

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