Thursday, January 13, 2011

Destination Dog

Our friend Lauren Taylor Hinsman is the proud owner and operator of Destination Dog, a health food store for dogs and cats in Camden, Maine. Lauren is from Gadsden and Forrest and I had the privilege to get to know her when she moved back here for what seemed like a millisecond before going back to Maine to open her store. Ruffles and Sonny won a a drawing and their prize was a box of Maine-made doggie treats! They were really excited to get mail and even more excited that the mail was edible!
They smell really yummy--not like dog food at all! The entire box AND the plastic wrapping are recyclable and the treats are made from all natural ingredients.

Patiently waiting

It's treat time!
(Notice Stella is hunting for treats in the background. Forrest hides them for him on the moulding on the cabinets!)
Thanks Lauren for caring so much for our pets! Check her out on facebook here.

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