Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss Alabama USA

 One day this Fall my sister text me and asked me, out of the blue, if she should do the Miss Alabama USA pageant. I had told her years ago that she should do this pageant so of course I said yes. She had heard that they were having an informational meeting in Tuscaloosa about it so she figured "why not". She had done several school pageants but never any national or state wide pageants before so the process was new to her and to me and my mom as well. Still, we both encouraged her to do it, and now we are the proud family to the 3rd Runner up in the pageant!!!
The pageant was over the LSU weekend and I already had committed to going to the game, so I had to miss the preliminary night on Saturday. My mom, Aunt Fran, Mimi, Aunt Sue, and cousin Sara all went to support our girl and sent me texts updating me on how well she was doing. On Sunday, I got dropped off in Tuscaloosa on the way home from NOLA so that I could watch the final day of the pageant. I hoped she would make the Top 15 so that I could actually see her perform! My mom and I met my Mimi and Aunt Fran at the Bama Theater to cheer our girl on. Aunt Sue and Sara had made signs the night before so we brought those with us to help us support MMM. We were all SO nervous as we waited for the show to begin!

The show started with an opening number performed by all of the contestants. MMM looked so good and did a great job dancing.

They also had to introduce themselves to the audience and our cheering section went wild when she announced that she was "Mary Margaret McCord, Miss Gadsden USA!!!" We had so much fun being loud and crazy in support of her! After the introductions, they announced the Top 15. My whole body was shaking as they slowing read off the lucky girls' names. The 6th name called was "Mary Margaret McCord" and OMG we went nuts!! We were all screaming "Go Gadsden!!!"

Right after they called her name
Thank heavens they called her pretty early in the line up. If she had been one of the last names called I probably would have gotten sick right there in the theater! We sent out about 100 texts each notifying anxious friends at home that she had made it to the next round. What a relief, but then the nerves really began!!
The girls that made the top 15 had to model their swimsuits and evening gowns again. I don't know if you have seen my sister in a swimsuit but I knew that she had that event nailed down. She has got the best figure ever! See???

After modeling their suits, the girls went to change into their evening gowns. While they changed the other contestants were supposed to model their gowns. One girl clearly had a mad face on, I guess because she didn't advance, and she glared at the judges down the stage! Poor thing. The rest of the girls looked so pretty and I really enjoyed seeing all of the different gowns. Mary Margaret's gown was royal blue and very flowy. When she turned, she sort of twirled the fabric and it looked amazing! Simply stunning!

They had an escort to help them down the stairs
I knew she had done well, but so did all the girls. I really had no idea what to expect when it was time to announce the top 5. We were sitting on pins and needles when the MC announced that it was time. "Miss Yellow Hammer USA, Miss Tuscaloosa USA, MISS GADSDEN USA!!!!!!" I can't even describe the feeling that went through me when they called her name!

This shows how crazy I went when they called her name for top 5. I couldn't even hold the camera still!
I don't think I've even screamed that loud at a Bama game! My mom started sobbing and my Aunt and I continued to scream like animals--what fun! We were so excited because we knew that no matter what, she was getting a place in the pageant! Next it was time for the on-stage question. The questions seemed fairly easy to me but I was not standing on stage in front of the judges and audience. Mary Margaret's question was "what tv show or movie has impacted you in a profound way". I thought this was kind of a dumb question, I mean, has any tv show or movie really had a profound effect on 20 yr olds?? Maybe some of the Oscar winners, like Crash or Brokeback Mountain or any of them that deal with social issues? Mary Margaret had a really cute answer. She said that her favorite show was Grey's Anatomy and that she puts in the DVD when she studies, so it has really helped her through college. Off the cuff, I thought that was pretty great!

After the questions we had to sit and wait on the final tabulations, which seemed to take about 10 years. Finally, they started the awards ceremony: "4th Runner Up-Miss Yellow Hammer, 3rd Runner Up-Miss Gadsden, 2nd Runner Up, Miss Greystone, 1st Runner Up, Miss Vulcan, and winner, Miss Tuscaloosa!"

We were so excited for MMM! I mean, to go to this pageant for the first time with no coach or training, and to come out with 3rd Runner up, surely means she has some natural pageant abilities! We were all busting at the seems to get to see her afterwards--poor thing she was so hot and exhausted and happy!

Everyone told her how incredible she was and everyone we spoke to encouraged her to try it again! She even got interviewed by the Crimson White

Getting her interview on
I am such a proud sister and can't wait to see what she does next!


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