Friday, October 15, 2010

New Shoes

So last night we went to the St. James School $10,000 Give Away. I was SUPER excited to go! My parents went to this event every year when I was little and I always thought it sounded glamorous, so this year I was determined to buy a ticket! For $100 you get a ticket in the $10,000 drawing, dinner, open bar, and entry into the silent and live auctions. You could also buy bingo cards to win another chance in the drawing, as well as raffle tickets to win a refrigerator filled with steaks or a wagon filled with alcohol (the proverbial wagon that people fall off of sometimes, I guess). The party was really fun--there were so many people there from church and connected with the school that I was so excited to see. (My brother, sister, and I all went to St. James and it truly was a wonderful experience! ) We also brought Farrah and Justin along with us, which made it even more fun!
The $10,000 drawing is a reverse drawing, meaning the last ticket drawn is the winner. It was SO much more exciting than I thought! They gave us a list of the ticket holders when we came in, so when they started drawing numbers we could scratch off the ones that were out. We got out really early, but it was still fun to tick off the other "losers"! My mom left me her 2 tickets and so I had to pay attention for her. She ended up being 8 tickets away from winning the money! By the time it was over my stomach was all tied up in knots for her!! I know that being number 8 is still not winning, but it was a heck of a lot closer than I was! (My grandparents actually won years ago!)
What was Forrest doing while I was scratching names off of the list?? Checking out the silent auction, of course! Let me just say that Forrest LOVES silent auctions. Nothing thrills him more than to scope out a great deal! We went to at least 4 auction events in the spring and so by last night he was a pro! All night long I saw him wandering around the auction tables, trying to bring home a big deal. When he returned to the table he had lots of loot for us including a tuxedo shirt that was exactly his size ($8), a gift certificate for me to get my nails done ($5), and these ($5), which were luckily my size:

Thank you Farrah for capturing these for all of the world to see!

Yes, that is right, I now own this pair of shoes. What possessed him? Well, he said they were only $5, no one else had bid on them (I think there was a reason for that), the money went to support the school, and I could always wear them to the next Jersey Shore party! All good reasons, right??? They defiinitely were good for a laugh and I'm currently trying to come up with a Halloween costume that allows me to wear them, although I tried them on and I can hardly walk in them! All in all the night was great fun with great friends in support of a great cause!

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