Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr. Forrest

On Friday Forrest was asked to speak to the 1st grade at Striplin Elementary for Dental Hygiene Month, and I got to go and assist. Our friend Susan Whit, who is also in dental school, came too. Forrest was introduced as "Dr Forrest" and the kids were so excited to see him! He and Susan talked about the proper way to brush and floss and about what can happen to your teeth if you don't. The kids were excited to show them which teeth they had lost and to answer questions. I was there to help with "crowd control" as well as part of the presentation. I helped show the kids how to floss by using a jump rope and "flossing" kids that we lined up to act as teeth. They LOVED that! Forrest also had a snake with teeth--"Mr. Slithers"--that he had one of the kids demonstrate how to brush. Little did the little girl know, but Mr. Slithers is a spitter, and would spit when she put the brush in his mouth. The kids went WILD!! It was so cute to see their response and very fun to see Forrest in action. I was also very happy to be able to help and be a part of the day. At the end Forrest told them that I had prizes bags. HOORAY! Each child got a bag with a coloring book (dental related, of course), a tube of KIDS toothpaste, a age appropriate toothbrush (princess for girls, cars for boys) and coupons for dental care products. I was swarmed with hugs and kisses and happy "thank yous" from the sweet little ones! It was a fun way to give back AND a fun family thing for Forrest and I to do together!
Dr. Forrest and Dr. Susan introducing themselves (and me--one kid said "she has on a short dress", which Forrest still gets a chuckle out of. In my defense it was NOT short!)

What a big audience!

Getting the child to demonstrate proper brushing on the "horse teeth"

Flossing the "horse teeth". I didn't get a pic of me flossing the kids, as I was the one in action

Brushing Mr. Slithers!

The dentists and Mrs. Weaver's class. The huge tube of toothpaste was a prize!


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