Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess Who Came to Dinner....

Me and Alana at her Bal d' Or
Alana! Can I please tell you how much I love her? We both grew up in Gadsden and had some of the same friends but we never really became "buddies" until she pledged AOII when I was a senior. She is definitely one of my most interesting friends and I am always SUPER happy to get to see her! She got married last January and since then she has been living in Marion, Alabama, where her husband teaches and she is an active artist, so I don't get to see her very often anymore. When she called last week to tell me she was going to be in town I was SO excited! We had plans for her to come over for dinner on Wednesday so we could catch up. I rushed home from work to clean and get Balsamic chicken in the oven (a standard go to). She brought some yummy pecan crescent cookies and ice cream, which Forrest and I HUGELY appreciated. She stayed until after 10 and would have stayed later but I could hardly keep my eyes opened anymore. We had a wonderful time laughing and solving all of the worlds problems. It was a great night and I wish we got to see her more often!!
A quick pic of the Valentine's card she sent. Isn't it adorable!!??

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