Monday, December 20, 2010

Ruffles-less Ruffles

Today I took Ruffles to her first "spa day" to get groomed. Barbara gave us a gift certificate (which she won for Alex but he didn't need) so I thought it would be nice to get her all spruced up for Christmas. I had no idea what to expect but I told the people that she was a very cold girl and not to cut all of her hair off. Here is Ruffles before:

At the Howl-o-ween parade. Look at all that pretty hair!

First night we brought her home

First time at the lake, and to wear a bow!
Forrest picked her up and told me to prepare myself because she looked WAY different. I got him to bring her to work, and this is what she looked like:
No more ruffles!

I am pretty sure she will freeze!

Can you believe this is the same dog??

Yep-it is the same dog! Here is her signature trick!
 I am in no way disappointed with the job that Planet Doggiewood did, I am just shocked at my little girls' new do!! It will take some getting used to! Let's hope her hair grows quickly so she can get some ruffles back!!
BTW: a word on how we came to own Ruffles. We went to the Humane Society of Etowah County auction this spring (April 17) and they had some dogs there that were adopted in house by the Society because their time "ran up" and they were good pets. She had been splitting time between the shelter and Jolie's house. She had a pretty pink bow on her neck when I met her and she kept coming up to me and climbing on my legs. She was so adorable and sweet and seemed to really like me. Jolie said we could take her home and see how it worked out. She ran through our door, down the hall, and jumped right on our bed the very first night! At first, she didn't care for Sonny because he was really rowdy, but eventually got over that. We couldn't decide whether or not to keep her or help her find a home for a while, but one morning I woke up and was so upset about the idea of giving her back, so Forrest and I decided to keep her. She was a perfect fit and we loved her to death!

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