Monday, February 28, 2011

Lemon Blueberry Trifle

Lemon Blueberry Trifle (compliments of Farrah Holmes)
Don't these make you ready for summer?

1 frozen pound cake (16 oz) (I probably used a cake and a 1/2, actually)
1 lemon (for decoration)
1/2 cup of milk
1 8oz sour cream
1 8oz whipped cream thawed
2 pkg lemon pudding mix
1 pint blueberries (I used a lot more than that!)
1 square white chocolate (to be easy, got white chocolate chips and crushed them)
Lemon juice (I used the kind that comes in the plastic lemon)

Cut pound cake into 1 inch squares. Place it in a bowl and squeeze or zest the lemon on it. Let sit.

Mix 3/4 of the whip cream and sour cream together in a bowl. Add milk and pudding mix. Whisk until thick.
Place a layer of cake pieces on the bottom of the trifle bow. Top it with a layer of blueberries, followed by some of the white chocolate. Cover with lemon pudding topping and repeat until finished. Put the remaining whipped cream on top. Garnish with lemon slices and left over blueberries.


It was even better the next day after it had been in the fridge over night, so you might want to make this a day ahead or at least early in the day.

Close up of the yummy-ness

Happy Birthday to You!

This weekend we celebrated 2 very important birthdays---my sister's and Forrest's brother's. We also have to give a birthday shout out to my cousin Stevie, who has the same bday as my sister (or really, she has the same bday as him, as she was born 7 years after him). We started the hoopla on Friday night at the Downtown Tavern for MMM's 21st birthday! Yes, my friends, that is right--my baby sister is 21!! Today is her actual birthday and I can remember that day, 21 years ago, when she was born! I woke up and my parents weren't there--my great aunt was. She told me that my mom was at the hospital having the baby. I woke my brother up and we decided to draw pictures to welcome the new baby. We didn't know if it was going to be a girl or a boy so he drew a boy baby and I drew a girl. Next thing we know my dad comes bounding up the stairs with the good news--we had a baby sister! I started jumping up and down cheering and Roy immediately broke down in tears. He knew his life would never be the same! We got dressed for school and Dad took us to the hospital to see mom and MMM. It was Ash Wednesday and the Priest had come by and given my mom ashes. When I saw the big black dot on her forehead I was totally freaked out!! They brought MMM in to meet us and we each got to hold her (while sitting with Mom, of course). Before we left, Dad took pics of us with his awesome new Polaroid camera and I got to take the pics to school and show off my new sister. Also, I will never forget, Roy fell off the bed and started crying and I was SO afraid they would make him stay in the hospital! Hahaha! Anyway that is my sentimental moment for the day!!
On Friday after work I rushed home to change and then rushed back downtown to help Mom set up the party. We had so much fun celebrating, I will just let the pics tell the story!

Invitation--again I couldn't get this pic to turn!

Adorable matching cake from Cothran's. Aren't the candles cute too? I found those!

The spread

Me and the Bday girl

Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish!

The fam

Bday "twins" MMM and Stevie
On Saturday when I finally woke up, I realized Forrest had been hard at work on the yard. He had bought new pine straw for the flower beds along with new purple pansies (he chose my favorite color--isn't he a dear!). He had already trimmed the hedges and was waiting on me to get my lazy self up so he could mow and weed eat and all that other good yard stuff. I didn't really realize that our yard was looking rough until I saw it all spiffed up! Forrest is SO great to do the yard for us and he really puts in the effort to make it look top notch! I left him and the dogs in the yard so I could make it to Birmingham to meet Randi for our monthly catch-up lunch. Randi lives in Tuscaloosa so I see her all throughout the fall, but rarely in the Spring and Summer. To remedy that, we have started meeting in Birmingham once a month for lunch and we always have a great time! This time was no exception: we at at Chuy's, the new Mexican restaurant at the Summit and boy oh boy it was delicious! I had chicken quesadillas and she had chicken soft tacos and they really were quite amazing! The atmosphere was great and the restaurant itself was totally adorable. We felt comfortable to sit and talk for a while even after we finished eating and we stayed extra to savor these delicious treats that Randi brought as a surprise:

Gigi's cupcakes! It was my first Gigi's experience and I must say they were delightful! The wedding cake had a little accident but we made it work!
After lunch I had to head back home because we were going to Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie Bailey's for a Bailey Family Dinner. When I got the email inviting us to this dinner I knew something was up and I had a sneaking suspicion that Leslie, Mike and Debbie's daughter who got married last summer, was pregnant. I chattered on and on to Forrest about it all week and had worked myself up to the point that if she in fact was not pregnant I was going to be sorely disappointed! I even voiced my prediction to Davis at MMM's bday bash and he told me if I was right, he'd give me a dollar. I offered to make a dessert and since I was sure this was a baby reveal party I wanted to go all out. I made a Lemon-Blueberry Trifle, recipe compliments of Farrah Holmes. Farrah made this for supper club once and it was delicious, so when I started seeing blueberries more regularly at the store, I decided it was time to try my hand at one, and this was the perfect opportunity. (Plus I have really wanted to get to use my trifle bowl!) I tried to get it made before I left for lunch but I measured the milk wrong and ruined the pudding--great. I had to make another grocery store run and remake the entire thing, but it was actually pretty easy to "throw" together. The 2nd time around it turned out just about perfect! Hooray! I will do a separate post with the recipe, since this one is already getting too long! On the way to Mike and Debbie's, I got a pix message from Davis:

I KNEW IT!! Davis presented me with my dollar as soon as I got there. CONGRATS LESLIE AND KEVIN!

Leslie and Kevin are expecting a little Third on October 20th!! Isn't that wonderful!! This will be the first Bailey in the family in a long time so everyone was overjoyed!! To celebrate Baby Third we had a great dinner with the Bailey's and their extended family. Much to my surprise, my trifle was a huge hit! I got lots of compliments and several people asked me for the recipe. I just love hitting a food home run! After lots of cheers and hugs, we headed back home, but not before a quick stop-over at Jonathan and Denise's. Justin and Farrah and Jay were hanging out over there so we went and ended up staying to watch the Duke VT basketball game. Farrah tried my trifle and she said that she loved it!! I was glad to be able to make her proud with her own recipe!!
On Sunday morning we got up and went to Mass. I really enjoyed the Gospel message: if we get the "God part" right in our lives, we can stop worrying--everything will fall into place because we will have Him to help us! Very comforting, if you ask me! Afterwards we met the Baileys and Roy at Red Lobster to celebrate Davis's 28th birthday with a HUGE seafood feast! Happy Birthday Davis! I don't have a sappy story about when he was born (as he is older than me and I didn't know him until high school) but I have enjoyed getting to work with him now that we are both attorneys! After a great lunch Forrest studied all afternoon and I took my traditional Sunday shopping excursion and nap! For dinner, we had some terrific ribs at my parents' house. They seriously were falling off the bone!! We had to scurry home from dinner because Forrest was loaded down with studying. He is counting down the days until spring break!! While he stayed busy I watched the Oscars, one of my favorite TV events of the year! I was so excited that Colin Firth won best actor and The King's Speech won Best Picture! Today I am a little tired from staying up so late but hopefully I can get myself in gear. The weather is still LOVELY out and I hope that we are finally transitioning to Spring. Have a great week!
Poor Brownie--so tired from studying with Forrest all day long!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stormy Weather

The cats lounging in the window before the storm. I opened it to let in the cool breeze and they LOVED sitting there!
So last night we had the first big storm of the year. I usually don't pay too much attention to storms but last night Forrest had to stay in Birmingham so I was all alone (well, as alone as you can be with 4 animals in the house). He NEVER has to do that so I was already weirded out (despite the alarm, double locked doors, and "vicious attack dogs") to be alone and the storm did not help any. I stayed up way too late watching James Spann and when the wind picked up I decided it was time to move! I put the cats in the basement and took the dogs to the bathroom in the hall way. I had blankets, a flashlight, my phone, and James Spann turned up as loud as he could go.

My little spot on the bathroom floor. Isn't my quilt cute? It was made from my old high school t-shirts.
Well, then the satellite went out and I could hear the wind howling! All I could think about was a huge tree crashing through my house (dramatic much?). Then the sirens went off and poor Sonny and Ruffles went NUTS!! Sonny literally sprang off the ground and settled himself in my lap--mind you he is 75lbs. Ruffles was whining and trying to burry her head behind my back. I couldn't calm them down AT ALL until the sirens stopped, however, in Etowah County, after the siren ends the "siren man" yells some inaudible warning. The dogs hated this worse than the siren and started barking at the mystery voice. This is at like 12:30am and I am already over it but since I can't hear James I am not sure if I should stay in my "safe place". I knew my sister was home so I text her and she called back and stayed on the phone with me until the storm passed (like 5 minutes later--it totally was not worth all of my drama). Woohoo-time for bed now, or so I thought. I let the cats back upstairs and they showed their distaste for my attempt to protect them by running and chasing each other through the house and meowing at the top of their lungs whenever they felt like it. The dogs were still a little nervous and I found them like this when I finally went to get in my bed: 

WAY too much dog for one bed!

Needless to say it was a LONG night and I am not at my personal best this morning. I did have a little laugh when I foud this scene when I woke up this morning:

Yes, that is a purple boa on my living room floor. I was digging through my costume box in the basement last night and must not have put this away. Apparently the cats had a great time with it, as they brought it up a whole flight of stairs! (Notice Stella sleeping innocently under the piano...hmmm)
Thank goodness we were all safe and there was no damage!  I hope you all stayed safe and sound as well!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr. Forrest

On Friday Forrest was asked to speak to the 1st grade at Striplin Elementary for Dental Hygiene Month, and I got to go and assist. Our friend Susan Whit, who is also in dental school, came too. Forrest was introduced as "Dr Forrest" and the kids were so excited to see him! He and Susan talked about the proper way to brush and floss and about what can happen to your teeth if you don't. The kids were excited to show them which teeth they had lost and to answer questions. I was there to help with "crowd control" as well as part of the presentation. I helped show the kids how to floss by using a jump rope and "flossing" kids that we lined up to act as teeth. They LOVED that! Forrest also had a snake with teeth--"Mr. Slithers"--that he had one of the kids demonstrate how to brush. Little did the little girl know, but Mr. Slithers is a spitter, and would spit when she put the brush in his mouth. The kids went WILD!! It was so cute to see their response and very fun to see Forrest in action. I was also very happy to be able to help and be a part of the day. At the end Forrest told them that I had prizes bags. HOORAY! Each child got a bag with a coloring book (dental related, of course), a tube of KIDS toothpaste, a age appropriate toothbrush (princess for girls, cars for boys) and coupons for dental care products. I was swarmed with hugs and kisses and happy "thank yous" from the sweet little ones! It was a fun way to give back AND a fun family thing for Forrest and I to do together!
Dr. Forrest and Dr. Susan introducing themselves (and me--one kid said "she has on a short dress", which Forrest still gets a chuckle out of. In my defense it was NOT short!)

What a big audience!

Getting the child to demonstrate proper brushing on the "horse teeth"

Flossing the "horse teeth". I didn't get a pic of me flossing the kids, as I was the one in action

Brushing Mr. Slithers!

The dentists and Mrs. Weaver's class. The huge tube of toothpaste was a prize!


Thank goodness for the lovely warm weather we are having! The Baileys have gotten weary of the cold and are ready for spring (who am I kidding--SUMMER!!!). When we found out that it was going to be nice and warm this weekend, we immediately decided to spend it at the lake. We headed up after work on Friday and oh my goodness were we tired! Forrest had been staying late in the lab at school all week and the past two weeks at work were crazy for me so we were both in need of a little relaxation! We were so tired that we went to bed almost as soon as we got there! On Saturday morning we woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather! Forrest and Sonny got up early and of course Sonny went straight for the water. By about lunch time I got myself ready and headed out to the pier to "sun". It felt SO nice to have the sun on my face! There was a little breeze that made it a little chilly but I toughed it out. I read and read and read, while Forrest stayed busy. He and Sonny played and played! He also went down to the Condras to borrow Mark's kayak since we decided against bringing his up so early in the year. He was zooming all over the lake! He stopped back by our pier on his way to take it back to Mark and was able to coax Ruffles on to it with him! She was scared at first, but soon she became a little sailor dog! She road right up front, standing up, wagging her little tail! When she tired of it she actually jumped in the water (which was shallow so she didn't have to swim)! I was shocked---she is no water dog!!

Umm, I am not too sure about this

Still a little bit afraid
Riding in front! Now she has the hang of it!

After the kayaking adventure Forrest went to the Condras to fish with Mark and Jay and I went inside (the breeze got the best of me) to finish reading. I may or may not have slept a little more too, just because I could!! While I was snoozing Forrest and Jay and Mark were actually catching some good sized fish off the Condra's pier. I hate I missed all the fun but luckily Jay took pics!

At about six we got ready and went back to the Condra's for dinner. Mark cooked some yummy rib eyes and we enjoyed a great dinner while watching the UA v. ARK basketball game (ROLL TIDE!!). The hilarious part of watching the game was that Justin and Farrah were there in the 2nd row and we could see them most of the time. Every time one would come into the shot we'd all scream "There's Justin!", "Farrah just stood up!". It was so silly! After dinner Barbara suggested we play a game called "Left Right Center". It is super easy and fun! You have to have special LRC dice to play. Each side of the die has either an L, R, C, or black dot. Each player gets 3 one dollar bills to start. When the each person rolls, they have to pass a dollar which ever way the dice tell them to--either Left, Right, or into the Center "pile". If they get dots, that means they keep the dollar. It sounds silly but it is really fun. If you run out of dollars you get skipped, but you can always get back in the game if the people next to you have to pass a dollar left or right! We also started the rule that if you roll LRC the other players say "what's the name of the game" and the poor person has to say "Left Right Center". We all thought that was hilarious! After a fun night we went back to our house for a night of what we hoped was full of deep deep sleep. However, I stayed up late reading after Forrest went to sleep. Right before I turned out the light I felt something on my head. A BUG! I was screaming and slapping like a crazy person and Forrest woke up totally freaked out. Luckily we caught the offender but it cause such a ruckus and I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of another attack!
The next morning we got up, packed up, and headed home so we could make it to church. After a great service we had a LOVELY lunch at home on the deck. I have been missing having our meals outdoors so much! We also stayed outside and played with the dogs and even let Brownie come out to play too! I usually don't like for the cats to go out because they don't like to come back in, but she was a really good girl until Sullivan came to play with Sonny.

Isn't Sullivan getting big!!!?
Forrest had to go in and work on a project and I caught up on some DVR shows until it was time to go to the store. Afterwards, I went to my parents' house and Mom and I made stuffed shells! I had never made them before and it was really easy! I will try to remember to get the recipe from her and share it with you soon! We had a great girls' afternoon, complete with afternoon tea and chick flicks on TBS. Forrest came over at dinner time and we feasted on bbq chicken with white bbq sauce (my fave sauce!), green beans, homemade mac and cheese and a big salad. Mmm Mmm good!! I am hoping that this wonderful weather continues throughout this week!

Just Call Me "Your Honor"

Last Tuesday was VERY exciting for me because I got to "judge" in Sardis all by myself! My dad has been the judge in Sardis (a teeny tiny little town in Etowah county) since I was born. When I started practicing I was appointed the "Assistant Judge" so I could go with him to help and learn the ropes. I usually handle traffic offenses like speeding and driving without a license and he handles the big stuff. However, he had to be out of town on Tuesday night so it was up to me to run the court!We only have court one night a month so it wasn't like we could postpone it or anything like that. I was a little nervous that I would be really slow and look like I didn't know what I was doing but it actually went really smoothly and I had a lot of fun! The magistrate was a big help and she made sure I was doing everything properly. I even cracked a few jokes from the bench. My mom and Davis came to watch and afterwards we went to Garcia's for our traditional post-Sardis court meal. Forrest got stuck at school so he didn't get to see me in action, unfortunately! I wanted to take a picture of me on the "bench" or of my name plate but I figured that would look crazy so I refrained. You will just have to come to Sardis court and see for yourself if you want to see me in action! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess Who Came to Dinner....

Me and Alana at her Bal d' Or
Alana! Can I please tell you how much I love her? We both grew up in Gadsden and had some of the same friends but we never really became "buddies" until she pledged AOII when I was a senior. She is definitely one of my most interesting friends and I am always SUPER happy to get to see her! She got married last January and since then she has been living in Marion, Alabama, where her husband teaches and she is an active artist, so I don't get to see her very often anymore. When she called last week to tell me she was going to be in town I was SO excited! We had plans for her to come over for dinner on Wednesday so we could catch up. I rushed home from work to clean and get Balsamic chicken in the oven (a standard go to). She brought some yummy pecan crescent cookies and ice cream, which Forrest and I HUGELY appreciated. She stayed until after 10 and would have stayed later but I could hardly keep my eyes opened anymore. We had a wonderful time laughing and solving all of the worlds problems. It was a great night and I wish we got to see her more often!!
A quick pic of the Valentine's card she sent. Isn't it adorable!!??

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parmesan Popovers

They were so tasty and soft! They came out really tall but fell after sitting for a while. This is of course after they fell.

2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup milk
2 large eggs
2 egg whites
1 tablespoon butter or margarine, melted
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Sprinkle bottom and sides of well greased popover (or muffin) pan with Parmesan cheese
Whisk together flour and remaining ingredients until well blended. Spoon batter into pans, filling 3/4 full.
Bake on lowest over rack at 450 for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 and bake 30 min or until golden brown. Serve hot. (I basically just checked them several times to make sure they were done and pulled them out when a toothpick came out clean). Makes 12

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Apparently Old Man Winter received the letter I wrote to him, because he has been cooperating so well! It was lovely yesterday and today I was actually HOT while I was riding in the car! Hooray--Spring is on the way!! In honor of the great weather we had a wonderful weekend, as usual! On Friday night we went to Jonathan and Denise's for dinner. I was MAJOR stressed because my dad had been in trial all week and I was helping him. Our jury was "out" and they decided to go home for the weekend and come back Monday (today). Needless to say we were all nervous about this, plus I got home really late and I was just in a frantic panic to get my salad made and my rolls prepared. I always like doing salads with lots of yummy toppings so I was wilding washing and chopping veggies like a mad woman. I also had decided to bake some "popovers". I was a little worried about my bread making skills but I figured that I may as well try, I mean, I could always buy some if I ruined them! I Got the batter ready but waiting until I got to J and D's to bake them so they would be warm. The fire for J's tenderloin didn't cooperate, so my popovers got ready a little early and we had to eat them cold, but I thought they were terrific! I will post the recipe asap! Dinner was really good and most importantly, so was the company! Justin and Farrah and Sarah Kathryn and Mark were there and I am pretty sure we laughed the majority of the time.
On Saturday I woke up feeling terrible! Boo! I took some medicine and stayed in bed until noon and started to feel a little perkier. It was a good thing because we had tons to do! We hit the road at about 2pm for Birmingham. With us we brought our old dryer to give to my Aunt Fran, whose dryer died on her a week or so ago. Luckily, as you know, we kept our dryer when our washer died even though we got a new dryer to match the new washer, so we were able to let Aunt Fran have ours! We dropped it off and then Forrest headed to school to get some work done while I headed to my grandmother's. She was hosting some relatives that were in town for a funeral that I had never met--they were on my grandmother's father's side. It was neat to get to meet all of them and hear their stories!

Cousin Mona and 4 Cousin Vicki's! (My grandmother is the one on the far right)
After chatting with the fam I had to get ready for Mass. Forrest and I also had plans to attend the "dental school prom" that night so I went to church in my cocktail dress. I must say I was the fanciest dressed at OLS that night! After church I picked Forrest back up from school and we met Strud and Allison, 2 of Forrest's classmates that are getting married this summer, at Nabeel's. We had a great time, even if the conversation was about teeth a lot of the time. I got to know Strud and Allison well last year when we all went to Costa Rica and it was so good to catch back up with them and hear how their wedding plans are coming along. We were lucky to get a table at Nabeel's, apparently, because it was Valentine's weekend and they were full of reservations. However, a table opened up and I guess the waitress felt sorry for us since we were so fancy and we got to sit right away! After dinner we went to the Redmont Hotel in downtown for the "prom". It was SO very pretty! They had lots of snacks and a dental supply company had supplied a larger bar tab, which caused the line to the bar to stay pretty long. We really had fun and I was glad to get to see my dental school friends, since I almost never get to see them! The party was inside but we were able to go up to the rooftop as well. It was freezing but the view was lovely!!!

FREEZING on top of the Redmont. Forrest's eyes would NOT cooperate!!
On Sunday we went to chuch in Duck Springs and afterwards attended their pot luck Valentine's lunch. We LOVE lunches in DS! There are always so many different dishes and we can go back for seconds and thirds and, well, you get the idea. It was good to hang with Forrest's family, especially his cousin Logan, who just got into Pharmacy school! Hooray!! Once we were satisfactorily full, we picked up the dogs (who we'd droped off at the Bailey's on the way to church) and headed to the LAKE!! First lake trip of the year!! It was still pretty cool because of the wind, but it was BEAUTIFUL and it really felt wonderful to sit outside and feel the sun on our faces! I wrapped up in a blanket and sat in my lounge chair, just like it was summer, willing the sun to stay hot! Sonny of course LOVED it and was leaping and swimming all over the place. He didn't seem to care that the water was freezing.

Um, Sonny, it is 55 degrees out and the water is freezing.

Clearly he didn't care, as he continued to jump off the pier all day!
Ruffles stayed under the blanket with me, and we had a lovely family afternoon! We even managed a nice little lake nap. I know this sounds silly, but naps at the lake house are the best naps ever!! When it started to get too cold, we packed up and headed back home.

Sweet snuggling dogs on the ride home
I got my shopping done before we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. This week my dad decided to try out his new turkey cooker that is all electric. I must say for the first time he did a great job! The turkey was so tasty and very tender! I highly recommend!!!
Today is Valentine's Day and I just want to send an "I Love You" to all of my sweet family and friends! Thanks so much for being so wonderful to us! We really appreciate all that you do!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rice Krispie Chicken

We LOVE this dish and it is incredibly easy!! I got it from my mom's friend, Mrs. Joy, so please give her the credit!

2 cups Rice Krispie cereal
2 table spoons all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp poultry seasoning
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (like in the green can)
1/4 margarine (I used about 1/4 cup olive oil to be a little healthier)
1 lb chicken--either boneless breats or chicken tenders (I use about 8 tenders)

In a zip loc bag, combine cereal, flour, seasonings, and cheese. Lightly crush cereal and mix it all together. Put this mixture in a bowl. In another bowl melt butter. Dip chicken in butter, then in cereal mixture.  (I just put the chicken in a bowl, pour the olive oil on top, and then put the oiled chicken in the bag and shake!). Place chicken in a greased baking pan. (I usually just dump the remaining coating from the bag onto the chicken in the dish at this point.) Bake, uncovered at 400 for 20-25 minutes (I actually did 30 and it was still very juicy). Makes about 4 servings.
This is what it looks like out of the oven
2 yummy tenders and some sauteed veggies

Just had to add this picture of the bday cake mom got on Tuesday for Sara, Barbara and me. We all went to dinner to celebrate Jan and Feb bdays. I think it looks like a big, chocolate covered Marshmallow!

Dear Old Man Winter.....

Dear Old Man Winter:
I hate to break this to you, considering the fact that you are in fact, an elder, but seriously, you have been hanging away far too long. I think it is time for your mosey on over to your relatives on the other side of the world. I'm pretty sure they are jealous and would love to have you, even if you show up early. While we really do appreciate the snow this year, I do believe that you over did it, just a tad, and quite honestly, the ice was just plain mean. I know that you are old, but crotchity-ness endears you to no one. I hope that you can send your good friend, Springtime, to visit us soon. I don't think it is fair that you let him come for a day at the time and then you show back up with a vengence. That is just cruel, if you ask me. I'm pretty sure the groundhog has decided that you can go ahead and pack up and hit the road, and if you need help, we will be more than happy to help. Perhaps the sooner you go, the sooner we will be wanting you to return. Who doesn't want to be wanted, right??? Yes, I know that I enjoy wearing my winter clothes, especially the boots and jackets, and I really do like having lots of covers on my bed and LOVE to turn on the heated mattress pad, but honestly, it is time to let it go and start the transition to Spring. Yes, I know change is hard, but it is something that we are just going to have get over. We can do it together! Are you with me? I hope you have a great journey on your way to the Southern Hemisphere and please tell everyone down that way that we say hello and that they are welcome to keep you as long as possible.
We remain yours respectfully,
The Bailey's

Please find exhibits attached:

More snow at the Bailey house--this is the 3rd snow since Christmas, 4th if you include the ice last week

Another solid inch of snow. While we do appreciate the fact that you didn't affect the roads, it is beginning to affect our sanity.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Goodness this was a fun weekend! I am sitting her at my desk absolutely exhausted. On Friday night Justin and Farrah came over and ate taco soup with us before we headed to the movies. We were going to go out to eat but I had made a huge pot of soup on Thursday night and figured we might as well enjoy eating it together! It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Instead of pouring the taco and Ranch mixes into the pot, I cooked them into the meat like you do when you cook tacos. It was great and made the meat much tastier! After dinner we went to see True Grit. I am not a huge Western fan but it was nominated for an Oscar and looked pretty good, plus Forrest and I had left over movie gift cards from Christmas, so I thought why not. It was actually awesome!! I remember seeing the original one but I didn't remember any of it except when she falls in the pit with the snakes. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I totally would recommend it. We also had a lady sitting behind us that kept yelling out things to the screen, much like you would during a football game. It was hilarious! After the movie we went to Blackstone, a bar downtown, to see Jay and his band, Blackcreek Revival, play for 1st Friday. We always have fun when we see them! So many of our friends were there and we were able to snag a table so it really was a great night! We got home very late and totally wreaked of smoke, but we had such a nice time we didn't mind (too much).

Jay showing off during a break
2 tired pups wondering where in the world we had been all night!
Despite sleeping late on Saturday I was still exhausted and had little motivation to do anything! Forrest and I did meet my dad to pick up a cedar chest for our basement, but other than that we were totally lazy all morning. We did find out that the home of a lawyer in town burned to the ground, unfortunately. He actually lived 2 streets over from us and we didn't even smell any smoke. I am not sure what caused it but please keep him in your prayers! Forrest and I did manage to get it together enough to go to 4pm Mass. After Mass Mom invited us to her house to eat chili and watch the Bama basketball game since we didn't get the channel. We were SHOCKED that the team beat the VOLS in Knoxville! ROLL TIDE!! We also found out during a game that a big time recruit who initially committed to AU changed his mind and committed to Bama so we were also super excited about that! ROLL TIDE! I'm so ready for football now! I suppose A-Day will have to hold me over. After the game we went home so Forrest could get some work done, but we weren't there long! The Banks' called to tell us they were celebrating the day of the Tide and so we went to their house to join in the festivities! It was great to see Tom and Frances, as usual! They are always the perfect hosts! On the way home I decided I was hungry so Forrest pulled over at the Waffle House--yes, that's right, Waffle House! I haven't eaten at a WH in years and honestly it was delicious! :) We got home way too late but at least we were full and happy!

Stella sleeping on my coat--not to thrilled that we woke him up
Later I found him like this, suspended on a couch cushion!
On Sunday Forrest basically had to beat me out of bed (and by beat I mean lure me awake with food, although I decided we should just eat lunch in bed so I didn't really have to do much getting up). I am not good at these late nights! Luckily it was pretty outside so we ate quickly and took the dogs on a nice walk. Afterwards I went to the store and then headed to Mom and Dad's for their Super Bowl party. They had invited their supper club and we invited Davis and Jonathan and Denise. Everyone brought something (I brought football plates and napkins---adorable) and we snacked and drank and talked all evening. The best part was the gambling. Now, I am not really into putting money on games, especially pro games that I know and care nothing about. However, this game was SUPER fun. Dad made a grid of 100 blank squares and everyone paid a dollar for a square. After all bets were in, he drew numbers, 0-9, and wrote them along the top and side line of the grid. The top was the Steelers score and the side was the Packers. At the end of each quarter, you matched the score up to the person who bought the square, so like if the Steelers were 14 and the Packers were 10, you found the 4 in the Steelers column and the 0 in the Packers column and then whoever had the square won 1/4 of the money. Ok I just reread and I didn't explain that well, you would have had to see it. Anyway, it was hilarious because my family kept winning and people were laughing and saying we rigged it (totally not true, as you buy the squares when they are blank! Dad won the 1st quarter, Jonathan (NOT related, so therefore clearly showing that we didn't cheat) won the 2nd, Mary Margaret won the 3rd and Mom won the 4th! Luck was in the McCord's favor!! It was so much fun! Also, we were excited to finally meet Mary Margaret's new puppy, Maggie. Isn't she a doll!?

She is a mini beagle
What a great weekend! Hopefully we'll have an equally as nice week!
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