Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!!

On Sunday we got our Christmas tree! For the past 2 years we have picked out a real tree---the best kind! :) I grew up having a real live tree each year and it was a big deal to go as a family to pick it out. Forrest and I both wanted to keep the tradition of having a live tree and and picking it out together.
Forrest securing the tree to the new Honda. Clearly I am very helpful, as I am taking pics.

Finally up in the house! I was excited to get to use my new Christmas tree skirt with beaded fringe!

We decorated it on Monday after work and school. We listened to Christmas music and had a ball!


We have been trying to pick up ornaments throughout the year. Our tree is a "family" tree--it represents who we are!
Here is Stella in a stocking!

Bailey tree, year 2
I found these 2 "Sonnys" at an after Christmas sale last year. What tree would be complete without out pet ornaments??

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  1. love the christmas decorations!! I love ornaments. It is sweet to have little traditions and memories each year to remember


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