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Can Someone Say "Beat Down"???

ROLL TIDE! We are still coming off of the high of the Tide's big win over the Gators this weekend! The UA v. FLA game has definitely been a big one in the past, but to me, it got personal the last time we played them at home, which was Oct 1 2005. I will NEVER forget that day! First off all, I had to take the LSAT that morning--yes, ON campus ON a game day no less! I went to the test with a HUGE bag containing my make up and game day dress and shoes, as I am a girl with her priorities in line! After the test I scurried to the AOII house to change (I remember that the strap on my dress broke so I had to borrow one of Deb's) and then I met up with Forrest for the game. It was Urban Meyer's first time to coach in Tuscaloosa and we were all nervous because he was supposed to be a great coach and FLA was a great team. We had been struggling in past years (I was lucky enough to have coaches Fran, Price, Shula and then finally Saban during my 7 football seasons. Forrest had Shula the entire time he was a student!) and knew that a win over the Gators would be HUGE for us! Well, it WAS! We beat them 31-3 and I honestly can say it was the loudest game I had been to in my life and definitely still ranks right on up there even today! Unfortunately, our star player, Tyrone Prothro (who used to run over my high school team), broke his leg, thus ending his career. The Gator fans had the audacity to do their gator chomp while he was laying on the field writhing in pain! CLASSLESS!!! That was when it got personal--you just don't do that! Because of that day, 5 years ago, we were all fired up about hosting them in Tuscaloosa once again.
We started off the weekend with a great day of fun on Friday (well, I had fun NOT working and Forrest had fun at school). I had a dentist appointment Friday (no, not with Forrest, although I guess I can just start going to him now so he can practice) which took up most of the morning. I took the afternoon off because we were going to Tuscaloosa that evening and I needed time to pack and get ready since Forrest was just going to stay at school all day until we picked him up on our way down. (Ok so I probably didn't really need to take off the WHOLE afternoon, but who can work on the day before the UA v. FLA game?) I also felt it IMPERATIVE that I get my toenails done before the game, so Denise and I met at Nail Palace for a little girl time (she had luckily taken the day off too). While waiting my turn at the nail salon, I got REALLY brave and decided to have THIS done to my toes:

My toes are the bottom ones and Claire's are on top. She got them last week, which made me brave enough to get mine done!
Yes, I know I am 26 and an attorney, but I couldn't resist! I did, however, draw the line at the 3 rhinestones per toe the technician wanted to add (which, may I say, cost $2 a piece!). I must say that I did feel extra team spirit all weekend!

When we got to Tuscaloosa we picked up my Aunt Fran, who is filling in as the house mother for AOII (she and my mom and my sister and I are were all AOII's and the rush chairs-how funny) and went to Kobe for dinner with my parents, MMM, her bf Matt and roommate Hadley. It was Aunt Fran's 1st time at a Japanese steak house so it was fun to watch her be entertained. Forrest had a Manhattan roll which was delicious and we split the chicken and shrimp dinner. By the time we were done we were totally stuffed and ready for bed! We are lucky to be getting a Kobe here in the Gadsden Mall so it was great to get to try it out!

Matt, MMM, Mom, Dad, Hadley

After dinner, we drove by the President's Mansion, which looked like this! Spooky!

On Saturday, Forrest apparently went walking around campus at about 6:30 am! What an early riser! He said people were already out on the quad setting up their tailgates! He came and woke Ruffles and I up at 8:30 and surprised us with chicken minis from Chick-Fil-A! I don't usually like getting up that early if I don't have too, but I'll make an exception for breakfast! It was actually really nice to already be in Tuscaloosa for game day, even though the game didn't start until 7pm. We got to watch ESPN College GameDay, which I love! We also made a special trip to the Treasure Hunt, a discount store our friend Jody told us about.

You know the Baileys--we love our bargains--so we were very curious to check it out! Apparently, Treasure Hunt buys returns and overstocks from stores like Belk, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond and then sells the merchandise at discounted rates, just like a catalog outlet. You may have seen a store called Dirt Cheap, and it is the same thing, just nicer stuff! We were amazed at how clean and organized the store was AND at the quality of the merchandise! We got so many awesome deals, including 3 dresses and a sweater for me (one I had tried on at Belk a few months ago), a new doormat, plastic storage bins (which means I get to organize the basement---hooray!), several OXO kitchen utensils, and perhaps the best buy of the day.......
Hot Dog costume for Ruffles!
Other items of interest included:
Ab Rocker

Racing gear

After our triumphant shopping experience, we went back to MMM"s house to get ready for the game and hang out. Justin and Farrah came with some DELICIOUS bbq and even Jonathan and Denise stopped by to see us! I was really excited too to see my friend Ellen, who had come from UVA to stay with Claire for the weekend, AND my friend Randi!
Me and Farrah ready for the game

Randi and I about to head out on our "adventure"

Me, Ellen, and Claire
 That is exactly why I love game days---reunions with friends! After we all ate Randi and I went to the quad to do an unfortunately unsuccessful "walk by" of a tent and then went to meet up with Forrest and some Lambda Chis at the Bear Trap. If you know Randi and I, you know it was pretty funny for us to be busting up in a bar on our own! It was great to see some of the guys and catch up with them before we headed off to the game. My parents got invited to sit in a friend's sky box, so Dad gave his extra tickets to my Aunt Sue and cousin Sara. We met them at the Stadium club and ate before we went to our seats. This week they had some amazing shrimp and grits and white cheddar mac and cheese! While we were eating we got to see the end of the LSU v. TN game....CRAZINESS!!! Now, I can't really pull for either team, as it is totally against all that I stand for, but seriously, what was going on there??? Substituting with less than 10 seconds on the clock? 13 men on the field? Come on!! Luckily our game was no where NEAR that crazy, and I, for one, appreciate it!
There is really very little I can say about the game except to reiterate that we BEAT DOWN those Gators! I honestly was a little bit disturbed by it all at first, as I didn't really expect us to dominate them like we did. I kept feeling that at any moment something bad was going to happen! I don't really know what that says to me as a fan. I guess I am just reluctant to get cocky or complacent especially in the face of a good opponent. I really had fun sitting with Aunt Sue and Sara because we all kept shrieking as loud as we could! The poor people around us! :) When you keep an SEC opponent out of the end zone, you can't help but be excited, right?? After the game we celebrated at MMM's with our traditional victory cookie cake and some great pizza dip that my mom made and will have to post the recipe for! Even though the game got over after 10pm, we all stayed up late watching highlights of the game and listening to all the commentary on how great we were. What a happy Saturday!

Me and Sara
I ran into my friend Wendy! Love her!

Beautiful view of the score board (the coaches had already started to walk to center field, despite 32 seconds remaining)

Hey Gators! We just beat the hell outta you!

Victory pic!

We saw this in the church parking lot, and I'd say it pretty much sums up my feelings!
On Sunday we went to Mass on campus (have I mentioned that the priest who married us is the campus priest, who is also the football team chaplain and who therefore gets to stand on the sidelines during the games?), where Coach Saban was present! Then we picked up a biscuit and headed back home for lunch at the Baileys. The whole Bailey clan got together to celebrate Davis's new job and passing the bar. Lunch was amazing--baby back ribs, potato casserole, zucchini with some kind of cheese and sauce, slaw, mac and cheese, you name it we ate it! Mrs. Bailey had been to the Harvest festival and got me a cute watch and pair of earrings as well as THIS for Ruffles:

Adorable houndstooth bow!
When lunch was over we scurried home and took a long nap before heading to the store and then dinner at my parents (yes, that would be 2 meals provided by parents that day). We really couldn't have asked for a better weekend filled with family, friends, and winning! ROLL TIDE!

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