Monday, December 6, 2010

Forrest's Birthday Week

As usual, we were running around crazy all week. This time, it was because Forrest celebrated his birthday on Thursday. He is now the big 2-6!! This means for one month and 4 days we are the same age and he can't talk about how "old" I am! I LOVE birthdays and making a big deal about them, but our birthdays fall at the worst times! Forrest's is right before the end of school (Dec 2) and mine is right when school starts (Jan 6) and they are right there at Christmas and New Years. We usually don't do anything big for each other's birthdays simply because of timing, but we try to make them special! I am of the firm belief that you get to celebrate your birthday for AT LEAST a week, so we started on Tuesday for Forrest. We had a fun night "in", since he was in between tests. We ordered Pizza Hut's Cheesy Popper Pizza and rented Get Him to the Greek and had such a great time laughing together! On Wednesday his parents took us out to Asahi, a sushi restaurant in Gadsden, for more celebrating. They got Forrest a new North Face jacket and SURPRISE--they got me one too! His is green and mine is a pinky purple. We definitely will be needing them since the cold has officially set in! It isn't supposed to get out of the 40's this week---eeeewwww!
On Forrest's actual birthday on Thursday, he had a practical at 5:15pm so it was late when he got home. I passed the time by getting my toes done (what every good wife should do on their husband's birthday) and doing a little grocery shopping for the weekend. Forrest actually beat me home, but when he got there he was surprised with a Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard Cake! I had to make 2 trips to get it but I was successful! He had already dug into it by the time I got home, so alas, no picture! He at least waited for me to get home before opening his presents: a new game day polo, an Alabama car flag, and a new Alabama decal for his car. I figured since he had a new car it was time to deck it out, Alabama style! Of course, I forgot to take pics of him with his loot, but I'm sure he is ok with that!
On Friday we were invited to attend the Holiday Club Dance at the Country Club. We were really excited to go because so many of our good friends were going to be there!
Me and Jenny

This dance isn't as "happening" as some of the other dances we have been to, but we of course had fun hanging out with our friends! We also met some new friends, the Wilborns. They moved to Gadsden right about the time we moved back and Brett is an insurance agent and Lisa is an orthodontist. Forrest had a great time talking "teeth" with Lisa. Jenny and I were also excited to invite her to book club this month. Hopefully we have a new member! I was of course excited to get to dress up in a cocktail dress and to see Forrest in his new tux. We couldn't find the bowtie and cumberbund but luckily Justin let Forrest borrow his. The only problem was that it was an actual TIE bowtie, not the clip on kind! We ended up watching a video on YouTube to figure out how to tie it, but Forrest really did a great job and now he has learned a new skill! :) I think the tied bowties look better than the pre-tied ones (I really have no idea what you would call either of them) so now I have got to find one for Forrest for our next formal event! After the party we all went to Tom and Frances' for the "after party". I dont' know anyone that doesn't have fun when they go to the Banks' and this was no exception! We stayed until 2am--yes, 2am! I know it sounds lame but I don't know when the last time we stayed out that late was! I guess it just goes to show how great of a party Tom and Frances throw!

Forrest and Tom at the after party. Forrest's bowtie is sadly untied in this pic, but it still looks cool!
The next morning we woke up SO late--and were STILL tired! We totally remembered why we don't stay out until 2! We were having company over so we had to get moving! It was my turn to host our supper club group and I decided that it would be fun to have everyone over to watch the SEC Championship (even though we aren't Auburn fans--well, Denise did go there). Luckily I had decided that I would make a pot roast so there was very little cooking that I had to do. I also made cornbread muffins and a big salad with lots of toppings.

WAY too many corn muffins for 6 people, but aren't they in a cute dish!!

My salad and all of the toppings. I love getting to use my Christmas dishes!
Farrah and Justin brought pigs in a blanket, rotel dip with sausage, and spicy pecans for us to munch on during the game. Denise was in charge of dessert, but she brought some bruchetta too! I for one ate so many snacks that I never really got hungry for dinner! We ended up eating dinner in front of the tv (another reason I love this group--they are totally cool with being totally casual) so we could watch more football. I was really excited because everyone seemed to really enjoy my roast, even though it was so low maintenance. Hooray for crockpot cooking! Even though we were all stuffed we were able to save room for Denise's delicious cobbler.  Once everyone left, I got in bed--at 8:30! I needed to catch up on some sleep!!
On Sunday we went to Mass, ate some lunch (left over roast!) and headed out to do some errands. It is a wonder what you can get accomplished when you are not at a football game all weekend long! We ended up getting our Christmas tree too, but I'll do another post on that later. I have some fun things planned this week, but Forrest has tests every day, so please keep him in your prayers!!

Crockpot Roast

1 bag baby carrots
1 potato per person (if you are able to fit them all in your crockpot!), cut into chunks
1 or 2 onions (however many you want) sliced
1 pot roast
1 1/2 cups water (maybe 2 cups)
salt, pepper, garlic powder
 1 crockpot liner (this is just for ease-no scrubbing!)

Pour carrots in bottom of crockpot. Pour salt, pepper, and garlic powder all over carrots. Next add potatoes and onions and salt, pepper, and garlic powder them as well (don't be shy-the more flavor, the better). Put pot roast on top. Salt, pepper, and garlic powder the roast. Next, pour water into the crock pot. This is something you just have to eyeball to make sure you don't over fill it!
Set on low for 8 hrs and enjoy!

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