Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mississippi State Weekend

I woke up Friday morning feeling TERRIBLE! I some how had contracted the most awful cold, which made it difficult for me to sleep, so not only was I feeling puny I was also exhausted! Needless to say on Friday I was not much help at work. I told myself that I had to get over it before Saturday so I decided that the best way to handle the situation was to get over myself and ignore the cold, which is what I did. My parents dropped me off in Birmingham  on their way down to Tuscaloosa so I could meet Forrest for dinner. We had a coupon for Sekisui, a sushi restaurant in Vestavia, that we had purchased several months ago from Restaurant.com that we were saving for a special occasion. Since Friday was our "monthiversary" we decided it would be a great time to try it. The coupon was "spend $50, get $25 off" so we set off on the task of spending $50, which was actually kind of difficult. We ordered 2 kinds of sushi (crunchy shrimp and a Louisiana Roll, which had craw fish in it and was delish). Then we each ordered an entree. When our plates came out, we were shocked. The portions were huge!

My Tempura Box--enormous!

We enjoyed every bite and somehow were able to have room for dessert--tempura cheesecake with ice cream and mango sauce. We both really liked the restaurant and we liked the bill even more! We will definitely be going there again in the future!
On Saturday I was determined to be in full form for the football game. School is really heating up for Forrest now, so he decided it would be best if he stayed home and got some work done. Not only is he juggling his patients and classes, but he also has to prepare for 10 finals in 10 days in December! Please please pray for him! Since I was flying solo, Justin and Farrah graciously agreed to drive me to and from the game. They had made some pigs in a blanket WITH cheese to take to the house for tailgate food, and I may or may not have sampled a few on the way down! I was really excited about this weekend because my friend Deborah from Knoxville was coming down to go to the game with her sister. She stayed at Randi's house and then made their way over to MMM's to hang out and watch the AU game with me! It was of course so much fun to see 2 of my favorite college girlfriends. We went to the Quad to find a friend of Randi's and Deborah pointed out that it felt like we should still be in college together, and it is so true! We have all grown up so fast! Being back there together, on a game day, really did make me miss the old college life! After the Quad, we headed up to eat dinner in the Stadium Club. Since Forrest didn't make it to the game, Randi was able to use his ticket. We had a blast hanging out with Deb's sister Carla and her friend Amy (both AOII's) and watching the AU v. UGA game. The entire room was cheering for UGA in unison. It was a hoot!!

Mom and Dad met me in the club and we all went to our seats together. This adorable little lady was my date:
Obviously, Emily Ann did not bring Bella to the game

It of course was a great game, especially since we won by so much, but there was definitely a lack of excitement. After the loss to LSU, it is guaranteed that we won't make it to the SEC Championship Game and we probably won't go to a BCS bowl. Now, of course, a 10-2 team is not one to turn your nose up at, but still, after last year, it seemed that the whole stadium was a little bit let down. I hope everyone can get their enthusiasm back up for the last 2 games and the bowl game!
On Sunday I woke up feeling worse than I did on Saturday. I suppose sitting outside for 3 hours didn't do a thing for my cold! I went to church but afterwards I basically laid around watching tv all afternoon. I just wasn't motivated to do a single thing!! My sweet husband made my requested lunch of grilled cheese and chicken soup. I finally pried myself up to go to the store (when I ran out of things to watch) and to eat at Mom and Dad's. We had filets, green bean casserole, baked rice, and salad. YUM! Mom even had us fresh baked cookies and ice cream! A good meal made me feel a lot better. Hopefully I will shake this cold tomorrow and have a great week!

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