Monday, October 18, 2010


This weekend was homecoming at UA. I never really got all that into homecoming while I was in college, I guess because it was SUCH a busy week with all the pomping and activities and on top of that the game was always lame. For the past 2 years, however, we have played SEC teams on homecoming and that has made it more fun and exciting for me! This week, we decided to stay in town on Friday night since the game didn't start until 8pm on Saturday. We were able to go to the Baileys' for dinner and we even went to see The Social Network. We haven't been to a movie in what feels like AGES, so this was a fun treat! We absolutely LOVED this movie, btw. It was about the creation of Facebook and the lawsuits that stemmed from it. It was 2 1/2 hrs long but I felt like only about 10 minutes had passed when it ended!
Since the game was so late, we got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning, which I VERY MUCH appreciated! Justin and Farrah had agreed to be our ride for the day so we loaded up their can and headed out about 10:30. We ALWAYS have fun riding with J and F, and this week was no exception. I don't know how we find such weird things to discuss, but it always happens! When we got to Ttown we basically unloaded at my sisters and jumped back in the car with my mom to take another trip to the Treasure Hunt. Unfortunately, the selection was nowhere near as diverse as when Forrest and I went a few weeks ago, so we were all a tad disappointed! Forrest and I did buy 7 more storage bins for the basement. I will get it organized if it kills me!
One great thing about homecoming is that it is the weekend that most people come back into town (hence the name, I suppose) so we get to see so many friends! I was super excited to see Jennifer and Phillip, who are getting married next September (and I am going to be a bridesmaid)! I was glad to get to see them in person and catch up on their wedding plans and hear all about Jennifer's new job at Burr Forman in Bham.
Jennifer and I before the game! Soon we will take this same picture, but she will have on her wedding gown!

After they left, it was time to head to the Lambda Chi house for their homecoming festivities. Jay and Claire and Joseph and Lauren met up with Justin, Farrah, Forrest, and I and we all enjoyed touring the house, eating dinner, and watching the end of the AU game. Let me pause to mention that I didn't recognize a single soul at the house, which would suggest that I am OLD. I can't believe that I graduated almost 5 years ago!
Yummy cake at Lambda Chi

After we had our fill at Lambda Chi we went to AOII, where luckily I knew more people! (My sister keeps me young, I guess!) AOII was paired w/ Beta as their fraternity for homecoming, and they won first prize in the lawn decoration contest! When I was there we NEVER won nor did we come close to winning. I must say that the girls did a fabulous job, don't you think???
On our way out of the door to take a pic with the lawn decoration, we ran into Tyler Watts, one of Bama's previous quarterbacks! He married one of our sorority sisters a few years ago.

Attempting to get a pic with the AOII lawn display! 1st Place! Way to go girls!

Our friend Gina that sits behind us at the games sold us her tickets, so MMM and Matt and my cousin Ashley and her bf Jeremiah got to sit with us! Ashley is a 1L in law school and talking to her brought back all of those dreadful memories of first year! I know Ashley will do a fantastic job, but thinking about all that studying now makes my head spin! Good luck Ash!!!

Ashley and I

Forrest and Jeremiah both, apparently, are lacking in the photogenic department. At least, that is what I was trying to capture in this pic

After a lack luster win we left the stadium at 11:35 and went back to the house, were we stayed up watching the west coast game and highlights before finally crashing about 2 am. Now, this might not seem late to some, but to us it was! Thankfully we got to sleep late and go to late church (Saban was there too, I guess he needed extra rest as well). Before we left town we stopped at 5 Guys for lunch. The weather was amazing so we sat outside with Ruffles while we ate! Once we got home Forrest worked around the house while I napped and did a quick grocery run. Then we drove out to Duck Springs to pick up Sonny before heading to mom and dad's for a steak dinner! The Baileys are so kind to keep Sonny while we are out of town. He LOVES going out and running around all of their land and playing with their chickens! After a great dinner we went home where Forrest got ready to start a new week of school, while I watched a surprise that the DVR had saved for me over the weekend: the new season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders-Making the Team! :) Yes, I know, but for some reason I just LOVE that show! I also stayed up late finishing my book, The Help, which was wonderful! I highly recommend it! This week we are back to our regular schedule since Forrest is back in school. Hope you all have a great week!
Ruffles driving home! (haha, no, not realy)

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