Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We have been looking forward to spending the weekend in New Orleans for seriously months. Justin and Farrah invited us to go with them ages ago and finally the weekend arrived! Forrest had several tests last week and I had a crazy work schedule so we were in definite need of a good vacation! Justin and Farrah picked me up at home and we drove to Birmingham to pick Forrest up at my grandparents' house. I got some good napping accomplished while on the way down and of course Farrah and I serenaded the guys with our incredible vocal styling. It felt so nice to actually sit still for more than a few minutes! We arrived in NOLA just in time to check into the Ritz which Justin had booked for us (he is the master and getting super cheap rates on super nice hotels), changing, and heading to dinner at Ralph's on the Park. It was a lovely little place outside of the French Quarter. We each had an appetizer, but Forrest's was the best--the tempura oyster mushrooms! You MUST try these if you go back! We love eating with Justin and Farrah because they are "sharers" and will always let you try what they order. We all ordered different things so we could sample more of the menu! I had a steak and Forrest had "reconstructed" fried chicken--both very yum!! We all caved and ordered a dessert as well. What a delightful dinner! While we were waiting on dessert, we noticed that there was a patron that looked surprisingly like Joe Namath. We spent a good amount of time wandering past his table and trying to figure out if it was in fact him, but alas, it wasn't. Nevertheless, we were all excited about our "almost" celebrity siting!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to change again so we would be ready for Bourbon Street. I hadn't been to New Orleans since February 07 on a Lambda Chi formal, and it was good to see that nothing had changed! :) The people watching was the best, as usual! We ran into our friends Brett and JT Bowtie before we ducked into Pat O'Brien's. Farrah and I split a Hurricane, which was a good thing, My, those things are stout!!

While we were sitting outside on the patio and gentleman came up to us and handed us his card. Apparently he represents "Indian Tribal Dancers" that can perform at your party, wedding, or corporate event. Who knew?? Chock it all up to Bourbon Street, I guess! After a quick stop for a Hand Grenade for the boys, we went back to the hotel WAY past our bedtime to rest and get "mentally" for the game the next day. However, on the way home, we saw The HOFF, right there on Bourbon! I only got a good look at the back of his head because there was such a crowd around him. Count that as 2 celebrities spotted in one day! (since we are including fake Joe Namath)
As much as I hate to admit it, I was not too excited about going to Baton Rouge on Saturday for the UA v. LSU game. Forrest and I went to BR two years ago and although we won, we felt like the atmosphere was a little hostile and intense. After surviving that experience, I felt like I could live my whole life without going through that again, but I agreed to go anyway, hoping for the best. We didn't have tickets so the first order of business was to find 4 reasonably priced tickets from some kind ticket vendor. We got stuck in traffic so Farrah and I hopped out of the car en route to campus to procure the tickets. It was kind of fun holding up 4 fingers and haggling with the ticket salesmen. We were determined NOT to pay over face value for the tickets, no matter how long we had to wait! We finally ran across a kind LSU fan selling a pair for face value, which we jumped on. When the boys met up with us, they were so impressed! The last 2 were pretty tricky, but right before kick off we managed to find another worn down LSU fan to sell us another pair at face value! Mission accomplished! Forrest and I were on row 2 and Farrah and Justin were right above us on row 13. I couldn't see squat but it was so much fun to be right at the field, even if we were surrounded by LSU fans. The Bama bench was in front of us so I got some good pics of the players.

We were leading most of the game when all of a sudden, the wheels came off and we couldn't get it back together! OH NO! After LSU scored the go-ahead touchdown, Forrest and I noticed our phones going CRAZY!!! Apparently, Forrest had clearly been on TV and just about everyone we knew saw it and was texting us! How funny! He is famous! We scurried out right before the game ended to avoid the rush of LSU people, since we were some of the only Bama people in our section. It was a long, sad, and quite ride down the interstate. We pulled over at our favorite road trip restaurant, Outback, to attempt to drown our sorrows in Sangria and cheese fries, to no avail. Then we thought that if we sang sad songs and changed the words to Bama references, we would feel better. Farrah and I gave it our best shot, but still, overwhelming gloom enveloped the car. Once we got back to the hotel, we were all so bummed we basically were just wallowing around in our sadness. Finally, I decided that we needed a bedtime snack, so we walked down to Cafe Du Monde. Nothing like sugar and carbs to ease the pain of a loss, right?

The people watching made us feel a little better, especially the guy walking around with a cat on his shoulder! The best part of this late night adventure was running into the 2 Bama fans that sat in front of us at the game, who informed me that one of the LSU cheerleaders stationed right in front of our seats had cussed at me while I was cheering! This sent me over the edge! I was in NO way obnoxious--I was just cheering for our boys! I would expect this from a drunk fan, but not a cheerleader in uniform on the field! Thank goodness I didn't realize that she did it while I was there! I guess now Forrest and I both have a funny store to tell from the game!
The next Sunday, when we awoke to see that the sun in fact was still shining, we walked down to St. Louis Cathedral for Mass.

 On the way, we saw Anderson Cooper from CNN shopping on Royal Street! We tried to get a picture with him but he was kind of rude. I guess I understand that, I mean, we were interrupting his Sunday morning off! That makes 2 celebs and 1 almost celeb for the weekend! After Mass in the spectacular church we got some lunch at Cafe Beignet. Forrest had a scrumptious Muffaletta and I had an omelet, and of course, we had to have another order of beignets.

Enjoying our lunch while a cat enjoys a nap near by
 It was our last stop before heading back to Alabama. Overall, we had a great time with great friends! I just wish the game had ended a little differently!

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