Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

This weekend we celebrated 2 very important birthdays---my sister's and Forrest's brother's. We also have to give a birthday shout out to my cousin Stevie, who has the same bday as my sister (or really, she has the same bday as him, as she was born 7 years after him). We started the hoopla on Friday night at the Downtown Tavern for MMM's 21st birthday! Yes, my friends, that is right--my baby sister is 21!! Today is her actual birthday and I can remember that day, 21 years ago, when she was born! I woke up and my parents weren't there--my great aunt was. She told me that my mom was at the hospital having the baby. I woke my brother up and we decided to draw pictures to welcome the new baby. We didn't know if it was going to be a girl or a boy so he drew a boy baby and I drew a girl. Next thing we know my dad comes bounding up the stairs with the good news--we had a baby sister! I started jumping up and down cheering and Roy immediately broke down in tears. He knew his life would never be the same! We got dressed for school and Dad took us to the hospital to see mom and MMM. It was Ash Wednesday and the Priest had come by and given my mom ashes. When I saw the big black dot on her forehead I was totally freaked out!! They brought MMM in to meet us and we each got to hold her (while sitting with Mom, of course). Before we left, Dad took pics of us with his awesome new Polaroid camera and I got to take the pics to school and show off my new sister. Also, I will never forget, Roy fell off the bed and started crying and I was SO afraid they would make him stay in the hospital! Hahaha! Anyway that is my sentimental moment for the day!!
On Friday after work I rushed home to change and then rushed back downtown to help Mom set up the party. We had so much fun celebrating, I will just let the pics tell the story!

Invitation--again I couldn't get this pic to turn!

Adorable matching cake from Cothran's. Aren't the candles cute too? I found those!

The spread

Me and the Bday girl

Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish!

The fam

Bday "twins" MMM and Stevie
On Saturday when I finally woke up, I realized Forrest had been hard at work on the yard. He had bought new pine straw for the flower beds along with new purple pansies (he chose my favorite color--isn't he a dear!). He had already trimmed the hedges and was waiting on me to get my lazy self up so he could mow and weed eat and all that other good yard stuff. I didn't really realize that our yard was looking rough until I saw it all spiffed up! Forrest is SO great to do the yard for us and he really puts in the effort to make it look top notch! I left him and the dogs in the yard so I could make it to Birmingham to meet Randi for our monthly catch-up lunch. Randi lives in Tuscaloosa so I see her all throughout the fall, but rarely in the Spring and Summer. To remedy that, we have started meeting in Birmingham once a month for lunch and we always have a great time! This time was no exception: we at at Chuy's, the new Mexican restaurant at the Summit and boy oh boy it was delicious! I had chicken quesadillas and she had chicken soft tacos and they really were quite amazing! The atmosphere was great and the restaurant itself was totally adorable. We felt comfortable to sit and talk for a while even after we finished eating and we stayed extra to savor these delicious treats that Randi brought as a surprise:

Gigi's cupcakes! It was my first Gigi's experience and I must say they were delightful! The wedding cake had a little accident but we made it work!
After lunch I had to head back home because we were going to Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie Bailey's for a Bailey Family Dinner. When I got the email inviting us to this dinner I knew something was up and I had a sneaking suspicion that Leslie, Mike and Debbie's daughter who got married last summer, was pregnant. I chattered on and on to Forrest about it all week and had worked myself up to the point that if she in fact was not pregnant I was going to be sorely disappointed! I even voiced my prediction to Davis at MMM's bday bash and he told me if I was right, he'd give me a dollar. I offered to make a dessert and since I was sure this was a baby reveal party I wanted to go all out. I made a Lemon-Blueberry Trifle, recipe compliments of Farrah Holmes. Farrah made this for supper club once and it was delicious, so when I started seeing blueberries more regularly at the store, I decided it was time to try my hand at one, and this was the perfect opportunity. (Plus I have really wanted to get to use my trifle bowl!) I tried to get it made before I left for lunch but I measured the milk wrong and ruined the pudding--great. I had to make another grocery store run and remake the entire thing, but it was actually pretty easy to "throw" together. The 2nd time around it turned out just about perfect! Hooray! I will do a separate post with the recipe, since this one is already getting too long! On the way to Mike and Debbie's, I got a pix message from Davis:

I KNEW IT!! Davis presented me with my dollar as soon as I got there. CONGRATS LESLIE AND KEVIN!

Leslie and Kevin are expecting a little Third on October 20th!! Isn't that wonderful!! This will be the first Bailey in the family in a long time so everyone was overjoyed!! To celebrate Baby Third we had a great dinner with the Bailey's and their extended family. Much to my surprise, my trifle was a huge hit! I got lots of compliments and several people asked me for the recipe. I just love hitting a food home run! After lots of cheers and hugs, we headed back home, but not before a quick stop-over at Jonathan and Denise's. Justin and Farrah and Jay were hanging out over there so we went and ended up staying to watch the Duke VT basketball game. Farrah tried my trifle and she said that she loved it!! I was glad to be able to make her proud with her own recipe!!
On Sunday morning we got up and went to Mass. I really enjoyed the Gospel message: if we get the "God part" right in our lives, we can stop worrying--everything will fall into place because we will have Him to help us! Very comforting, if you ask me! Afterwards we met the Baileys and Roy at Red Lobster to celebrate Davis's 28th birthday with a HUGE seafood feast! Happy Birthday Davis! I don't have a sappy story about when he was born (as he is older than me and I didn't know him until high school) but I have enjoyed getting to work with him now that we are both attorneys! After a great lunch Forrest studied all afternoon and I took my traditional Sunday shopping excursion and nap! For dinner, we had some terrific ribs at my parents' house. They seriously were falling off the bone!! We had to scurry home from dinner because Forrest was loaded down with studying. He is counting down the days until spring break!! While he stayed busy I watched the Oscars, one of my favorite TV events of the year! I was so excited that Colin Firth won best actor and The King's Speech won Best Picture! Today I am a little tired from staying up so late but hopefully I can get myself in gear. The weather is still LOVELY out and I hope that we are finally transitioning to Spring. Have a great week!
Poor Brownie--so tired from studying with Forrest all day long!

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