Friday, January 7, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday! I LOVE birthdays. I think it is cool that we give everyone a special day once a year and celebrate the day they were born. Doesn't it make you feel special??? Anyway, I have been talking about my birthday non-stop since last week when we were on the way to Orlando. It got to be the joke of the weekend. "You know, if someone had a birthday, I bet we could break line." "I wish I knew someone who was having a birthday soon, then we could get free cake." "Oh, it's going to be your birthday? I didn't know." Justin and Forrest teased me unmercifully because I always found a way to work my upcoming day into conversation. Anyway, yesterday was the big day. I was actually totally busy at work--a custody hearing in the morning and municipal court all afternoon. I did get to wear my new pink coat that I got at the outlets and I got lots of compliments! My dad also took the family (meaning ALL of the McCords-minus my brother) out to Kobe, the new Japanese restaurant in the mall. Mom made me a cake and everyone brought me presents (hooray) and we really had a great time! The restaurant gave me a decorative pineapple and sang to me. It was great fun.

Happy Birthday to me!!
Anyway, the point of this post is that turning 27 made me think about what all I have accomplished in my life. I mean like really mundane things, like learning to walk and talk, and how to ride a bike. Mastering long division and sentence diagramming. (why you need to know how to do that, I'll never know). Learning to drive and going to prom. Graduating as valedictorian. Joining a sorority. Graduating with a double major and getting into law school. Graduating law school and passing the bar. (that is a lot of graduating). Living in Italy for a summer. Getting engaged. Buying a house. Getting married. Adopting pets. Learning to cook. Starting a career. Taking great trips. All of these things make up the person that I have become now. Even though 27 isn't really "old", when I think about all of the things that I have done in my life, it seems pretty amazing, even if it isn't that amazing of a list. I wonder what will happen in 27 more years?? All I know is that right now, at age 27, I am very happy and blessed. I have a great family, husband, 4 crazy pets, and the best friends a girl could ask for. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities the Lord has granted me and will take full advantage of every new one he throws my way!
See? Happy Bbirthday indeed!!


  1. Hi, I ramdonly stumbled upon your blog.
    I too think Birthdays are a big deal! My husband does not fully understand my mentality either!

  2. That recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. HAPPY BDAY!!!!! I had no idea!!!! So glad you had a good one and so much to be thankful for!!! Can't wait to watch your next 27 years!!! happy bday!!


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