Monday, February 21, 2011


Thank goodness for the lovely warm weather we are having! The Baileys have gotten weary of the cold and are ready for spring (who am I kidding--SUMMER!!!). When we found out that it was going to be nice and warm this weekend, we immediately decided to spend it at the lake. We headed up after work on Friday and oh my goodness were we tired! Forrest had been staying late in the lab at school all week and the past two weeks at work were crazy for me so we were both in need of a little relaxation! We were so tired that we went to bed almost as soon as we got there! On Saturday morning we woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather! Forrest and Sonny got up early and of course Sonny went straight for the water. By about lunch time I got myself ready and headed out to the pier to "sun". It felt SO nice to have the sun on my face! There was a little breeze that made it a little chilly but I toughed it out. I read and read and read, while Forrest stayed busy. He and Sonny played and played! He also went down to the Condras to borrow Mark's kayak since we decided against bringing his up so early in the year. He was zooming all over the lake! He stopped back by our pier on his way to take it back to Mark and was able to coax Ruffles on to it with him! She was scared at first, but soon she became a little sailor dog! She road right up front, standing up, wagging her little tail! When she tired of it she actually jumped in the water (which was shallow so she didn't have to swim)! I was shocked---she is no water dog!!

Umm, I am not too sure about this

Still a little bit afraid
Riding in front! Now she has the hang of it!

After the kayaking adventure Forrest went to the Condras to fish with Mark and Jay and I went inside (the breeze got the best of me) to finish reading. I may or may not have slept a little more too, just because I could!! While I was snoozing Forrest and Jay and Mark were actually catching some good sized fish off the Condra's pier. I hate I missed all the fun but luckily Jay took pics!

At about six we got ready and went back to the Condra's for dinner. Mark cooked some yummy rib eyes and we enjoyed a great dinner while watching the UA v. ARK basketball game (ROLL TIDE!!). The hilarious part of watching the game was that Justin and Farrah were there in the 2nd row and we could see them most of the time. Every time one would come into the shot we'd all scream "There's Justin!", "Farrah just stood up!". It was so silly! After dinner Barbara suggested we play a game called "Left Right Center". It is super easy and fun! You have to have special LRC dice to play. Each side of the die has either an L, R, C, or black dot. Each player gets 3 one dollar bills to start. When the each person rolls, they have to pass a dollar which ever way the dice tell them to--either Left, Right, or into the Center "pile". If they get dots, that means they keep the dollar. It sounds silly but it is really fun. If you run out of dollars you get skipped, but you can always get back in the game if the people next to you have to pass a dollar left or right! We also started the rule that if you roll LRC the other players say "what's the name of the game" and the poor person has to say "Left Right Center". We all thought that was hilarious! After a fun night we went back to our house for a night of what we hoped was full of deep deep sleep. However, I stayed up late reading after Forrest went to sleep. Right before I turned out the light I felt something on my head. A BUG! I was screaming and slapping like a crazy person and Forrest woke up totally freaked out. Luckily we caught the offender but it cause such a ruckus and I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of another attack!
The next morning we got up, packed up, and headed home so we could make it to church. After a great service we had a LOVELY lunch at home on the deck. I have been missing having our meals outdoors so much! We also stayed outside and played with the dogs and even let Brownie come out to play too! I usually don't like for the cats to go out because they don't like to come back in, but she was a really good girl until Sullivan came to play with Sonny.

Isn't Sullivan getting big!!!?
Forrest had to go in and work on a project and I caught up on some DVR shows until it was time to go to the store. Afterwards, I went to my parents' house and Mom and I made stuffed shells! I had never made them before and it was really easy! I will try to remember to get the recipe from her and share it with you soon! We had a great girls' afternoon, complete with afternoon tea and chick flicks on TBS. Forrest came over at dinner time and we feasted on bbq chicken with white bbq sauce (my fave sauce!), green beans, homemade mac and cheese and a big salad. Mmm Mmm good!! I am hoping that this wonderful weather continues throughout this week!

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