Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday Games = Crazy Weeks!

Alabama played on Thursday this week, which totally jacked up my schedule, but I am not going to complain! It was a great week and weekend, even if I was a little discombobulated! On Tuesday I had court in Sardis. Most of the ladies from the office came because we were going out to eat to celebrate Dad's birthday afterwards at our favorite after court restaurant, Garcias. Court in Sardis is always a hoot!! I can't really talk about it, so you will have to come and see for yourselves! We had a great time at dinner--even Forrest and Davis came to join the fiesta!!
After dinner I rushed back to town so I could make it to the Miss Merry Christmas pageant at Gadsden City High School. My friend Hannah was in the middle school pageant and my cousin Sara was in the high school pageant. I missed the middle school but made it right in time for the high school. Didn't the girls look lovely??

Sara looking pretty in pink

Hannah, all grown up!

Wednesday was Dad's actual Bday, so after work Forrest and I joined him and my mom at the Fish Market for dinner. Dinner was fabulous! I had some delicious pasta with shrimp, scallops, and artichoke hearts and Forrest had a craw fish dish . It was a nice treat and a fun way to be with Dad on his bday.
On Thursday I dressed myself for the game and headed off to work. Dad had to speak at a seminar in town at 1pm so we planned to leave immediately after he was done. We had a nice Courtyard lunch at the seminar and everyone really liked Dad's speech (I did all the research for it, thank you very much). Then we picked up mom and headed down to Ttown! We arrived about 4:30, met up with my sister, and headed to the Stadium Club for dinner. Forrest met us a little later in the stadium, after he got out of school. Bama was playing Georgia State, and it was their first year to have a football team. It was really exciting to see them play, especially since one of their quarterbacks was a transfer from Alabama and since their coach was the Bama coach in the late 80's. Bama obviously won the game, but it was a fun game because we got to see lots of the younger kids get to play. I also had fun watching a 3 year old boy who was sitting in front of us. It was his first game and during pregame he was SO excited--dancing around and singing and cheering. He lasted 47 seconds of the ball game before he fell asleep! So cute! After the game, I headed back home with Justin and Farrah and Forrest stayed at Mary Margaret's so he could go to sleep instead of sitting in traffic!
Lucky for me, I had court at 11am on Friday so I got to sleep in after a really late night. When I left to go to court I couldn't find Sonny--we let him out early to eat and play and then I put him in the fence when I leave for work. I figured he was playing with his doggie girl friend Libby and I didn't have time to track him down, so I just left and decided to come back at lunch and put him up. Well, when I got home, he still wasn't there! I looked and called and even drove around and walked the neighborhood screaming his name. No Sonny! I started to panic because he is SO friendly that anyone could have just picked him up and taken them. I called animal control and all the vets' offices but no one had seen him. I felt so helpless!! At about 2:30 Davis came to help me look (I had been sending him increasingly worried texts since Forrest wasn't home). Even my Aunt Sue and Uncle John were driving around looking for him! I had just started to recall the vets when Davis beeped in: he found him!!! Hooray! He had been 2 streets over sniffing around some one's yard. He hadn't been there before, because I drove there myself, as did Aunt Sue and Davis, so we have no idea where that rascal was! When he got home he jumped all over me and Davis and even Uncle John when he drove by. This leads me to believe that he was actually lost and not just wandering around having an adventure, but who knows. All I know is that I am so grateful that Davis found him AND that Sonny's free time in the yard privileges have been revoked until further notice! :) I really should do a post on how we came to have Sonny, as it really is a good story!
Once I finally calmed down, it was time to get ready for dinner. We had plans to eat at the Bright Star with Jonathan and Denise and Justin and Farrah. I rode down with the group and Forrest met us after school at the restaurant. I had eaten at Bright Star twice for lunch but never for dinner so I was really excited! When we got there we were escorted to our own private little room. I love nights out with this group because we always order appetizers, great entrees, and desserts! We make a real night of it! We started with crab claws, friend mushrooms, and crab and lobster au gratin. For dinner I had the most amazing stuffed shrimp I have ever tried and Forrest got the Texas Platter: a steak, Greek fish filet, and crab au gratin. By dessert we were stuffed but powered through so we could try the bread pudding, Baklava cheesecake, and lemon pie. I was so stuffed you could have rolled me to the car! We had such a fun time catching up, laughing, sharing bites of our dinners, and planning our next dinner outing!

Forrest was making us laugh when he was taking the pic
Saturday was totally weird--no football game! I slept late and stayed in bed even later, and Forrest even got back into bed after being up for a while to take a good long nap. I watched some of my shows in the DVR and even folded the laundry. It is amazing what you can do at home when you are not at a football game! At 1 I headed up the mountain to Carol's holiday AVON party. Carol is the bookkeeper at our office and also sells Avon. I was so excited to get to go to the party this year because she has great products AND great snacks! This was no exception! I stocked up on my favorite lotions and sampled all of her yummy appetizers! I had left my check book at home and she was so sweet to let me take my products home anyway and pay her back at work. (She signs my checks, so she knows I am good for it!) On the way home I stopped into the Peppermint Pony. They were having a holiday open house and I was hoping that they might have a stocking for Ruffles. After Christmas last year I got Sonny, Brownie, and Stella some adorable stockings at the Pony at their after Christmas sale. Of course I wanted one for Ruffles that matched but since I got the last ones at the clearance I just knew they wouldn't have them anymore. Thankfully I was wrong and now all the Bailey animals have matching stockings! (I am aware that an unmatched stocking is not a crisis situation, but my holiday decorating would have been totally thrown off!) After my shopping triumph I picked up Forrest and we met my mom and sister at Mass.
That night we went to our friend Matt's house for a cookout. I hadn't been there in so long so it was really fun to catch up with everyone. Justin and Farrah and Jay and Claire were there and so was my friend Rachel, who I haven't seen in forever. We all just sat around eating burgers and watching football games but it was a really fun night!
On Sunday we slept late again--what a novelty! I guess we did that a lot in the spring, but it is hard to remember our lives without football! We laid around, watched tv, took our time getting dressed and eating lunch. So nice! I had a marathon day at the grocery store trying to get everything I will need for Thanksgiving together so I don't have to go back during this week, when I'm sure it will be crazy! I got home just in time to pick Forrest up and head to the movies. We had plans with my mom, sister, Matt, his mom, and Davis to see the new Harry Potter movie. I haven't read the books but Forrest, my mom, and Davis and Matt's mom all have and they are totally into them. We have been making the same trip to see the movies together the last several times and we always have fun! I was treating Davis since he found Sonny, and he and Forrest acted like little kids again, ordering Coke slushies with cherry slush on the bottom. I was no better-I got a kids combo box with popcorn and candy! What a fun treat! The movie was really good and Forrest said it was pretty close to the book. Now I can't wait to see the final one this spring! After the movie our whole group went to my parents' house for dinner. Filets, baked potatoes, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and pumpkin cheesecake all made for a delicious meal!!!
Now that it is Monday, it is time to buckle down and get ready for another fun week: Thanksgiving, the Iron Bowl, and a dinner party! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. The Bright Star is so good! It never fails to be delicious! Looks like ya'll had a great weekend!


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