Friday, February 25, 2011

Stormy Weather

The cats lounging in the window before the storm. I opened it to let in the cool breeze and they LOVED sitting there!
So last night we had the first big storm of the year. I usually don't pay too much attention to storms but last night Forrest had to stay in Birmingham so I was all alone (well, as alone as you can be with 4 animals in the house). He NEVER has to do that so I was already weirded out (despite the alarm, double locked doors, and "vicious attack dogs") to be alone and the storm did not help any. I stayed up way too late watching James Spann and when the wind picked up I decided it was time to move! I put the cats in the basement and took the dogs to the bathroom in the hall way. I had blankets, a flashlight, my phone, and James Spann turned up as loud as he could go.

My little spot on the bathroom floor. Isn't my quilt cute? It was made from my old high school t-shirts.
Well, then the satellite went out and I could hear the wind howling! All I could think about was a huge tree crashing through my house (dramatic much?). Then the sirens went off and poor Sonny and Ruffles went NUTS!! Sonny literally sprang off the ground and settled himself in my lap--mind you he is 75lbs. Ruffles was whining and trying to burry her head behind my back. I couldn't calm them down AT ALL until the sirens stopped, however, in Etowah County, after the siren ends the "siren man" yells some inaudible warning. The dogs hated this worse than the siren and started barking at the mystery voice. This is at like 12:30am and I am already over it but since I can't hear James I am not sure if I should stay in my "safe place". I knew my sister was home so I text her and she called back and stayed on the phone with me until the storm passed (like 5 minutes later--it totally was not worth all of my drama). Woohoo-time for bed now, or so I thought. I let the cats back upstairs and they showed their distaste for my attempt to protect them by running and chasing each other through the house and meowing at the top of their lungs whenever they felt like it. The dogs were still a little nervous and I found them like this when I finally went to get in my bed: 

WAY too much dog for one bed!

Needless to say it was a LONG night and I am not at my personal best this morning. I did have a little laugh when I foud this scene when I woke up this morning:

Yes, that is a purple boa on my living room floor. I was digging through my costume box in the basement last night and must not have put this away. Apparently the cats had a great time with it, as they brought it up a whole flight of stairs! (Notice Stella sleeping innocently under the piano...hmmm)
Thank goodness we were all safe and there was no damage!  I hope you all stayed safe and sound as well!

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