Monday, January 31, 2011

The Baileys this Weekend

What a weekend we had! We started out on Friday with a big surprise---my sister's boyfriend Matt got her a puppy for her 21st birthday (which isn't until Feb 28)! "Maggie May" is a 13 week old miniature beagle and she is just as precious as she can be, or at least her pictures are! I only have some pics that MMM sent me from her phone so when we meet her in person this weekend I promise to take some with my camera so you can see the little darling!! Also on Friday, Forrest and I became members of the 9'o clock Dance Club. Another young couple from Gadsden, Sarah Kathryn and Mark Haller, also became members and we had a great time hanging out with them. This club is different from the others that we are in, in that it includes dinner. I thought it was SO much fun! Cocktails start at 7, and then everyone sits down to a yummy steak dinner at 8. It was nice to actually get to sit down and talk with people during dinner. It probably helped that we had a really fun table of people. We were seated with the Hallers, the Boyds, the Martins, and our neighbor Melissa, whose hubby was away hunting for one last weekend. We were laughing and cutting up all through dinner and just had a blast! At 9, us and the Hallers participated in the "lead out" of new members, which was fun and super low key. After that, it was time for dancing. The Gadsden State Show Band performed so it was more jazzy than "dancy" but that was nice because we were able to sit and talk with people while the band played. After the party we went to the Martin's house for a drink and to unwind before heading home and calling it a night. We were glad to get to know some nice new friends!!

With Mom and Dad
On Saturday morning Forrest woke up early and headed to Birmingham for some lectures put on by UAB for their alumni weekend. He and his friend Richard had a great time and they even got to meet Dr. Dorfman, a celebrity dentist who was on "The Dr's" and "Extreme Makeover". Forrest really enjoyed his lecture! Forrest told me that last week Dr. Dorfman saw Eva Longoria, Usher,  and Anthony Hopkins at his office. How cool!!

Forrest, Dr. Dorfman, and Richard
While Forrest was learning more about dentistry, I was also in Birmingham NOT learning with my mom. We met my friend Randi for lunch at O'Carr's, my most favorite lunch place in Birmingham. Can you tell why??

Fruit and Cheese Plate with a side of Chicken Salad Sandwich
Mom and I always get the fruit and cheese plate and a sandwich to split. Delicious!! After lunch we all headed over to Vestavia to see "The King's Speech". Mom and I developed a strong "thing" for Colin Firth years ago and there was no way we were going to let his Oscar worthy performance pass us by! It was a great movie and really made me interested in the Royal Family's business during WWII. When I think about leaders during WWII I think of Churchill. The King never really crossed my mind (probably because AL public school's don't bother to teach anything about him.) It all seemed very scandalous and soap opera like so I am definitely going to have to check into the history behind the movie!! When it was over I was very sad to say good bye to Randi! I get to see her lots during the fall, since she lives in Tuscaloosa and we are always down there for games, but it is harder during the spring. We have started meeting for lunch once a month to make sure we are caught up on each other's lives! Love you Randi!!!
After the movie Mom and I went to my grandmother's house and Forrest and Davis (who had ridden to Bham with Forrest to mountain bike while Forrest was at the conference) were there too. While we picked up my grandmother and headed to Mass, Forrest and Davis got ready to meet Jonathan and Denise at J. Clydes for dinner. When we were at Supper Club a week or so ago, J and D mentioned that they wanted to go see Ira Glass in Birmingham at UAB. As luck would have it, Forrest and Davis already had tickets for the show, and even better than that, Forrest gets discounts tickets since he is a UAB student. The date was set after that! They all had a great time at the show and said Ira Glass was really humorous. Now we are itching to see David Sedaris later this spring! While they were at the show, I went back to Gadsden with my mom and then went to meet Farrah for dinner at El Tapatio. Other than the fact that we really wanted a girls' night, we needed to get together to discuss our table for the Girlfriend Gala later this spring. We had so much fun brainstorming! I can't wait to see our ideas come to life! We stayed at the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours, just laughing and having a ball!
On Sunday, I didn't get out of bed until 1pm!! This was not because I wasn't awake, it was just because I had nothing better to do! I loved every minute of it! Forrest got up and worked out and even took Sonny on a run before I woke up, but once I was awake I wanted him to come hang with me! We ate lunch in bed and just lounged around until we couldn't lounge any more! When we decided we were being too lazy, I dropped Forrest off at a bike race that was going on near the park and I went to the office to work on a photo book that I got free from Shutterfly. We got back home and decided it was too pretty a day to stay indoors, so we took the dogs on a walk, something we haven't done in so long (well, I guess except our walk in the snow). The weather was great and it felt so nice to do something active outside for a change. Now we are all spoiled and have already started to discuss trips to the lake! Come on warm weather, head our way!!
Later that night, we went to my mom and dad's for dinner to celebrate my cousin Sara's 16th birthday! We always call her "Super Bowl" Sara because she was born right in the middle of the ballgame! It was great to spend time with the "other" McCords, especially since we got to have cake and ice cream! :) She also told us that because she took and passed driver's ed, she doesn't even have to take the driving test! Now this is a new rule!! I remember driving out to take the test on the little course---SCARY! Now they have taken the fun out of it!! :) Apparently all you have to worry about on the day you get your license is what you are going to wear for the picture. I am not sure what I think about this new rule at all!!!
Anyway, hope you all have a great week!


  1. If you are interested, you should read the Queen Mother's (king George's wife) authorized biography. It covers that time frame in detail from her perspective. (It's is really thick but I enjoyed the whole sure and get the authorized biography due to the personal photos and information from her letters and journals included)

  2. Thanks!! I will definitely have to check that out!


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