Monday, January 3, 2011

Bal d' Or 2010

Last week my baby sister was presented to society. Well, technically that was the point years ago but now it is just an honor to be chosen by the Bal d' Or as a presentee. She was among 5 girls that were presented at the ball that night and we were so excited! She had several sorority sisters come in to watch her and of course we had lots of friends from town here as well. We started the morning at a brunch for the girls, their escorts, and their parents. I got to go because the president asked me (as a past presentee) to teach the girls the proper way to courtesy. Of course I thought this was fab and readily agreed. After the practice I had to go to court (really, working on a week day??) and then to get my hair cut and then home to get pretty! I am a "member" of the Bal d' Or so I get to wear a gold dress to the dance. I got my dress last year and I LOVE it! It is not every day you get to wear a gold gown! Forrest and I had to arrive early for family pics and then it was time for the lead out--the highlight of the night! The "little girls" all looked lovely and if I do say so myself their courtesy-ing was top notch! We had such a fun night dancing the night away with friends (Justin and Farrah were our guests) and family to the "2nd Coming Band", the same band from our wedding!! What a special night! (What was NOT so special was having to be in court at 8am today!)  The pictures below really tell the story.
Pretty girl


Being escorted by dad

This picture actually should be first. Before all the girls are presented, each of her 3 escorts are introduced. She chose Matt, our cousin Andrew, and Roy

After the presentation the 1st dance is reserved for the fathers and daughters

Each girl has a "section" along the runway, designated by 3 chairs, and she gets to pick 3 honored ladies to sit there. MMM chose Aunt Fran, my mom, and Mimi

The 2nd dance is for the presentees and their escorts

Dancing with Andrew (whose dog, Mia, spent the night with us--what an adventure!)

...and now with Matt

The girls breaking it down to "Carwash"
Me and Forrest

Justin and Farrah came as our guests. Doesn't she look pretty!!!

After a fun night, Ruff was ready to turn in!

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