Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow!!

You would think that we lived somewhere up north by the amount of snow we have been getting lately (ok perhaps that is an exaggeration). We started hearing talk of snow early last week and I again refused to believe it. A white Christmas and birthday snow? Never gonna happen! Well, on Friday my mom told me that I better believe it and that I should probably get to the store for supplies. It took me an hour and a half and 3 stores to get everything I needed! Stores were packed, lines were long, and the bread shelves were practically empty! I was in a huge hurry because I had to get to Birmingham to meet Forrest and the Pucketts for dinner at BRIO, my all time fave!! It was great to see them and to catch up. In just a few months they will have little Hudson as part of their family so we are trying to get in as much "grown up time" as possible. I can't wait to meet that little guy, though!! I got my traditional lasagna, as usual.

Can you blame me?? It is so much that I always get leftovers for lunch too. YUM!
On Saturday we tried to get some things done around the house but it was so nice to have nothing to do we ended up relaxing for most of the day. Then on Sunday we went to lunch at the Baileys and had some yummy chili. On the way home we stopped at Academy to see if they had any ski pants that would fit me, since we will be going skiing soon with friends. Because of the snow, the store was wiped out! Luckily they did have some ski pants that fit, only they were bright pink. Now usually I would be into this but since all of my coats are purple, I am not going to match at all! They were the right price though so we got them, figuring we'd take them back if we found more before we leave. That night we went to my parents' for ribs and while we were there it started sleeting. We decided we better high tail it home and right when we got there, the bottom fell out and it started snowing like crazy!!

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Within an hour or so we had almost 4 inches of snow.

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I suited up in my new pink pants and Forrest, Sonny, and I went out to play! The snow was soft and powdery and we were rolling in it and throwing it like little kids. Thank you, new pink pants!

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Sonny of course was having a blast. He loves snow!!

Forrest and I attempted to sled on a garbage can lid, but it didn't work as well as we hoped. Finally we were all tired out and went in to go to sleep. I was so afraid we would lose power in the night, but we didn't, thank goodness! Luckily, Forrest's school was canceled and so was work for me! When we got up we went back outside to play. A layer of ice had fallen over the snow so it was a little hard and crunchy, but still fun! We took a walk to the top of the mountain so we could see the city blanketed in snow.

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After lunch and a good rest, we went back out for another LONG walk before calling it a day.

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We were excited to meet our new neighbor, Sullivan. He is a golden retriever puppy and I can't wait until he grows up and can become Sonny's best friend and partner in crime!!

He was trying to jump out of Jenna's arms!
He was so cute and it made me sad to think that we never saw Sonny looking like a little fur ball!! After our full day we basically laid around watching tv until time for bed. We had a snow day today too, but tomorrow it will be back to reality!!

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