Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Call Me "Your Honor"

Last Tuesday was VERY exciting for me because I got to "judge" in Sardis all by myself! My dad has been the judge in Sardis (a teeny tiny little town in Etowah county) since I was born. When I started practicing I was appointed the "Assistant Judge" so I could go with him to help and learn the ropes. I usually handle traffic offenses like speeding and driving without a license and he handles the big stuff. However, he had to be out of town on Tuesday night so it was up to me to run the court!We only have court one night a month so it wasn't like we could postpone it or anything like that. I was a little nervous that I would be really slow and look like I didn't know what I was doing but it actually went really smoothly and I had a lot of fun! The magistrate was a big help and she made sure I was doing everything properly. I even cracked a few jokes from the bench. My mom and Davis came to watch and afterwards we went to Garcia's for our traditional post-Sardis court meal. Forrest got stuck at school so he didn't get to see me in action, unfortunately! I wanted to take a picture of me on the "bench" or of my name plate but I figured that would look crazy so I refrained. You will just have to come to Sardis court and see for yourself if you want to see me in action! :)

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