Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Goodness this was a fun weekend! I am sitting her at my desk absolutely exhausted. On Friday night Justin and Farrah came over and ate taco soup with us before we headed to the movies. We were going to go out to eat but I had made a huge pot of soup on Thursday night and figured we might as well enjoy eating it together! It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Instead of pouring the taco and Ranch mixes into the pot, I cooked them into the meat like you do when you cook tacos. It was great and made the meat much tastier! After dinner we went to see True Grit. I am not a huge Western fan but it was nominated for an Oscar and looked pretty good, plus Forrest and I had left over movie gift cards from Christmas, so I thought why not. It was actually awesome!! I remember seeing the original one but I didn't remember any of it except when she falls in the pit with the snakes. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I totally would recommend it. We also had a lady sitting behind us that kept yelling out things to the screen, much like you would during a football game. It was hilarious! After the movie we went to Blackstone, a bar downtown, to see Jay and his band, Blackcreek Revival, play for 1st Friday. We always have fun when we see them! So many of our friends were there and we were able to snag a table so it really was a great night! We got home very late and totally wreaked of smoke, but we had such a nice time we didn't mind (too much).

Jay showing off during a break
2 tired pups wondering where in the world we had been all night!
Despite sleeping late on Saturday I was still exhausted and had little motivation to do anything! Forrest and I did meet my dad to pick up a cedar chest for our basement, but other than that we were totally lazy all morning. We did find out that the home of a lawyer in town burned to the ground, unfortunately. He actually lived 2 streets over from us and we didn't even smell any smoke. I am not sure what caused it but please keep him in your prayers! Forrest and I did manage to get it together enough to go to 4pm Mass. After Mass Mom invited us to her house to eat chili and watch the Bama basketball game since we didn't get the channel. We were SHOCKED that the team beat the VOLS in Knoxville! ROLL TIDE!! We also found out during a game that a big time recruit who initially committed to AU changed his mind and committed to Bama so we were also super excited about that! ROLL TIDE! I'm so ready for football now! I suppose A-Day will have to hold me over. After the game we went home so Forrest could get some work done, but we weren't there long! The Banks' called to tell us they were celebrating the day of the Tide and so we went to their house to join in the festivities! It was great to see Tom and Frances, as usual! They are always the perfect hosts! On the way home I decided I was hungry so Forrest pulled over at the Waffle House--yes, that's right, Waffle House! I haven't eaten at a WH in years and honestly it was delicious! :) We got home way too late but at least we were full and happy!

Stella sleeping on my coat--not to thrilled that we woke him up
Later I found him like this, suspended on a couch cushion!
On Sunday Forrest basically had to beat me out of bed (and by beat I mean lure me awake with food, although I decided we should just eat lunch in bed so I didn't really have to do much getting up). I am not good at these late nights! Luckily it was pretty outside so we ate quickly and took the dogs on a nice walk. Afterwards I went to the store and then headed to Mom and Dad's for their Super Bowl party. They had invited their supper club and we invited Davis and Jonathan and Denise. Everyone brought something (I brought football plates and napkins---adorable) and we snacked and drank and talked all evening. The best part was the gambling. Now, I am not really into putting money on games, especially pro games that I know and care nothing about. However, this game was SUPER fun. Dad made a grid of 100 blank squares and everyone paid a dollar for a square. After all bets were in, he drew numbers, 0-9, and wrote them along the top and side line of the grid. The top was the Steelers score and the side was the Packers. At the end of each quarter, you matched the score up to the person who bought the square, so like if the Steelers were 14 and the Packers were 10, you found the 4 in the Steelers column and the 0 in the Packers column and then whoever had the square won 1/4 of the money. Ok I just reread and I didn't explain that well, you would have had to see it. Anyway, it was hilarious because my family kept winning and people were laughing and saying we rigged it (totally not true, as you buy the squares when they are blank! Dad won the 1st quarter, Jonathan (NOT related, so therefore clearly showing that we didn't cheat) won the 2nd, Mary Margaret won the 3rd and Mom won the 4th! Luck was in the McCord's favor!! It was so much fun! Also, we were excited to finally meet Mary Margaret's new puppy, Maggie. Isn't she a doll!?

She is a mini beagle
What a great weekend! Hopefully we'll have an equally as nice week!

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