Thursday, November 11, 2010

New (to us) Car

A few weeks ago I wrote about Forrest being involved in a car accident. That was 3 weeks and 2 days ago, to be exact. Luckily he was not hurt at all, but the Volvo was not so lucky. Even though it didn't look too terrible, the damage was going to be so expensive to repair that the insurance company decided to total the car. At that point, you can't really do anything. They gave us a VERY reasonable settlement so we set off on the task of finding a reliable replacement car to hold Forrest over until he gets out of school, at which point we can both get new rides! This was a much more difficult task than we thought--apparently used cars  are in high demand right now and are more expensive than they should be. We were kind of depressed about it, especially since we are trying our best to be good savers and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on a car that we would want to trade in just a few years. Also, it was really hard for us to have time to look at cars since we are in different cities all day long during the week and have been going out of town every weekend. Forrest was going to sacrifice going to the game this weekend so he could go to ATL and car shop. That was until we got the best opportunity last night!! Our family friends Harriet and Keith called us and said that they were ready to get rid of Keith's dad's car, who had passed away earlier in the year. It is a 2007 Honda Accord and they were willing to make us a great offer. How great? Well their asking price was EXACTLY the amount of money that the insurance company gave us. We hadn't told them the amount either--they just happened to make that offer. How blessed are we!!?? We went to look at it last night at about 10pm (can you tell how quickly we wanted the whole car business to be over with?) and it was perfect. It had everything we were looking for: LOW mileage, GREAT gas mileage, roomy back seat for transporting friends and/or dogs, EXCELLENT condition, and reliable brand that will make for a good resale or trade in amount in a few years. We definitely walked right into a deal that was perfect!!! Thank you Harriet and Keith for being such great friends!!

Sad about saying "goodbye" to the Volvo. It was such a great car!

Happy about the awesome new deal on the new car! We are now a Honda family, apparently.

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