Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gadsden Service Guild

Today I went to court with hot glue on my pants. WHY on Earth would I be using a hot glue gun before court? Well, I was getting my Gadsden Service Guild hours, of course. The Gadsden Service Guild is kind of like the Junior League, I guess. It is a group of all women and we each are assigned a place at which to volunteer. We also have several large service projects a year. On top of being a great way to serve the community, it is a great way to meet other women in town and to hang out and have fun! I was just invited to be a member of the Guild this year and my assigned service placement is Striplin Elementary. Lucky for me, my friend Megan's mom teaches the 1st grade there, so I was able to set up my service hours directly through her. I have been going 2 hours a month (4 this month because December is a crazy time at schools) and helping her with whatever she needs me to do. The first time, I helped some of the slower readers with their sight words and story for the week. The next time, I helped some students take a test and got to watch them as they did their "Buzzy Bee" activity. They were learning about pollination and they got to make bumble bees with pipe cleaner legs. Then, they took each bee and buzzed from "flower" to "flower" and dipped their legs in the "pollen" (yellow sand) so they could "pollinate" the flowers and as one child told me "collect pollen to take to the baby bees so they could eat". Pretty close, I figured.

Bulletin board Mrs. Weaver made with the kids' bees and flowers. They also took a video of the group reciting the poem.
Both times I have had a lot of fun and have been so impressed with all of the technology being used in the classroom. The students use computers to do math and reading drills and to take accelerated reader tests. They also have a projector that turns their white board into a touch screen! I was blown away! All we had in first grade was chalk and rubber cement!! (My 1st grade teacher was anti-paste). I also was enthralled while listening to Mrs. Weaver teaching them rules of grammar and how to read. Do you remember learning to read? It seems hard! All those rules about how the organization of the letters makes some letters say some sounds and other times they say a different sound? Yes I just re-read that and it sounded crazy but the message I am trying to get across is that I was very impressed!!!
Back to today and the hot glue. As I mentioned, I doubled up on my hours this month because of the craziness that is December in an elementary school. Mrs. Weaver is having surgery so she won't be back until January, so she really needed me today. To do what? Hot glue turkeys!! The students had traced their hands and colored them in to make "feathers" and then painted cups to make the turkey body. Mrs. Weaver hot glued a pom pom on the base of the cup to make a head, and it was my job to glue on all of the loose pieces. I was a little apprehensive at first--I have no idea when the last time I used a hot glue gun was--but then I figured that in the 1st grade your gluing skills don't exactly have to be top notch, so I went with it and had a blast! Again, I never do projects or crafts like this! I had so much fun helping the kids stick on the wiggly eyes and attach the feet to their project. They were so proud of themselves when their bird was ready to go!! I had a great time and I hope that I took some pressure off of Mrs. Weaver on her last day!
Just a few of the stellar turkeys I glued together. Didn't the kids do a great job??

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