Monday, December 20, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

On Friday night we were so excited to go to the Santa Claus Dance, and especially excited that Forrest was inducted as a new Santa! The Santa Claus Society is a dance club in Gadsden and all the men members wear Santa suits to the dance. The members collect money and toys for Toys for Tots, so it is not only a way to have fun, but a way to give to the community at Christmas time! A retiring Santa was just Forrest's size, so he graciously gave Forrest his suit! Forrest also ordered some black boots from ebay and was very excited to have them to wear at the dance! Jonathan was a new Santa too, so we met at his house for snacks and drinks before the dance. I was really nervous about getting to the dance on time because we were supposed to be there for pictures and the Leading Lady announcement. We left Jonathan's before he and Denise did, but we still missed the picture! When we got into the Club we kept running into people and talking to them on our way to the picture room, so we missed it. I was really upset about it but I don't think it really mattered. Then we lined up for the lead out. I had casually left out the fact that we had to do a lead out just in case Forrest freaked out about it, which he kind of did, but it wasn't a really serious lead out so he had fun! Jay and Claire and Lauren and Matt were there and they were all hooting at us as we walked down the "runway". The man behind us in the lead out acted like he was stripping and opened his jacket to reveal an OREGON tshirt to the crowd! DUCK AUBURN! Was the chant! Hahahahaha----so silly! After the lead out (which actually Jonathan missed--our group could NOT get it together!) we had a great time catching up with friends and dancing. Me and several of the "book club girls" took our shoes off and danced the night away! We had invited Katie and Gusty as our guests and were so glad that they could come and be with us too! By midnight the party was still rocking and there were still several Santa's breaking it down, but we were exhausted and decided to call it a night! Forrest had taken his last final of the semester and was worn out! 10 finals in 10 days=one tired husband!!

On Saturday, SANTA came!!! Well, sort of. Our washing machine died on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but the repair guy said it was fixable so we didn't get one on Black Friday. Well, come to find out, it was NOT fixable (after $62 of trying to fix it) so we have been without a washer for almost a month!! I have been hauling laundry to my parents' and washing on my lunch break--fun fun. Our washer and dryer were actually left to us by Alie and Michael when they moved out. I think they were Alie's when she went to college. Since the set was a bit older, my plan was just to get a nice but used washer off of craigslist since our dryer was working, and then when we moved (or the dryer died) buy a nice new set (again, I like matching!!). We looked and looked on craigslist and I finally found one I liked. I called the guy and he seemed nice enough, until we told him we would NOT leave a deposit with him. He seriously came unglued and was screaming at me over the phone! I decided then and there that we were NOT doing business with him!! Luckily, my dad offered to buy us a washer for Christmas!! Hooray! We went and looked at them on Tuesday and so on Saturday, Dad and I went to pick it out. I was able to take home a floor model that day, so not only did I not have to wait for it, we got a HUGE discount!
The only problem with getting an out of box model is that you have to take it home yourself, so while Forrest was on the golf course I got Uncle John's truck and picked up the washer myself! I was really scared that it would fly out of the truck on the way home, but it didn't! I am sure I was a sight---driving that huge truck with a washer in the back! When Forrest got home I helped him get out of the truck (yes, a bad idea-we dropped it but not far!) and into the house! I was SO excited to get to use it so Forrest stayed home to hook it up while I went to Mass. When I left church he called saying it wasn't ready but that we were invited to his parents' house for breakfast for dinner! YUM! I went on my own since I was already out and about and he met me there. I was telling his mom all about the new washer and then she offered to buy us the matching dryer! (She understands the necessity of having things match, just like me!) Of course we were so excited about our second generous gift of the day!! Forrest was able to get another out of box model and he and his dad got it Sunday and hooked them up. I did laundry all night but it was so much fun!!!

Cabrio dryer. It is seriously HUGE inside, plus it has a light that comes on when you open the door. LOVE it!

The washer has delayed start--how cool is that??? I can also fit twice as many clothes in it!
While Forrest was being Mr. Appliance, I went with my mom and sister to see Beauty and the Beast, the musical! It was SO good and I loved all of the singing and dancing. I really liked how they did "Be Our Guest" --they had people danced up like silverware! Adorable! There were lots of little girls in their "Belle" dresses that were so cute to watch. I even got a surprise---Jennifer and Phillip were there (with a cute little blond girl, who they looked very cute with, btw)!! I hadn't seen Jennifer in so long and it was great to at least get to hug her and talk to her in person for a few minutes! I am getting so fired up about their wedding in September! After the show we went to Yogurt Mountain. We were able to get 20% off by bringing our show tickets so we didn't want to miss that opportunity! Mom nor I had been to a yogurt place like that and we were amazed at all the different yogurt flavors and toppings! YUM! I had cake batter, cheesecake, and triple chocolate yogurt with brownies, cheesecake bites, and cookie dough on top! Delicious! After our treat we dropped Mom off at the Winfrey. She and Dad were spending the night so he could go to a seminar and she could finish her shopping. MMM and I headed home, but stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond first to get Forrest a present that apparently they don't carry in stores. Great--who knew. However, it was not a wasted trip, because I found red charges for $1.50 each!! They look just like my silver ones, which were like $16 a piece, so I had to snatch them up! It really was a great girls' day, which we rarely get to do!
Doesn't that sound like a lovely weekend??? Now we are gearing up for Christmas!


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